Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quick Update

I was trying to save an update for when I had pictures or something....but I haven't edited anything so this is going to be boring. Sorry.

Well....I sold some stuff, and managed to buy the body I wanted with my leftover tax return money (thus continuing the tradition of buying Alex's with my tax return every year), so the desperate need to sell everything has kind of died.....leaving me with this.

For sale still:
Angel of Dream 1/3 girl body, med bust, NSP
Fairyland F60 Nanuri B head NS
Iplehouse sword dancer Kamau LE
Dollzone Fei NSP

And I am thinking of taking it all down and keeping it. I've already removed Fei from all the sales pages (so technically he isn't for sale lol), and Kamau will come down Sunday for sure.

The FL head and AOD body are this close to becoming a new doll and going back on the shelf....just because I thought of it and I can. I didn't really want to sell that head anyway.

Isn't that cray? Like I need more dolls.....

Fei's head will probably go back up for sale shortly....I really only want his body. Recently I have been wanting a MNF shiwoo again, the idea to bring back Soshi to round out my little group of Minis (including RS Song, Unoa L-Bi and DM Ujee) to four keeps rattling around in my head and I like it. I just don't want to shell out the $$ on a MNF I'll probably end up hating anyway (as it always goes with me and MNFs). I just don't get along with that body. At all.

Dollzone is another story however. And I have one of those, sitting around collecting dust.....and if he were on the DZ body, he'd be taller and a little more badass looking which is something I always Soshi was trying to achieve and couldn't on that tiny little MNF body.

So if you know anyone selling a MNF Shiwoo head, somewhat new preferably, in NS, let me know.

Also some MNF Neck connectors - I'll need two, one WS and one NS.

So that's where I am. I got rid of a couple things, and that seems to be enough right now. I'll probably leave the head and AOD body up or a while longer, but the idea of a floating girl body isn't horrible atm, so if it doesn't sell, I'm not sure I care.


  1. That's awesome that some of your stuff sold and you were able to get a body you wanted!

    haha I do that same thing if things dont' sell after a while sometimes. Switch around body and head combinations or redo face ups or change something and see if I can't make them work some other way.

    I hope whatever you decide to do works out for you! Looking forward to pictures if you do something exciting with them or find yourself a MNF Shiwoo!

    1. It's nice isn't it? Like all new dolls!

      I played around with that dollzone body last night and I'm all excited to make a Shiwoo! I have a great wig idea already....I'm dying to make it but I need his head first lol
      Here's hoping someone will sell me one....

  2. I might be biased - but I'm definitely of the belief that everyone should have a mini Woozle *snort*

    1. lol you may be right! I had one for a couple years before I sold him, then I regretted it....I've been looking at Shiwoos ever since! I think it's time to get another one....

    2. See - I more or less did the same... My first doll was a MNF Shiwoo Elf, I actually ended up with two at the same time via trade, first one was sold, then the other. ALWAYS regretted it... I did end up with another MNF Shiwoo but he had to be sold when I had to sell up my collection... When I came back, I wasn't happy until I had one home again and he quickly became my favourite *snort*

  3. Congrats on the sale and on being able to get the body you wanted!

    I always tend to have second thoughts when I have decided to sell or if something is already up, especially when I get a new idea of how to give them a "do-over".

    I am kind of glad to hear I am not the only one who doesn't get along so well with minifee bodies. Everyone else I know loves them but I find them difficult to pose sometimes. I often debate changing out the bodies to something else but it seems way more hassle than it's worth what with their weird neck hole thingy.

    I thought I saw one on the DOA MP. It had the default face up from FL. There was also a modded Shiwoo head (eye mod and it had elf ears so it could have been an elf version if there was one? I'm not really too familiar with a lot of the FL sculpts.)

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah I never used to do this until the last year or so....Volks Heath was the first, and it's kind of snowballed since him. But it's fun, like getting new stuff and not having to pay for it XD

      Oh there are so many things that tick me off about the MNF body. It's the same for me, everyone loves them so much and they just drive me nuts....They are hard to pose, they jerk all over the place and I can't get them to stand for the life of me...And I really wish it was either bigger or smaller. The worst part is that all the thing I hate about it are fixed with the C-Line body...but it's so buff I don't like it's really hard to clothe. And buy lol
      Hybrids really aren't that hard, I've owned 2 MNF hybrids (this one will be 3) and countless Delf/F60 hybrids. The neck thing is easiest, but you don't really need it....a little hot-glue in the neck of my MNF breakaway and he's fine. MOC sells the donuts and with those, it's a snap!

      I saw a couple...I don't want to buy a modded one (I have a thing with buying modded dolls) and I don't want to pay for a faceup either, so I'm sort of hoping someone will come out and sell me one blank (and cheaper lol). I have a WTB up....but no offers yet.