Monday, March 31, 2014

Soooo Does this meean I'm a Hipster?!

What I did over the weekend.
By VampireAngel13

Forget Saturday, I wasn't home all day and did nothing with my dolls other than bump all my sales threads.

Sunday however, was decently productive.

First thing I did was (as promised) graveyard and delete all my sales threads. Now I have nothing for sale! Boo! Or yay?

I dragged Thomas's huge box into the "dinning room" which is also the sitting and craft room, and unpacked him and all his stuff. I took off his head, unstrung him and got to work modding. I FINALLY carved off those stupid hip pieces that in some way help to hinder his sitting.

It's kind of funny because I thought it would be a horrible color change from his outside to his inside...but it wasn't. he's the same color all the way through. :\ so much for not sanding tan resin!

It did leave some scratches that are very visible, but I think if I took the polishing paper and did a more thorough job, it would be less so. Needless to say I didn't. I restrung him instead...holy crap was that a pain.

I like to say I can restring anything in like, 20 minutes tops (and really probably less than that), as long as I don't do something stupid like drop a string. EIDs are awful. I've been saying that for years but they really are. Whoever had the bright idea to put those godawful hidden knee joints in a doll was so cray I don't even want to share what they had to have been on. I hate them. I really hate them. The list of reasons I prefer single jointed knees just keeps growing...they made a 20 minute restringing take forever. And really, I need to do it again because his string sucks, but I don't have anything at home even remotely big that'll have to wait until I can order from Dollmore (they have really dark brown string -- perfect for Thomas!).

However, after putting him back together and giving him a super-glue-sueding.........he can sit. He can actually sit, he's sitting on my shelf right now. It's amazing. And very obvious that he still needs more work with a dremel before his sitting is perfect, but still the fact that he's sitting and not sliding off my shelf is fabulous. Adequate sitting is better than no sitting. I double-wired his legs and he still doesn't stand great (those knees.....worst engineered thing in doll history) but hopefully he'll pass for now.

So what does the future hold for Thomas? Dremels and sandpaper for sure. After that better string...then maybe a body blush so he's not so plasticy looking, possibly a new faceup. Then maybe I'll get him some clothes or something to celebrate his "return".

I had to work on one of the heads I had sold (new eyebrows were requested), and inbetween that I made myself a new doll.

Ok not really, but in the grand tradition of "recycling" doll parts I'm not using, I put together something new for me.

I put the Fairyland F60 head on my Angel of Dream girl body and ended up with....something. Not too sure what I was doing, but mostly wanted to play with eyes, wigs and clothes, so out came all the stuff.

First I tried on all the wigs. Nothing really did it for me, but after a while I had about four that might work.

Eyes came next, and I settled on some sparkly, rainbow, pupiless ones. This is where I got tripped up, because as a Fairyland hybrid I had to connect the head with a donut. This made it impossible to get that stupid twisty headback on since it has that sticky-out piece that hits the donut. The donut would then hit the damn eyes and make them roll back every time I got the headcap on!! It was kind of nightmarish. I have had lots of CP/FL hybrids, this is the only one that just would not work.

After many many many many tries, I gave up, and sat there huffing in frustration utnil my roommate asked what was wrong. I told her the problem and said "basically this isn't going to work unless I can get my hands on one of the turn-key things ----- holy shit I have one!"

Because this doll came to me as a whole F60, and I took it off his body so Uriel (Migidoll Miho) could have it. Said turn-key was sitting in a box, not a foot away from my foot. lol

I found all its parts and spent a good amount of time prying the hook open enough so I could get the string through it, because I was not restringing another stupid doll, and wrangled the thing onto the AOD body.

It didn't work. It wouldn't move at all.

Totally beside myself I just sat there and glared at it. As a last-ditch effort to make this hybrid work, I did finally unstring it, used my big pliers to mash the hook back together, allowing it to fit better in the AOD neck, and then restrung it.

Success. FINALLY.

