Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Stars are aligned.

Cheesetastic title is cheesy.

SO I picked up a few things on Etsy I'm excited about. An outfit that will probably be for Macchi (I sort of bought it without thinking of who I own who would actually wear it XD), and a shirt hopefully for Chibs (it's a slim mini shirt....yeah.), and two hats that were sort of impulse buys. I've been wanting to shop for clothes lately, but I really can't find what I want it's been hard. I want to give people money!! No one wants it!!

I was thinking of my "wish list" the other day. Doll's like death. Every other doll they release is something I think I want...but the latest -- Matthew and Isabella(?) got me thinking. I first thought it would be cool to get a Matthew head (I'm in love with his face) to either replace my Colin (Mini-Alex) or to be an extra head...but I'm really attached to Colin. I might get Matthew's head anyway...but I won't sell the Colin head. He's got to stay Alex.

I then thought about putting the whole doll on layaway next year, and he could be mini-Azrael.

Somehow that got me thinking about my poor Moon, who, along with her vine arms, has been in a box since last year when I gave Boo her body.

And I got an idea.

Yeah. Never good.

I have a definite plan now.

Part of the reason I never bought her a new body was because DC keeps coming out with newer, better ones. The other reason, they keep getting more and more expensive. And really I have no need for that Moon. She's gorgeous, but not a character, or even a personality, and I have a hard time spending the $$ on a doll I'm not emotionally involved in.

Well, as of yesterday when I was wandering around campus listing to my iPod, she's got a place in my collection. As does Star, the other head I sold the body out from under. I will wiping and completely redoing my Moon in a different color palate and getting her the new body with the bone wings (yay!). Star is going to be her "master" of sorts, and will be getting a 5star 1\6 child body...hopefully as soon as next week. I wasn't going to buy anything else for a while but this poor head has been hanging around for a few years now, and I have the $$. I've pulled him out already and I'm working on his look which I can hopefully iron out soon. I never knew what to do with him I do and I'm so excited.

In other news, Carter is...not here yet. Omg seriously. The shipping part is taking forever! He may be here tomorrow, he was out of customs early this morning....

And, some of the new Boo!


 He's so cute!! He's killing me!


I can't even express how happy I am with him. Still with the default and everything. I want to wait for Carter to get here and do his face, Carter (who will be named Ghost) and Star (who may be Damien) all at once with Little Boo. they're all kind of...creepy, so they'll work at the same time.

LOL for whatever reason I just looked up the over-a-year-ago graveyarded sales thread on DOA of Chibi Alex. From his previous owner...when he was a girl XDDD 
Fun times. 

Chibs! He blond now.


 Hope everyone is having a good night (or day, if that's when you are now <3)


  1. More Boo-cute, his little pouty face - just, ergh <3

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your new plans come home! I know what you mean about DC, I wish I had more of a reason to get more of them really... Mink and Cery are the only ones who can get away with it at the moment though, I think!

    1. Yeah, DC is a killer. Of my wallet. They really took a jump in price too - it's worth it! But still! *ded* I'm glad I mostly regulate my DC resin to Alex, though I've been intending to get a DC body for my Moon since Queena came out. Glad I waited for one of the other bodies tho.

      Boo got so much cuter with his new face. It's scary O.O