Thursday, March 6, 2014

I can has Teefies!!

I got my U-Jee and Unoa parts in the mail (finally) on Monday! They sat in the customs for a lifetime before they made it home. And it snowed and iced and did all sorts of yuck so I had to wait until after work to go home and retrieve them. BUT it was totally worth it <3

I will admit that I was getting a little worried that I had built up the U-Jee head in my mind as being one thing, and it would turn out to not be what I wanted at all....but when I pulled him out of the box, it was totally love. He's even more adorable in person!


Lookit that faaaace!!!!


Definitely a cutie. No wonder I found a bunch of old posts of mine from 2011 stating I wanted one XD Why the hell didn't I get him when he was available?!

I have a white DH wig on the way for him, so he won't completely all one color XD just close. Someday when there is no more snow I plan on doing his faceup (along with both Unoa FPs and the one I already have....Poor Mir, his lips chipped :( )

I like the eyes he has in, but they're kinda high-domed for him, so someday I may try to find other ones....

My #1 problem? He came without his teeth D:
NO TEEFS! Not an immediate issue, I gave him the tongue that came with the Lusis Yawn plate XD
This can't be perm, cause I likes the teefs, and...well the Lusis plate will need that tongue eventually. I contacted Dollmore, but wasn't too hopeful since this is a discontinued head and I am still really amazed I was able to get one at I had thought to try and make my own teeth part....but I should not have worried. They said they'd send it! And they did! It's already on the way :)

So he'll have teeth eventually! For now, tongue XD

One more X3


Ack!! So cute! X333

And some Boo, just because


Boo is also getting a new white DH wig. I hope it works. I made him another fur wig, but I don't like it as much....crossing fingers for fiber.


  1. Oh that's good they are sending the teeth! when you said he came without them I was worried perhaps they had a spare head around but had lost the teeth and it wouldn't be possible. Glad to hear he'll be getting his teeth. I am quite fond of dolls with teeth. I find it endearing.

    I'm not sure I'd paid much attention to U-jee before but the sculpt does look very cute! I'm glad he is working out for you

    1. That is exactly what I was afraid of! That there just wouldn't be any to send. But it's all ok and I don't have to attempt to sculpt! I'm also a fan of teeth. Not just in dolls - my favorite animals are cats and sharks XD

      Yeah, I think the very definition of U-Jee might be "overlooked one" XD I was searching for a post on DOA in the DMK discussion threads made years ago (which I never found) and came across someone's U-Jee posts, prompting a lot of love from myself and a few other doll collectors and we all basically said the same thing. It kind of makes me sad's no surprise Dollmore discontinued so many of their dolls...

    2. I think part of the problem might be some of the default looks they choose for the dolls. There are a few sculpts I own (or have owned in the past) that I really loved, but I find the default pictures don't really do much for me.

    3. Yeah I see that. Especially with their older dolls too. If I was going by photos I never would have gotten the OE WS Kara Klum, his pics were awful. The thinking one was amazing in photos and go fig, he sold out first. I already had the doll in NS so I didn't need photos, but I think they turned a lot people off.

  2. Oh gosh, congrats on the new one! I love those cat ears you have on him. I've always had great customer service from Dollmore. Just a shame that they don't have a lot I want to buy!

    What character will this new one be?

    And always great to see Boo.

    1. Thanks! Dollmore is love. They have always given me excellent service too, but I feel like they've gone above and beyond this time.

      Well, he's going to go along with my RS Song and Unoa L-bi in the new story I'm playing with...mostly to accommodate the Unoa XD and because my Song is a doll I won't ever get rid of and I keep making his point go away by selling all the dolls that go with him. I think his name will be Vanilla Wafer, and I'll shorten it to 'Nilla.