Seriously, living through this again makes me wonder why I was so dead-set on putting this doll together. It's not like I wanted it....I love the head, and I thought the body would be good to keep around in case I needed an extra girl body for whatever reason.....but I didn't start out wanting an F60 Nanuri12B girl...I just couldn't stop once I got started lol.

So this is what the F60 Nan12B looked like as Jax, before I took away his body and decided he was never going to be a doll again.


Not bad, but I never really did anything with him. He never even changed clothes until I needed his pants for another doll. Then he stayed in the head box until I decided to sell him.

After getting that head onto the girl body, with eyes in place, I tried on the wigs I'd pulled out for him. Or her. I had a hard time deciding what it was. The head looked so male to me, but the giant boobs said otherwise....I had it in my head that I would either redo the faceup to something girly, or sand off the boobs and have a boy.

I was really unhappy with all my wigs though. The only one I kept going back too was one I was going to sell eventually - a dreadlocked one from Monique. It was still not quite right however...and then I remembered "the" wig.

This wig is kind of stupid really. It used to belong to Hiritai - the doll owner I bought David off of way back in the day. The first time I saw a B&G Sapphira (still one of my favorite molds ever) it was hers and it was wearing this wig. I totally fell in love with that doll, and that is why I have Wyn. I also fell in love with the was a gorgeous color, but even more so it was the style I wanted, and as noob as I was back then, could not find for Alex (though I wanted it in white blond, cause y'know....Alex).

So of course years later when she had it up for sale I bought it...even though I didn't have a need for it (I try to limit my blonds since I have so many already, all named Alex - and for the record I did finally the wig in a white blond....cause it's a Kanalong she cut - which is the same as a Kana which is the same as the Jojo XD ). It was just kind of sentimental.

I put that wig on B12....and that was it. He/she had a look. But the eyes sucked. I pulled out the green ones I'd bought for my DS Saint before finding out they were really too big and I hated him, and they were a perfect fit...

I dressed it in some clothes I found in my sales bin, becuase that's what I do with newly pieced together dolls, and when I showed it to my roommate she said she looked like a hipster. If only she had I dug out Alex's hipster glasses (cause y'know...Alex) and put those on her. She slowly became...something. As you can see I started referring too her as a she. I also realized I still really liked the faceup on her. I decided to go full-on cliche hipster for her....but I don't really know what that is.

My next step was to Pinterest Hipster Fashion....where I found that she was kind of hipster in the outfit I had her in. I started digging out things to make her a wardrobe (who knew I had so much stuff that would qualify as Hipster?!). I wanted female and male fashion (she's still a bit ambiguous, but I like it) so I looked at the male version -- did you know it's the same as the female version, just a little bit more masculine (a very little bit)?

Me: "Huh, male hipsters look just like female hipsters, just with more beard. ...


Hey this is how I dress!! I'm a hipster! DAMMIT!!!! But I make fun of them.... D:  where's my fedora...?"

Now she's practically a mini-me...good thing she doesn't have Isis's hair.....which is the same color mine is.

My roommate then tried to convince me she'd look good with Isis's hair (which I have two of), but we decided to leave the blond wig on her instead. So she doesn't look like me at all....though she's wearing an outfit I'm pretty sure I own >.<

Anyway, short story made so long I can't believe I typed this whole monstrosity out: here she is.


I have no idea who she is. Her name is Sage (keeping with the "is it a boy or girl??" theme), and I want to pile every cliche thing I can think of on her -- she needs a camera and a laptop, ipad, books  and a starbucks cup (though if I give her that Alex will take it...and she already looks a lot like him to me -- I think it's the hair and eyebrow combo). She has to wear all the scarves, and hats, and many layers (omg she is Alex).....I can't think of anything else, but it'll come to me!! I know how "Jax" got those scars on the face - but I have no idea how "Sage" got them. Could be some mysterious past thing...or a car accident or something. I'll figure it out. Angry beaver maybe.

 I want to get her new hands - it would be awesome if I could get Fairyland hands, but no one will ever sell me the magnet balls....

