Friday, December 19, 2014

Into the Holidays

Because they're here.

A few things first:
My cat brought me socks last night. It was a clean pair, lol that I had folded up in the other room that had fallen to the floor and I was too lazy to pick them my cat brought them to my room and left them by the bed. I wore them today. They're Christmas socks.
Dog is worthless, Cat brings me clothes.

I was very disappointed by Maleficent and Anchorman 2. They should have been better and really really weren't. Maleficent was worse....Jolie's acting was horrible, the story was ridiculous and it wasn't even worth watching for the sets and costumes. That was my movie review for the year.

I'm totally obsessed with Drag Queens right now. Sharon Needles, Adore Delano and Alaska should come live with me so I can be fabulous just by being in the same room as them.

Marilyn Manson shipped me something yesterday. No idea what it is since I only ordered his album - not due out until January 2015. Like, the end of January. Mystery Marilyn Manson package!! Yay? XD

Now onto dolls!

My Miracle Doll Lestat head showed up, the same day that the Kid Delf Yul head got here. BECAUSE I NEED MORE HEADS!! Both of them were beyond what I'd hoped for. Lestat is amazing, that mouth omg. I haven't had any time to do anything with him, but maybe I'll manage a photo before I'm done typing this.

The Yul head....I can't even. It's so perfect I want to cry. It's Wyn!! I have him borrowing Vanilla's Dollmore Kid body right now and it's the one I want for him. Which is awesome, because that other head I bought to be him didn't fit on it at all - Yul is perfect. PERFECT. I even love the faceup which is good because it was fucking expensive. He's so cute. I could die. No photos yet....I'm kind of afraid to move him. And it's not his body and he has no clothes. :\

Maybe I'll dress him up in Isis's holiday skirt and see about getting a Christmas photo....

No Withdoll yet, though other people keep getting shipping notices so I am hoping for one any day now.

And I'm not sure I mentioned this...but I have an 8th Kara head on the way. He was shipped, but on the slow god knows when I'll get him.

I know. I just got Seven. But this is one of the Thinking ones - Dollmore put the rest of what they had on sale after discontinuing him and I couldn't not. It cost me $70 including shipping!! Now I have a spare for when I ruin the one I'm modding.

So with the holidays I'm honestly not sure I have time for anything - really I don't think I have a spare minute until long after Christmas is over :(( Plus I started drawing again....after my holiday art I immediately started on something else...and since I've done nothing almost all year I'm going with it.

However I do have photos! To continue this post, the annual "embarrass Alex" Christmas photo.


 I heard from several people that it's my best yet. And I thought I couldn't top Dick-in-a-box!! In case you're wondering about his comment, there was a Festivus table where dolls were "airing their grievances". That was Alex's. I don't know what his problem is...he has whiskey. My favorite thing here is that I can actually see his eyes. And those fur boots. The puffball "Rudolf" nose is glued on. Luckily his blushing was already chipped or this wouldn't have happened....

Horrible shot, but this is what I have of the new Isis - Dollmore Eve Biwol.


And a group shot of my roommate's dolls and a couple of mine - she made all their XMAS sweaters. Out of socks from the Dollar Store. They are awesome.

I have a few more from the Holiday meet, but haven't edited them yet....and might not ever lol

The theme was ugly xmas sweater. Our dolls rocked that theme. I dressed like Alex III - we matched pretty damn well. I only dress like Alex during Christmas and Halloween, and only for meets. I don't think we've gone out in public matching....


sm2014HOLIDAY alex 

 Inspired, of course, by the doll's outfit XD
I'm all about naked reindeer this year.
I'm quite proud of this as I haven't drawn anything all year......

That's it! I have a photo story I made on a whim that I want to post, but I'll do that later......

Have a good weekend and don't get too stressed with Holiday crazies!!


  1. Your cat sounds pretty clever!

    Congrats on the new arrivals! How do you find the resin match between Dollmore and Luts?

    I think I've seen most of these photos on your flickr but I still giggle when I see that one of naked Alex. He's just so cheeky! And you know, I gotta start looking at socks more. I wouldn't have guessed those sweaters were made from socks. Your roomie did a great job with them.

    I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping for the year. Just a few bits and pieces to get (hubby and I are hosting Christmas lunch at our place this year). It is definitely a crazy time of year.

    1. He is! He loves his mom :)

      I actually really like it. I have always thought it was decently close to pretty much a perfect match. A million years ago I did a comparison for someone using Alex and a Luts head - my roommate had a Luts head on a DMK body for a couple years. It's pretty much the same color.

      XD Thanks! Poor Alex, this is the worst time of year for him....sadly, he's still dressed like that.
      Yeah socks are win. Those are even Dollar Store socks, so they were super-cheap. And with especially the one that Mini-Alex is wearing, it's something that can really be used all the time. It looks like a regular sweater!

      Ugh, I just finished my shopping last night. Finally. I hate it, everything is so crowded and obnoxious. I need to start earlier next year and just order things off of amazon and etsy.

  2. Ooh I love all the festive outfits and everything! Everyone looks all cozy in their winter clothes! I've been so busy I haven't done anything exciting with the dolls for christmas.

    Alex's traditional embarrassing photo is great as well! I like the google eyes over the nipples XD

    And your art of him is great as well! I meant to comment on it on DA yesterday and then I got called in to work early and completely forgot by the time the day was over. I love the colors and all the subtle shading on his torso in particular is quite impressive !

    1. Thank you! The only reason I do things for Christmas is for the holiday meet.....which was the first weekend this month. So my dolls will probably be dressed for Christmas forever now lol

      Thanks again! :D lol he got a lot of good comments this year. I'm dooomed for next idea what to do.

      Ha ha that's ok!! I have been on DA so little all year, I totally understand. I am getting back into it though. Hopefully it will last.