Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unoa Butt-tabs are my Nemesis.

I'm not kidding. I think they exist in the world simply to annoy the shit out of me. Other than that they serve no function at all!! URG! They have to go.

Saturday the package containing a Unoa body and Fairyland MNF Juri 14 head arrived at my door!

It was in the exact condition that was specified - perfect other than one thing.

The previous owner lost one of it's arms XD
She was able to buy a new set of arms, but they're in a different color than the body (I'm guessing it's Fairy skin - I'm almost positive the body is the same old normal Macchi is.), so right now it has one WS arm and one NS arm. Honestly I barely notice it...though I've kept the thing clothed the whole time lol

I ended up with it in a trade - several faceups, and a few future faceups for the body, three arms, the Juri head and the Unoa head back (which for me was a happy surprise, I didn't realize that was part of the equation).

I had very little free time over the weekend, but I managed to string it up, and wrestle the Soony head onto the body so it had one whilst I decide what to do with it. Because I really have no idea. None. I tried on all the fur wigs I have that even kind of fit, I've dressed it in several outfits, tried a bunch of eyes in it....I got nuthin. I don't even know if I want it to be a boy or a girl. Boys fit in with my group better, but up until now it looked like a girl to me, even dressed as a boy....and the body is a girl body. So everything is up in the air still, and for once, I am really stumped.

What I've got so far:
This was the first look - at the Holiday meet over the weekend. It sat at the Festivus (Sp??) table and aired a grievance. Which is what I'm told one does!

holiday meet-soony 

Next was this - I was still trying to make black hair work - but this wig just doesn't fit no matter what I do. This did nothing for me...But, Elf ears!!


Currently we're here, which is the look that inspired me the most so far...



Crooked glasses are crooked. I dunno. Still a work in progress....maybe a faceup will help (but it's really cold and I have no time). Lol the poor thing. No part of it matches any other part of it XD But I kind of love it for it's patheticness. And the proportions.

I have several options to play with here, when it comes to this thing's identity.
1. Soony stays on this body and becomes a boy (it has no chest, so it can work).

2. Soony stays on this body and becomes a girl...since it is a girl

3. Soony goes to a new, undetermined body and the headback that came with it goes to this one, and I have a second Unoa to do whatever with, and will be....either a boy or a girl and any mold. Omg. The options D:

4. Unoa headback becomes a hybrid, something I've wanted to do many times, for many years. I'm thinking either Dollmore Kid or Doll Chateau. And i have no idea what faceplate, other than it won't be L-Bi.

Then I have to decide what storyline it gets worked into. Forgotten Children (or Alex's world), or Mocha's world (tentatively called Star of Fate...because that's the song I was listening too when I thought of it) - as those are the two Mature Mini "worlds" I have split my minis into (which don't count the three that exist in the 1/3 FC universe).

Since I have given the poor thing several looks in the barely 4 days I've had it, and nothing is coming to mind, I decided today to start with a name. Since I don't know if it's a boy or girl or what universe it exists in yet, I have two separate name groups.

The FC storyline - Gender ambiguous names (like Sage and Rowan lol) since who knows what it is:
Winter (my favorite)

The SOF storyline - already gender ambiguous:
Cinnamon Dulce (back for round two! Ha ha!)
Hazelnut Toffee (or just Hazelnut or just Toffee)
Chestnut Praline
Frappe (or a combo of Frappe and Cappuccino)
Or, seriously a combo of any/all of these. Pumpkin Hazelnut Praline would be awesome XD

I figure if I can get it a name I'll eventually come up with a character and be able to figure out look and everything else eventually. Chances are it'll end up with Mocha and the rest - I can't think of anyone in FC who needs to be a doll and isn't atm. And I really don't need to be adding more characters.

In other crazy news, regardless of what body this Soony head ends up on, I want the MNF neck piece for it, for the easy. Right now the poor thing is filled with hot glue, and held on by a metal bar that used to hold a Zaoll head back on. It's a mess (but works!). I went to go put a WTB up for the part, and the very first post in the MP was for a neck key!! Of all the things. Fastest transaction ever, later, I have one on the way already. Amazing luck!! Which I need more of....the seller I bought the KDF Yul head from has disappeared....so I am worried. It's only been a couple days, but her communication was really good until I paid. Now she's not answering me and I never got a tracking # like she promised.

The eyes I got in the trade for the Volks body came in yesterday however, and they're just gorgeous! So that's one more good thing to outweigh the (potential) bad?.

And random fist-bumps from total strangers are awesome. Just sayin.


  1. Congrats on the new arrival!

    I feel your pain with style/looks. Sometimes you just can't pin a sculpt down. I often have a habit of revamping my dolls quite a bit because of this. Maybe you can browse colour themes? There used to be some available if you wanted to design your own websites, that might spark some ideas? Or look at the names of paint colours. I know it sounds weird but sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

    I hope your Yul seller does come back and everything turns out okay. It annoys me too when sellers suddenly go quiet after you pay them. It makes me a tad suspicious.

    1. Yeah I hope she does too. I talked to her once but still have not heard if the doll shipped or not. I need to get her to say something straight....

      I feel like I've revamped several dolls in the last year or so, but I honestly don't think I've ever gotten a doll and literally had no direction or idea of anything at all. It's kind of fun though. I don't feel pressure to "finish" him or her, and it's had all these different looks. I got the neck part today and that seriously makes everything so much easier! I might look at paint color names, that's a good idea! Thanks! :D