Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where There's a Wig

I kept joking that if no one would sell me a Shiwoo head soon I'd blow all the money on something...and I totally did XD

I'd been stalking eclipse21's wig thread for a while (years actually) and there was one I kinda I finally bit the bullet and bought it. lol bought it....

It's a white, white-blondish wig, for Alex (duh, who else would get a 100+ wig) and I seriously can't wait to get it. I have another eclipse21 wig I'd bought for him a couple years ago. I had saved up and got a spot on the pre order, waited several months and when I finally got the wig realized I'd totally ordered the wrong color. It was a golden blond, and since I refuse to have too many blonds, no one else has ever worn it (well, when Gambit was Raziel for a while he wore it) so it was a huge waste. It's a gorgeous wig, but useless for me.

This new one should be exactly what I should have ordered! I'm so excited. It's supposed to ship tomorrow, so I should have it by the end of the week (or not, the postal system has been shit to me lately). There will be pictures. I have to try it on I, II and 2.5, I know they're the same mold but I swear different wigs look better on each one. I'm hoping for I because he's the one I bought it for....

My Tata's order is MIA...I've contacted her three times, this last better get an answer or I'll do a PP Claim...It supposedly shipped three weeks ago and hasn't moved at all. I'm not sure it was actually shipped.

Still no shipping on my LTF, DT elf body or DZ Carter :P

I haven't had time to do any work on my's been boo.

That's about it. Very excited about the new wig though :D

Have a good week!!


  1. ooh I'm excited to see what your new wig looks like! I didn't know they came in that expensive O_O wow! I bet it's really awesome though!

    I hope your missing order decides to reappear and arrives okay!

    1. Well, I finally heard back from Tata's today (which was great timing, I had planned to start a PP claim...or at least look into it!). She had no idea what was going on, and called the PO in China and found out they've been down for weeks...and are expecting to be down for at least a week yet :| But at least I know. Which is better than nothing.

      Oh I can't wait. The last one I ordered was only a little less, shipping has gone way up since then (not shocking) and so has price :P But if it's like the one I ordered in the wrong color, it's worth it. And I'm always looking for new wigs for Alex...he never has enough. *cough*