Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 to 2015 and Beyond!

This got long....sorry^^;;;;;;;

I really hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday, and since there is more to come, ditto for the future!

I have to say that while it wasn't the best of times, for the most part, 2014 wasn't a bad year! I had a lot of goals that I didn't even come close to making, but whatever. I didn't post them here, so they obviously didn't count. Right??

A few doll highlights:
For me, it was really the Year of the Floating Head. I got WAY more heads this year than full dolls, and while a lot of them were for bodies I already owned, a lot of them were not...and my head box is full. I will need either a second one, or a larger one when the last two heads get here.

It was also Year of WTF why do I need so many eyes?! I bought, for the first time, urethane eyes, and they're so pretty and they fit so well I wanted more...and it's really prompted me to get good eyes for those that don't have them. I don't mean good-expensive, I just mean eyes that actually fit, and in colors that I chose as opposed to what I had in the box. Plus a lot of my dolls eye sizes have either gone down a number or I'm getting heads that have just tiny eyes, and I don't have those sizes laying around.

I got a lot of work done, mostly on a few of my Kara Klums, which is nice because they always need work. Now that I have a spare I wasn't expecting, I have just as much to finish (Seven and II, plus the Mod, plus none of the others are ever really finished)

Dollism, which was the greatest doll thing ever.

Doll-A-Kon, the other greatest doll thing ever.

The year of course started out oh-so-lovely with that disaster of a trade, which dragged on for a month before it was finally over and it did end up happy as I have Macchi <3
Who will stay forever if only because I couldn't bear to make him have yet another owner :(

Gambit and Jean stuck around, making them my longest running "fan dolls" ever. Finally I got it right!

Someday, after the couple dolls I have for sale sell, I will have moved almost entirely into Mature Minis and will have only two non-matures left. Pretty amazing to me....

Goals for the New Year!
• Find clothes for the dolls I have a hard time finding clothes for 
My top several are: Both Isis's, Java, Metatron (and Sherlock and Khan) and Ryuji, who will be getting his new body hopefully soon.

• Reorganize the doll area. My wigs can no longer fit in that tub...
This is a must. I am forever trying to reorganize how I store stuff, and it never seems to be the "right" way. :\

• Try not to buy a zillion dolls. 
Maybe just bodies for some of the heads that need them. Also, stick to actual wishlist and try not to get any just cause they cutes.
As usual, I really want to work on what I've got....meaning I don't want new ones. Pretty much any doll I get from here on out isn't going to be a character I have a doll for, which means I have to make a new character up for it.....and I don't want any more D:
Which of course means I have to go through my "wish list" and make sure I have things on it I really "need".

• Learn how to make Angora wigs myself so I can make the 5 or so I need. 
Ugh. The block of time I need for this doesn't exist in my future...but I really want to do it.

• Start my giant hybrid/mod project. Seriously. 
So I'll need to mod the head more, find it a body, then find it fantasy parts which will have to be modded to work, PLUS the scary paint job getting it to all match.

• Maybe a photostory or two
I've come to the conclusion that photo stories with my largest group of dolls (What I call the Forgotten Children group) will just never happen. First I think I'm too close to that storyline to have fun with it, and I think omgthisissoserious photo stories are kind of.....lame. Second, the whole thing takes place in a very industrial future....and I have no sets or props or anything that I can use as a background, so I've pretty much given up hope.

However, I have at least 5 other "groups" that I can use to make up stories with now that aren't related at all to the main storyline, and, if I get enough elves, since that takes place as a "side" story and can happen in Faery, I might be able to get something out of that too. So, if I do stuff with those dolls, I won't be so hard on myself to be perfect. I'm at least excited to try.

• Better photos. Somewhere not at work. 
Yeah. This.

• Finish Boo
So, the problem here is the Reiko head I bought to be Boo was damaged when I got it. I didn't know until I removed the company faceup, and when I tried to fix it it proved to be unfixable - so all I did was totally mod the poor thing. I have to make both sides of the face match now, because it's horribly uneven....and I haven't had the heart to do it. I don't have anything in mind as a replacement, so I either have to fix this one or try to get one secondhand and hope it's not too yellowed.

• Finish Little Boo
I wiped him in anticipation of doing a faceup on the big one, so he's been blank this whole time...just waiting....

• Redo Baby Alex's faceup and blushing and redo sleeping Baby Alex's faceup and do his blushing.
Since I now have a sleeping version of BB Alex, they both need to be redone.

• Finish all my Kara Klums. All of them!!!! All of them. *dies*
Again. this.

• Sell stuff when I decide I don't need it anymore.
May not happen. XD
Selling clothes and wigs and things is such a pain on DOA...I just hate doing it.

• Organize my damn flickr and delete all the crap (maybe DA too)
Yup. Time consuming as anything ever. But needs to get done.