I have no idea if she goes with my main group of dolls (meaning if I have to write her into Forgotten Children like I did Wyn) or not...

In any case, I'm kind of enamored by her right now (as I am with all my new dolls and dolls that are "new"), and like all the FL dolls I've ever owned, she photographs really well.

So that was my weekend. I finished the head I was working on, but didn't finish sealing it, so I have to do that tonight....And I meant to mod Wolverine's arms so his hands can fit on, but of all the things, we don't seem to have a clean pot (yeah I know) for me to boil water he's sitting armless on my desk atm XD

If nothing else I want to play with Sage a little more tonight....put some different clothes on her or something.

She still looks like a boy lol

Oh, and here's 'Nilla, I didn't forget about him, but I didn't get around to editing these photos until today...


 His Dollheart wig is perfect (unlike poor Boo...his didn't work out)! I'm still not sure about the eyes, but they'll be ok for now.

Hm. they have almost the same faceup XD
I am not a one-note!!!

Gotta stop now. This has gotten epically long and Firefox is so crappy I can't scroll anymore....
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. OOh Sage looks awesome! I really like her! Or... whatever gender you end up going with? XD I'm glad that the spontaneous body/head recombination is working out well for you! That's always exciting! '

    I'm kind of a fan of hipster fashion. haha. I tend to not so much care for the hipster mindset/behaviors but the clothes can be really neat!

    1. I am apparently a fan of the fashion as well XD I should have known...I do like to try and wear my entire wardrobe all at once....

      Thank you! :D I think she'll be a girl. I don't really have a girl who I dress however I want to dress her (they all have set styles), so she's kind of fun to play with. And I feel like I have a new doll! :D

    2. Well life would be rather dull if you didn't wear the whole wardrobe at once! And then the rest of the clothes would feel left out. I mean it's really a lose-lose situation all around.

      That's cool! I really want to one day have a girl who doesn't have any set style so she can just wear whatever! That sounds like it would be fun! I have a few guys who aren't limited to a set style but I've mostly been lazy with giving them multiple things to wear. I end up feeling bad for various dolls who don't have proper outfits yet, but some of them are really hard to shop/sew for.

    3. I know right? And how else am I going to get all that clothes-wearing in? There are only so many days in a week....

      I'm the same way, and to make it worse...I've been kind of getting rid of dolls who don't really have the right outfits, because they don't have the right outfits. I only have two left with no clothes now....I can fix one (I just need to cough up the money), the other is a conundrum. It would be easier if I could sew.

  2. Firstly, hats off to you for persisting with the F60/AOD hybrid. I would have thrown in the towel after the donut/eye issue. I admire you forging ahead regardless. I have been curious about this hybrid as I have an AOD girl myself but I don't think I would ever try this hybrid after reading your struggles!

    I do love how you recycled this doll into something new. I am really liking the idea of her/him you have so far and when you mentioned she looked a bit like a female Alex, I thought to myself, you know she could be. What if Alex had been born a girl rather than a boy? There could be some interesting things to play around with there!

    Oh, Iplehouse bodies. I feel your pain. If it weren't for their bodies and inability to pose worth a dime, I would buy another Iplehouse doll.

    1. LOL But now you know what not to do! So it'll be easy! I really don't know what was going on tbh....this isn't the first FL head I have had on this body....the first head that was on it was the F60 Mirwen I actually bought to get this head! She fit perfectly with no weird it's just this one I guess. :\

      omg Alex as a head might explode XD She does have his glare down...though she's awfully smiley which kind of throws it off. But maybe if he was a girl he'd be happier? He'd be a total lesbian for sure. I was thinking of having her run away from Faerie to become a writer and then failing spectacularly at it, living in a crappy apartment with a crappy job and blogging all the time with no life. I thought about her being barista, but Uriel is already one and I don't really like to repeat that much...unless they work together. O.O omgthatmightwork

      I know they're not too bad (though I think the sculpts are all starting to blend together for me), but every time I think of the body I cringe. And really, not everyone is that buff! Variation would be nice....