Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Waiting Game

*Insert annoying game show music*

I don't have a real update, so I thought I'd post some stuff I'm waiting on!

I ordered a couple wigs, one for a super-secret doll project I'm working, and one for my Volks Michele, because it's almost exactly the wig I originally envisioned him in.

Still waiting on my LTF Rose. I'll be waiting for at least another two months, as she's only half paid off XD
And as everyone knows, FL is not speedy....

Doll Parts
Super-secret doll project head --> Dika Doll Aqua. This is cool, because I did a post on DOA looking for a doll I didn't think existed, and someone suggested was love at first sight <3
I only bought his head, I'd like a less defined and more hydrogenous body for him....kinda like an SD10 body or something. I ordered in the pale white, so it shouldn't be too hard to find him a body when it comes to that.

This was my post on DOA (I'm addicted to the Visual Concepts threads)
I'm in the market for a sculpt that has a dreamy look to it. I would love half-closed eyes, or completely closed if that's the only option. Thing is, I would love it to have an open mouth, even if it's only a tiny bit. Teeth are awesome, and I need more of them! (well not me, but my dolls for sure)

I'm being both really open and very picky about this:
I don't want something super-stylized
I don't want something super-realistic
Nothing to mature looking or child-looking -- something frozen in between would be great
androgynous is yay
pretty is ok, but quirky is better. Quirky and cutes.
Nothing too smiley though a little, wistful smile is ok. Smirky is not.
It HAS to come in WS (damn you Dollmore. Make more WS dolls!!!!!) Pale blue or green would be ok, but other than a few Soom Dolls I don't like, I don't think anyone has colors like WS only.
Has to available as a head only (I'm not looking to buy a whole doll atm)
I'm hoping for something in the SD - SD13 size range. A little bigger might be ok, but really around 60cm is best. If the perfect mold is a mini I will definitely keep that in mind.
Since I only want a head for now, no environmental or french resin. Matching that will be too hard down the road. I would like to stick to urethane only.

I really want something I don't have or haven't seen before. I love Dollstown, and will probably settle for one of these if I can't find anything else, but it's not quite what I want...Dollzone and Doll Chateau would be perfect (full lips and droopy eyes are love), but I like their Minis better, and they're a tad small. Something with that aesthetic would be great only in SD size >.<
I have no idea what I want really...this is why I need help!!

Aqua is pretty much all of the above! :D
I am keeping an eye out for other molds fitting the criteria, but I'm also good with Aqua, so I probably won't need anything else.

After Noppin did the Unoa pre-order, they opened up again for parts. I couldn't pass that up! I got Mir some fisty hands, the L-bi Decadent face and the Lusis Yawn plate since I've always wanted one.

Possible dolls
I am...bidding on a doll on ebay. It's a decent deal and I really want it! I'll only pay up to a certain amount though so I'll probably lose it....but I gotta try!  I'm a little freaked because I don't think I've ever bid on a doll before, or even bought one off ebay not new from a dealer. Cross your fingers for me!

That's it! Way more than I should be waiting on, since I am supposed to be saving for Dollism...but still kind of fun :3


  1. Wow it's pretty crazy how well Aqua seems to fit what you were looking for! I'd never seen that sculpt before but it's very nice!

    What doll are you bidding on on ebay? I've bought a few dolls off ebay before so probably nothing to really worry about. At least I've never had any problems really. I guess there are problems associated with any form of buying online so I don't want to make it seem great and then have you be disappointed or something!

    Good luck with the auction!

    1. A Dollmore Dollpire Shiloh. I've wanted one since they were first released a million years ago, and this one is a great deal, even if I up my maximum bid....which I just did >.< The bidding is getting intense though, it's already to my first max, so I really don't think I'll get it. I've been wanting more DMKs lately too, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

      I've never seen Aqua before either. Dikadoll isn't a company I look at too often (I owned a Rena head for a while but did nothing with it), so it was a nice surprise. And he is exactly what I wanted! Can't beat that! :D