Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I was looking at this thread on DOA about selling dolls and it got me thinking of a few I've had doubts with lately...I think Im going to put them up. I am completely running out of room, and I don't have time to devote to "bonding" with them right now....I'm a little indecisive about a couple of them though. I can't get them again if I change my mind....

Resinsoul Li
I really like the doll, but I got her at a bad time and haven't wanted to devote the time to her. And, her head is huge. It looks fine alone, but with my other minis, I'm not a fan. I was planning on getting her a new head and keeping the body, but I can't find the head I want fs and I'm tired of her collecting dust...and taking up room on my doll shelf.

Dollzone Fei
I'm really on the fence about him. Same as Li, got at a bad time and I just can't seem to bond with him. Recently I pulled him out and made him a new wig...and that didn't help. I love his mold, and it's discontinued and I was really lucky to get him....but I need space and I think I need to cut some loose that I don't ever do anything with....but this is the one I have the most doubt about.

Supia Rosy
I have a hard time letting go of her too. I love Supia and I LOVE Rosy, but I sold off the doll closest to her and I won't be in the position to buy him again I think she should go. She's got some awesome clothes that were made for her, so I have some guilt, but I could always buy her again (with a Supia body, which is what I really want anyway) so I think it'll be ok.

Fairyland F60 Nanuri 13B head
Oh I don't want to sell this guy. But I know I'll never get him a body so there's no point in letting him hang around. I love this head so much...and I don't have a little Karsh anymore, so it's the last one. But again, taking up space.

There might be more later. I have to look at them in person before I decide for sure (because I'm thinking of letting Gabriel go too -- or at least her body for now if not the whole doll).

Dollstown Rian
Yeah, I think Gabriel is going too. I don't use her as much as I thought I would, and I really want to get into actually doing things with my it's better to have fewer I think. Plus I'd like to look for a more proportionate-to-my-dolls version of her.

All this wanting to get rid of dolls is kind of exacerbated by Thomas not selling. I know it's because I priced him so high, but I'm not lowering it lol I've already decided to keep him up for a while longer and if he doesn't sell, I'm going mod him so he freaking poses and keep him.

Also, Tween needs a body. Like now. If I can sell a couple of these dolls I can afford one for him...I'm really missing having him around, and I'd like to redo his faceup to something a little different....and I can't because he might need matching. Plus there's no point in redoing him if he sits in a box.

As usual it's kind of sad and kind of liberating to think about thinning the herd XD

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