Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Updates of the BJD kind

Long time no post. I was doing good for awhile there....then died. lol. Not literally...

So what's been happening? Not a lot. I started the open-mouth mod. I'll post pics of that when I get them situated. I want to start a project journal on DOA for my 7th Kara Klum, and these open-mouth guys are part of when I get more photos I may do that.

I did a faceup for a contest. I doubt I have chance, but here's hoping.

I redid Isis's faceup while doing some commissions. Then it rained for a week so nothing else got done.

Alex III had some damage to his faceup -- somehow. I took him to Texas for Doll-A-Kon, he survived all that traveling, got back and unpacked perfectly fine....and then proceed to chip his face sitting on a shelf. I swear to god, if those Kara Klums were any more like Alex they'd get off the shelf and come after me in my sleep.

I fixed his faceup and kind of.....fixed it better? I like it more now. Isis's new faceup is kind of like her old, first faceup lol. She's regressed. I decided she could wear makeup again.

I sold my AOD body I've had for years....this was Sage's other old body (she's goin' thru 'em). Haven't done anything with the $$ yet, I might actually save it for Dollism. :O Right??! Crazy.

I put MIni-Isis up for sale as a full doll. I think I'd like to try her out as a Dollmore Judith - which I was contemplating before I got the Souldoll Janne. My dream would be for enough stuff to sell so I could maybe buy one at Dollism if they had one. If they don't, or I don't have the $$ I'm not getting other dolls.....for real. I won't be able to travel back with them lol.

I was tooling around in the MP last week looking at Dollzone and Doll Chateau heads to replace Boo's Ro head with, and I found DZ Reiko. The sales photos weren't great, so I looked it up on MOC (which is what I do with all the dolls they sell lol). I did a mock-up and liked it, then realized that they not only had a WS one instock, but it was the last one, as it's one of the molds DZ has discontinued. I went on and bought it, cause I didn't want to take the chance of missing out. It finally came today (they took their time shipping!). It has a default faceup I'll be wiping, but since I had no choice...well, I had no choice lol.

Say hi to the new Boo.

new BOO1

 Here are my thoughts on Boo.

Boo was a concept I came up with years ago for Baby Alex - the doll. I took him to work one day to sit on my desk and be cutes, and for the first time ever, I had the thought that he must be lonely, as I had no other dolls his size. I don't generally think that about my dolls, but I did then.

In the history of Alex and his character, he didn't have friends growing I couldn't justify getting another YO sized doll to relate to him. But he did have that white, plush bunny from Dollheart...and for some reason I thought of Soom's Ai, recently arriving to owners and something I kind of regretted not getting. I thought Ai would make a good bunny, and Boo was born. I drew him, named him, and new I wanted Soom Ai's head on a LTF body. I had a back-up plan if I couldn't get Ai, but I did (for pretty cheap!), so it was a pointless plan.

 Several years went by, and I liked having little Boo, and decided to "grow" Boo up.

I started looking at Dollzone because that was the aesthetic I wanted, and loved Ro -- the blank head pictures were perfect. Unfortunately, the real Ro didn't look like that.

The Boo "character" was a formless thing that fed on the lifeforce or essence of Alex when he was a used that to create itself a body based off Alex (which is why they had to have the same body as children) and the stuffed bunny he had with him. It was supposed to "grow" with him, though not exact -- I didn't want another Pado, I wanted Boo to be his own self, but similar in ages.

The actual Ro had a longer, narrower face than depicted in the blank head shots, which actually made me think either they were accidentally photoshopped or even that wasn't the "final" head - like it was a prototype or something.

Needless to say I had issues with him from day 1 - from him being too big, to too mature. The too big thing I solved by switching bodies so he was on the girl body. I tried to get over the too mature thing, but finally gave up. I tried for over a year....I love that Ro, but it's not what I wanted.

Reiko is way more what I wanted. I think with a Boo faceup it'll be even better. The eyes aren't narrow like the Ai eyes (which is one of the features I was looking for) but I think the wider eyes helps it to have a less-human appearance and it looks younger. I can't wait to get him home next to Little Alex. And to wipe that faceup and give it a new one -- I wiped little Boo's face and body too so I'll do them both together so they look the same for a change.

Little Boo....ugh. I swear Soom has the worst resin. It's SO yellow! That head and body started off identical - and they're the same age - now the head is lemon-yellow and the body is still white (and it's Fairyland! I used to think they yellowed fast...). And it's not like I took him out in the sun a lot or it's dirty or the's yellowed all the way through, evenly, and I have cleaned him sad. I'll have to do a lot of whitening to get him close to his body...

A few more pictures just cause.


Lol my tracking said Boo's new head wouldn't arrive until tomorrow, I had Macchi and Mini-Alex at work with me when I ran home to grab the now I have three dolls on my desk at work >.<

 group3 2 

The first pic was better but Macchi and Mini wanted to be in focus too...

Mini has had too much caffeine?

MINIalex X 



  1. Yay new Boo! He looks adorable <3 I've actually been looking at your Ro head on the MP, but I'm trying to save money for Dollism (and I'm failing D:). Maybe if he's available after Dollism I'll be able to get him. BTW, Macchi is the CUTEST THING EVER. Like, seriously. I've been obsessed with finding a decadent l-bi faceplate since I first saw your boy.

    1. OMG me too!! Why is it so hard to save money this year?!? I don't know if it's worse or better, but whatever doesn't sell I am planning on taking with and putting in room sales....Just sayin. XD

      And thank you! I will confess I was worried I wouldn't be able to bond with him after that mess at the beginning of the year, but after two faceups and a lot of cleaning (cleaning dolls is how I get rid of their past) I just adore him. He does nothing but make me happy. And the decadent FP is awesome btw, you need one!

    2. Are you staying in the Hyatt? Cuz if you are, I am totally hitting up your room sales! I'm gonna snatch up that Ro head if it kills me!

    3. I am! And you should! I want to hit up everyone's sales, but I don't see that happening lol

  2. I think I just had an aneurysm of some kind from Boo-Cute. I really love the shots of them just hanging out on your desk too - Macchi just gets more and more colourful!

    1. Don't have an aneurysm yet!!! I changed his wig and clothes and I think he's even cuter now >.<

      Lol it's his goal in life to splode my camera with color.

    2. You have to take more photos now you've told me that!!

    3. I might be able to do that! Especially since I have him at work today, with my camera...intending on photographing him anyway XDD