• Don't buy a body for #8. He does not need one. He doesn't. Omg I'm totally going to do it. NO!!!! I won't! *determined* 
Pleasegodno he's just an extra head incase I ruin the one I'm modding....no more bodies D:

• Eyes! I need to figure out who needs new eyes and where I can get them. When all my dolls suddenly had teeny eyes I have no idea...but it's a pain.
pretty much all my floating heads and any incoming dolls and heads need eyes. Plus some others like Metatron who lost his eyes when I decided to sell him....now he's wearing 16s which are at least a size too big....

• Wigs. I need a lot of wigs.

• Anna
Anna is my Peakswoods Goldie who was one of my Dream Dolls. I've totally fallen out of love with her....and it's only because her faceup is old and I hate it and I hate her body blushing and she might need a new style or something. I want to fix her, because I still love the doll...
thing is I have Cassiel too - and even though she's not the PW I had in my head when I wanted one....I like her a lot and she's a Goldie too. So having Cass makes me kind of think I don't need Anna....and I think I'd regret it if I sold her.

• The List of Doom
I've sold so many dolls and not updated my To-Do list...so that needs to be redone.

• Organize my Profile/Doll list
I keep this pretty organized and up to date, but I think I need to rearange things somehow....stupid floating heads and body-sharing fux shit up.

On The Way
Not too much.

Withdoll Werewolf Baby Coco - still not shipped.
MODOLL - 1/3 Size Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch BJD Head - Yes I did. I do have a plan for him....and I just hope it works.
F60 Soony - the trade for the Heath head is a go!! Hopefully we'll ship out this week, and I'll have it....who knows. I never seem to trade with anyone local....everything is way overseas and takes forever. That's ok...it'll get here eventually.
Soom Super Gem body - for Ryuji!! He was not bodiless for long! I got the trade offer right after I posted his body for sale. It seems to be taking it's sweet time getting here, but I haven't had time for it anyway. I just hope his head fits. I did no research on this body at all, the color should be a match, it's kinda buff but not too, and it's the right height (65cm - which is the largest I am going from here on out).  Hopefully it'll be easier to deal with him now.

Future orders
Dollmore Kid boy body - for Little Wyn. With some sales and the trade I have the money to get a body for a head and he won by a landslide (I didn't really consider any others XD). With this order I'll be getting a few items of clothing, some parts and a second Dollmore Fine head (don't even ask. This is a whole new entry waiting in the wings). EDIT: OMG!!! I won the photo contest on Dollmore....so that's more $$ I get to spend! :D Holy carp. Must shop.

Small order from MOC - A couple shirts I want they happen to have in stock.

AliceCollections - I need three wardrobes for Metatron now that he's staying. His, Sherlocks and Khans. Oddly, I have a few things that are very Khan (from the new movies. Sorry if you're fan of the originals - I am too...but Khan was way hotter in the newer ones....for that matter everyone is....) already so that's how he's dressed...even though the head isn't here yet XD Pretty much everything I want for that BC head they sell at AC. Only in sizes that may not fit the DM Glamor Model body and it's uber-broad shoulders of doom. Pants are another worry since, like all DM dolls, the legs on him are a mile long....So I'll get a couple things and if they fit, I'll do another order later. Hopefully I'll get stuff someone else (Gambit, Marcus, Israfel or Ryuji) can wear if they don't fit....

I don't have too much want for dolls or parts atm. I'm still trying to clear out what I have that I don't do anything with!
I can't start buying things for the Mod, as I don't know what body I have to work with yet.....so that's out for the moment. I need to go though my heads and determine who should get what body and in what order before anything - which will probably either be another 65cm boy so I don't have 3 heads sharing one body, or the F60 Soony who actually has a character I want a body for soonish. There aren't too many bodies out there that will fit the character I have in mind however...so I'll either have to pay through the nose or settle for something that will be too tall. Then I guess Sage will need a taller body. It never ends. Which, I guess, is part of the fun? XD

On to 2015!
Happy New Year! 


  1. Weird request but if you ever get a chance, I'd love to see a photo of your 'head' box. I am always really interested how other collectors store their floating heads. I used to have quite a few myself but I ended up selling a lot of them and only have three now (although my DZ Cosmo floating head shares the Soom body with Epidos.)

    Do you plan to recreate Wolverine again in another sculpt?

    What kind of clothes and wigs are you looking for? I've got a heap in a box I'd be happy to pass on to you if they suited. (Saves you dollars that way too!) And I agree about the bother trying to sell these sorts of things on DoA. The other thing you can do with clothing you don't want but don't want to sell is take them apart for patterns or re-purpose them for another doll size?

    Photo stories are such a lot of work. I used to do them every now and then but I got annoyed because I didn't have the right backdrops and props etc. And you know, photo stories should be fun for you to do so definitely do ones that will make you happy. I'll look forward to whatever you end up doing!

