Thursday, March 13, 2014

To keep or not to keep?

ETA: Up for sale officially are my 
Resinsoul Li
Dollzone Fei
Supia Rosy/AOD hybrid
Fairyland F60 Nanuri 12B head

Details can be found on the sale page
List of trades can be found on the wishlist/wtt page. Thanks!!

Hrm. The doll I was going to replace Thomas with is being discontinued. I won't have time to save up to buy him before he's gone, and I wouldn't buy him before Thomas sells anyway....soooooooo now I think I might be stuck with him.

I thought about leaving him up until the end of the month, but that won't give me the time to buy the new one before he's gone anyway, so now I think I might pull him any day now. There's no point in selling him if I can't replace him, and seriously, there are 3 SD Kamaus up for sale right now and, yes the other two are beat up and modded and mine is pristine, but they're a hell of a lot cheaper than mine and no one wants them either. Which kind of cracks me up, because so many people whine and bitch and moan about how there's no dark tan or african looking dolls out there...but there are and they get discontinued because no one wants them when they're out? I don't get it.

The last few days I've been doing a lot of thinking about him, and I think if I get stuck keeping him I will make it work.

I'll give him a new faceup, I will do the mods required to make him fucking sit I will restring him again and again, and suede and wire the FUCKING HELL out him so he works, and not give a damn I'm ruining an expensive LE because obviously there isn't' anyone out there willing to see him as one so why should I care?

Maybe if he works, I'll cease to hate him and all Iplehouse dolls as a whole....that would be nice. I'll get him some good clothes, or at least one or two other things (he does have decent clothes already) and blush him so he's not shiny and plastic-looking.

So yeah. I still have him up for sale, but I doubt it'll last much longer. Here's hoping I can fix him.


  1. What is being discontinued that you were hoping to get? That's very sad and I'm sorry! Back in the day when I had more disposable income, that often led to some impulse buys, but in the past few years I've been forced to sit back and watch things slip through my fingers. Never a fun experience.

    If he doesn't sell I wouldn't worry about modding him or anything. He's an LE but he's YOUR LE and if you want to make him actually functional then I see no harm in it. If anything, making him actually be able to do basic things should increase his value. Maybe not in the technical sense, but in that he would become more enjoyable to actually work with.

    I hope things work out okay whatever you end up having to do.

    1. ha thanks! Me too.

      I was thinking of getting a Granado Chaka -- as Othello. He'd be great, was way cheaper than Kamau was (so I wouldn't be afraid of him) and I already own a Granado body, and while it's not the easiest to deal with either, it's still better than Iplehouse. But they're not selling him after march :\\\\ so there goes that idea. It's not the biggest let-down in the world, but I was kind of looking forward to ditching my Kamau and getting something that actually worked in his place XD

      Well, the problem is that all the while I had him, I kept thinking that if I had to sell him, because he's limited, he would possibly sell easily -- but I thought if I modded him that wouldn't happen. When Iplehouse decided to sell him again in any skintone through their full choice or whatever they call it, that hope kind of died lol but I still had some of it! Now that he's discontinued I think there's no way to sell him (unless I want to mark him down to way less than I originally paid -- not happening). If the other two for sale haven't sold, mine never will. Plus I can't replace him...might as well do the mods. One of them will be pretty easy, but I've never tried to mod a torso to get a lock in there. That won't be as easy... but I have to try something!