Friday, August 1, 2014

Up Next, on Chopped

EDIT: WOOT all of them are up for sale. Here and on DOA. Here still needs more info, but I have no time atm

I doubt anyone has ever noticed this about me, but I have definite patterns when it comes to dolls. One of them is, when I get a doll (or dolls) I am very happy with, and works out well, I tend to look at my collection and start re-evaluating what I want, what works and what just doesn't.

I got Java and that sort of completed that little group of dolls. I'm happy with them, I love them, other than giving them all a body blushing I think they're perfect. I want to spoil them and make them pretty and buy things for them.

So I started looking at some of the others I have sitting around and thinking "I do nothing with you and you're not what I want anymore"...

It happens.

This weekend I'm going to drag out all the resin bits and dolls that giving me not-so-great feelings and put them all up for sale. Some of them, again.

This post is mostly for me, as I officially gave up on all these things last night, and want an official record of what I want to do so I remember lol.

Also becuase for some reason I feel like I have to explain why I'm selling some of them. I don't know why.....I have guilt or something.

Dollzone Mo B SD head
Dollzone Fei
CP Luts Delf Dark Elf Soo with Art Delf default faceup
Dollzone Ro

AOD 1/3 Girl NSP

Dollzone Cosmo on Mirodoll 60cm boy
ON HOLD Latidoll Rei on AOD 1/4 girl WS damaged
Volks Midori custom
Souldoll Janne

This makes me feel better, it doesn't seem like as much all laid out in front of me!
Some of the dolls either getting reshelled or just given up on.

Big Boo
Dollzone Ro. I can't make him work. I've tried and tried and it's just not happening. His face is too mature and he's not what I wanted....the pictures of the blank head on Dollzone don't look like the head does in person, I've struggled with him enough, and I'm going to try and replace him with something else. Either a Dollzone Rafael, or one of four or five DC heads.

Mini Isis
I just don't think that the Janne head is a believable Isis. She needs to be older-looking or something. And not look so much like Mini-Alex. That freaks me out. She will also just be getting replaced with another SD head or a MNF Mirwen or Celine, possibly something I haven't thought of yet....I'm actually debating selling the whole doll, as I am not a fan of the back-breaking boob size, but so far Souldoll is the tallest girl body I have found...

Jubilee and Wolverine
For now, I'm giving up on them. I honestly think the Cosmo head isn't going to work, it's a hair too big and the proportions bother me. I am going to sell the whole doll (minus the jointed hands which I'll keep) because I can always get another Mirodoll body if I decide to try again, and right now I'm pretty happy with just having Gambit and Jean.

Jubilee is only being sold as a head because last night I gave her body to Sage. I like the AOD body, but I think I like the Delf one better XD
Sage won out, I put the F60 neck part on the Delf girl bod and now she's a whole CP girl. I'm so proud of her! lol So the DES head is going, because I'll probably not use it for anything else, and Sageypoo gets to look fabulous, and have interchangeable-with-two-other-dolls hands, since two more of my girls have Delf hands.

As for Gambit, I am very much set on that River head being him, IF he looks ok with Jean. If not, he gets the Heath head again, and I'll do something else with River. If he does look good with her, Heath goes up for sale again, probably at a lower price.....which sucks.

Same for the Volks Midori......I've had her for sale a couple times now, hopefully this will be the last time.

Y'know what's sad? If I update my profile to reflect this list, I won't own anymore Dollzone dolls. I went from 4, to none (though I still have four bodies XD). Someday Carter will get here and I'll have one again!! And maybe Rafael will work ok as Boo.


  1. I'm a bit out of it lately so this is a late response! Sorry!

    I definitely do the same thing where when I'm really happy with a new arrival or group, I re-evaluate everyone else and a lot of the time that results in new face ups, wigs, clothes, or even sales. Hopefully you can find something else to replace them that you are happier with!

    1. thanks! I got lucky with Boo - I found a head I liked and it happened to be instock at MOC, so I grabbed it up. They still haven't shipped it, but I can't wait to get him back together....

      Isis is going to be tougher. I upgraded her head sale to full doll - I have been looking at the DM Judith girls and I think I might be happier with her as one of them. I really hope some of this sells (other than the AOD body - it sold last night. Yay!), I'd love to be able to afford the new version of Isis, or have extra money to play with at Dollism....