Monday, August 18, 2014

What's Up, Monday?

Not a lot. Lol it is early.

Commissions out the door (mostly -- still have a non-doll one, but hopefully it's just changing some text at this point) which means I have more time to work on my dolls again....and it's humid, rainy and gross. No sun, you can see the haze of humidity just hanging around -- not exactly ideal doll-working weather.

I have a head to photograph for a contest -- It's not in the rules that I can't talk about it, but you never know, so I won't. But I entered last year (and lost!) with one of my Kara Klums.....

My Dollzone Carter was finally FINALLY shipped last week, but tracking hasn't moved :P so god knows when it's going to get here. No rush. If I was in any kind of rush, I'd have been doomed XD
Other than being a ghost, and probably getting named Ghost, I don't have a set plan for this guy. I would like a silver or grey wig, but since I only own one that's not SD sized, that might not happen. I could go with fur for temps, but I'd prefer fiber for this one.....He'll get the dual colored eyes the Volks Midori was going to get when she was a ghost for all of five minutes. That poor doll. Someone needs to buy her.

Speaking of sales, another doll is headed out the door! I am hugely tempted to use it to reshell Mini Isis, but I think I'll wait. I've had a few new dolls (ok, mostly heads) come in recently and I'd like to not have any for a while -- at least until Dollism is over.

I was thinking of giving Chibi Alex (SQ-Labs Chibi Tsubaki) a weekly feature. I had this idea last week but didn't do it for one reason or another....
A little background:
I tend to photograph my dolls at work for various reason. My apartment is dark, with almost no natural light. The fixtures are older than I am so the artificial light is awful. My roommate and I are crafty, and artistic and both of us collect BJDs so the whole apt is our "craft room" so there's very little space for me to set up lights and props if I had any...and since I work the main part of the day there's not time for me to take pics outdoors....I have white walls and lots of light (artificial, but at least it's light) in my office at work so it's just easier. Not too creative, but someday I'll find a better way and maybe they will start to get better. Right now it's work pics or nuthin, lol so I figure what I've got is ok for now.

Friday's however, I don't bring the dolls in because I have to shuttle from an off-site parking lot.
This means maneuvering onto a bus with other employees, so I don't bring the big diaper bag I use to haul dolls and my camera around. It's too cumbersome to have on a bus full of people. So no dolls Fridays (this is also why I can't ship things Friday - the back-and-forth from work to parking lot takes so much times I can't make it to the PO before it closes).

I do sometimes toss Chibs into my purse since he's travel-sized. He doesn't really do anything but stand around looking cool (since he's adult-Alex he can't be cute. He gets angry at cute), but with no camera there are never pictures.

Last week I thought I should just snap a few with my phone (iphone 4S -- worst camera ever. I hate it.) and call it Friday Phone Photos with Chibs. But I never got around to it. I thought about it over the weekend and thought it might be a good idea to have a weekly feature -- if only to guarantee at least one entry a week XD

My best friend and I are going to Disney World next year in the spring, and a while back she mentioned I should bring Baby Alex to photograph around the park. I sort of dismissed the idea -- Originally when I bought him, Baby Alex was supposed to be my Travel-Alex, a mini version of him that could go everywhere and I wouldn't have to drag around the bigger version. But he was too tiny and cute and baby-like, so that didn't really happen. I adore Baby Alex - he's my favorite tiny - but Adult Alex is who I'm most attached too...and I wanted the fabulous outfits he'd wear in tiny-size XD A couple of those Another Space outfits, tiny hoodies....all this stuff I got and hung on too for years that no one wore because all my tinies are children and wear lace and fluff.

When I got Chibi Alex last year he was perfect. The tiny version of Alex I had wanted that could be tossed in a bag and brought anywhere.

The best part about him is that I see him as a total independent in my collection. He can be alone, I don't even have the desire to own other characters around him as I normally do (in Puki and Mini size), which is awesome. I don't even really see him chained to his own continuity like I do the rest of them (which is why he's not even listed as being in the same universe as the others are on my Doll List) so I feel a little more free to "play" with him than I do the others who are locked into character in my eyes.

So Chibs will be going to Disney World, he'll be going as a tourist, bringing along a camera and the worst touristy shirt I can dig up for him and looking like a big dork. My goal (hopefully it will happen) is to take pictures of him on his vacation and post it for his feature -- which I will have to have established by then lol

I figured I'll do a trial at Dollism. He'd be going anyway, so I'll just make sure I have him on me the whole time and try really hard to do the photo thing. I usually forget to take pictures -- I get to into whatever I'm doing and just don't. This might motivate me.

I want to get him his own carrier, one that a smaller digital camera (I've been wanting to buy one for years, and I wanted one before Dollism anyway) could go in also, so it would be easier to get him out and stand him somewhere -- but YOsd sized carriers are hard to find. I have no idea what would work! I ordered him a camera and couple other things of ebay yesterday and I've been looking for more clothes for him, but it's also hard to find "adult" tiny clothes. Everything is for children :P

In preparation for his new feature, I tightened his strings last night and holy crap. He needs to be the poster-doll for restringing. He was a hot mess, so kicky I could barely get him to stand anymore. Now he's a rock!! He stands great, no kickiness at all! :D

Old picture of Chibs, just so it's not a text post only


I need to make a list of stuff I want for him. He'll need supplies if he's going to hang out in hotel rooms all the time. Or once or twice a year when I go on vacations XD

My friend also bought an SQ-Labs Chibi so hers can go along too. Chibs might get a friend! :D
Or at least a travel acquaintance lol

I love those eyes!! *flails*


  1. Ahh - that sounds like such an awesome idea! Also Disney. My Jealousy will know no bounds *snort*

    If you're looking for a smaller/custom carrier Lulu (that Lulu haha) still does them I think - could probably do an appropriate 'Alex' coloured one XD

    1. Seriously, I haven't been to Disney in 20 years!! I can't even.

      :O Do you think she'd make one?! That would be so awesome!!!

    2. The only memories I have of Disney from my first trip is the scores and scores of photos of me at about age 7, standing next to what seems every single character X'D The second was in 2011, but we only went to Magic Kingdom ;A; Ah maaaaan I wanna go bacccccck and, and do EVERYTHING. I'MA SO JEALOUS GKFJHNGFGJGBFD.

      Take me with you? I could totally contort myself into a suitcase.

      Oh definitely she would! - hit her up over here on her blog; :D

    3. I have a big suitcase!! It would be easy to contort. :D

      I will! I hate asking people these things's so presumptuous!!! I'll stalk - I mean lurk - first.