Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Updates, Sales 'N Stuff

First off, I am selling my Iplehouse EID Kamau LE. He's listed on DOA, DA and here under the sales tab.

I'm open to offers, but keep in mind to buy him new will cost almost this much (if you take away all the extra stuff and do the split prices...then you don't get all the extra stuff), and soon, he'll be discontinued so you won't be able to buy him at all. Just sayin.

I am also looking to trade things for a Dollmore Kid Ujee head. I'm not looking for a damaged or modded head, and I only have a couple doll heads and clothes/shoes/wigs for trade, but if you know anyone willing to part with one, let me know!! I have a body, it needs a head. I want Ujee.

That's all the sales I'm going on about.

However there's nothing really to update. I can't see my followed blogs again (thanks for that, Blogger. You suck.) so I have no idea what anyone is up to. Hopefully you're all doing well!

I don't have the $$ for new stuff, and I can't do anything with the old stuff because the 4° temperatures of late have me not wanting to do much but sit there and shiver. I don't even bring dolls to work in this crap. We have apparently gotten more snow than Alaska this year. Yay us.

So I sits here in dolly limbo. My Mirodoll body has not shipped, I'm halfway through my LFT layaway and I have nothing else coming in other than eyes for Mir which may not even fit him >.<

Speaking of Mir:
This is what he looked like when I first got him. Not too bad, but I wasn't crazy over the faceup. Plus every time I looked at him I was reminded of all the dramacrap. So I wiped it and redid it....


A quick faceup later

 unoa2 unoa1 

This is not a faceup I'm 100% happy with. It's not awesome, and my pictures are so bad you can't see it anyway...but it has glitter!! :D I tried to glitter that stupid horn I made (Mir is a Unicorns btw) but for some reason it wouldn't stick...so it's just white with gloss now. And yes, his resin color did completely change when I took off that faceup...it was blushed that dark. O.o
Now his fp is the same as his body.

Mir has worn about 5 pairs of eyes as none of what I had fit in his tiny self, but over the weekend I grabbed a pair of glass from a dollmeet that fit much better, have pupils and are a mint green :D which is my favorite color atm (EDIT: hurr hurr I said pupil but that's not what I meant -- iris, pupils are just black...). So he looks a lot better right now. I've also added to his faceup since this photo. Eventually I'll try to get an updated shot of him. He needs clothes. Him and the rest of my dolls. EDIT2: I also would like to make him a better wig, but this one is good for the temps. I didn't do a horrible job on it, and it stays on with no help. That's all I ask of my wigs lol.

Oh, and Mir stands for Miracle. My friend name him lol
I usually don't let people name my dolls, but it fit.
He also goes by Captain Sparklepants MacFloof. I don't know why.


  1. He's adorable! I'm very much loving his name too :D

    The eyes he's wearing in those photos are gorgeous - what are they?

    1. Thanks!
      They're both Ersa Flora...but I don't know which ones. I bought them (and a couple others) years ago for my MNF Karsh, so they're all 14s which are waaaaay too big for him. I know for sure she doesn't have the first pair in the photo with the old faceup -- I looked because I'd have bought them again in his size if she'd had them.

      They would both be listed under rainbow :)

  2. I commented on the DA posts about this but I am so sorry about all you went through trying to get this guy! That sounded so awful! He looks so cute though! L-bi is one of my favorite molds (I have one myself but he is sadly bodyless). Can't wait to see what he looks like when you're finished with him!

    1. Thanks, I really appreciated all the support I got though that mess <33 Definitely something you don't wish on anyone, ever.

      And thanks! I really like him. He's not the best poser in the world and he's got a few issues (possibly a crack -- believe it or not I seriously doubt the previous owner had any idea of it when she put him up for sale -- it's so tiny and might not be an actual crack yet, but I worry), but a lot of the issues are my own fault...like lack of clothing. But I am getting pretty attached X3 It's nice to have a doll and not have to stress over a huge backstory or character (though he has one....it's just not important lol).

      You need to get yours a body!! Super-cuuuuuutteeeeee!