    Let me know what you think of Withdoll's Tiny body. I was really seriously considering the Raul sculpt but I've had dealings with Withdoll before (when I bought my Fenrir which I have since sold) and I was a bit hesitant and ended up bypassing it.

    Congrats on all the orders! I am curious about the BC head. What did you think of the third season of Sherlock? I didn't think it was as good as the first two but I still watched it because it's BC and Sherlock! Khan was positively chilling in the new Star Trek. I saw the original Khan and I gotta admit, did nothing for me.

    Tomorrow is 2015 here in Oz; saying it still leaves me flabbergasted at how fast this year has flown by.

    Hope you have a good New Year's Eve and New Year whatever you end up doing!

    1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :D

      Ha I can do that! I was thinking of getting a shot of just all the heads, mostly for me, so I know what's in the box...Since I never look at it I'm afraid I'll forget and miss someone. :\

      I don't know. Mirodoll is making a broader-shouldered version of their 60cm boy body for a special order and I was seriously considering joining that - because a huge part of my dissatisfaction with that doll was the shoulder width. I still thought it was too small. I liked Cosmo a lot until I gave it a faceup - then it didn't work for me. So I'm still kind of thinking about it. I'm also afraid to get too many things on my plate XD I already have so many!! I might just stick with Gambit and Jean. They look so good to me, I don't want to ruin that dynamic. If Mirodoll puts that body up for sale as an actual option, I'll be more likely to do it I think.

      Ooh we could do a swap!! That way if I have anything you need I can send it! I've often thought that was something DOA needed - a swap room. Just for trades. I thought that was the best part of that last day of "room" sales at Dollism when they kicked us all out of our rooms and we were crammed into the lobby. We all had our stuff so lots of swapping was happening. I feel like we (as doll owners) could move our stuff out a lot quicker. Or there would be more scams and money loss. It's tough to tell with people these days.

      Anyway, Isis is a tough one because not a lot of places sell clothes I want for her - I created a board on my Pinterest account for her because I didn't really know what she should be wearing either :\\\\ Java is probably the easiest and hardest - as a Burlesque dancer I want a lot of white fluffley, lacy things for him, but since he's on a boy body I'm not sure what will fit (plus as a mini I don't know where to go to buy him things like that). Metatron is just massive, and Ryuji is cyberpunk - yet another style not available in the BJD world. Though I keep looking at Alice and really, if I'd spend the money, I could get a lot of stuff for most of my dolls there. They kind of have that cyber-punk meets Post-apocalyptic vibe going on that I need for...everyone.

      I'm super-excited about the Benedict Cumberbatch head lol - he's the one I want for photo stories. He'll be my first doll that actually interacts with me - other than Alex I, the others don't know I exist if that makes sense. I wouldn't do a story with me involved. Someday far far into the future I'd love Spock and Kirk, but I'm not sure if anyone ever made a Chris Pine MNM and the Spock one is a pretty small run I think. So it'll never happen. But I can dream.
      I actually liked the third season a lot (I just rewatched it Sunday lol - then Star Trek.....those are my go-to "I'm bored" shows/movies).I loved the wedding episode and I did not see the whole Mary thing coming at all. Plus Moriarty cliff-hanger! But it was Khan that kind of got me thinking I wanted the head. That and I have really really been wanting a MNM of some kind lately....just to the faceup on. After seeing Star Trek for the millionth time I decided the BC head was my best choice. Better than some random one off the MP anyway. Plus, he can be anyone Benedict plays! So that's fun.
      I watched Wrath of Khan after seeing Into Darkness....and I like the old cast, and enjoyed it for what it was...I'm partial to the new ones. But honestly I don't think I know one woman who does not like the new ones. Most men I know hate them....I chalk it up to the younger, hotter cast of guys. XD

      I hope you had fun last night! I can't believe it's 2015 already either (well, for me, it will be tomorrow - close enough). I'm sorta in denial. I feel like I should have more time....

  2. Happy rather belated new year! I've been so so bad at keeping up with blogger. It's terrible. I thought I was going to get back into things a while ago but I've been so broke I have a hard time working on much of anything because I'll reach a point where I'd have to spend money and then I just lose all my motivation.

    Sorry. Got rambly there for a sec.

    That's quite a list you have there! Wow. I hope you manage to accomplish all of your goals for this year! I look forward to seeing how things go! Not a bad idea to plan out purchases as well. I should definitely do something along those lines when funds become more available so that I can try to avoid impulse purchases.

    1. I know, sometimes it's really hard to keep up on this stuff. And lack of funds is a huge unmotivator. It's kind of like me with the weather. I can't do any sort of customizing, so I've been amusing myself by slowly changing everyone's clothes. very, very slowly.

      Ha I'll be amazed if I accomplish any of it. My 2014 list was pretty fail. But I like to pretend to have goals. Maybe I'll get around to a couple things...