Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Doll-a-Week Creative Challenge

So I posted this on Flickr, but I will really be doing it here, so I figure I should a quick intro post first.

I stole this from Snowgray, she posted it on her Flickr.....basically the goal is to take a photo relating somehow to the word, then write something to go with, about the character(s). Which is why I'm calling it the creative challenge, instead of just photo challenge. The photo part was intriguing enough, but the writing part made me really want to try this too, as I failed Nano again. I might be able to get something out of this, then be able to do better come November. Plus, better photos was a 2015 goal of mine anyway! Two birds, one stick. Or stone. Or whatever.

Here's my list. It's the same as the one I stole from Snow, but I changed a few words...because I knew that if I hit those and was stuck or uninspired I'd get totally derailed and quit. I did a random word generator and got a bunch of new words and replaced as I felt necessary....  


Feel free to play along! You can use this list as is if you want, make your own, or change it up some.

I'll be posting the photos on Flickr obviously, but both the photo and the writing part I'll leave here.

I actually have the first photo ready to go, but I'm working on the writing. In typical me fashion, it got away from me a little (it's already like, four pages long). I'm hoping to post it tonight, but it may be tomorrow....

I really hope I can keep this up. Encouragement may be needed.

Doll News
I used my shiny new 100 pts from Dollmore, the money I got from sales and ordered a DMK body - which is going to end up being for Vanilla as Mini-Wyn stole his body permanently. I compared both heads with the old and brand new parts from Dollmore, and Vanilla is closer to the new, while Wyn is closer to the old, so he stayed on the old, modded body (which I find funny as big Wyn is also gender-modded), with all the old parts, and Vanilla is waiting on his brand new body :)
I also ordered some clothes, shoes and another Fine head as planned. -- they actually emailed me last night - as it goes with me and Dollmore, they have the body, head and all the parts I ordered in stock...but two dresses are out of stock XDDDD So it won't ship until sometime next week. Which is STILL a super-short wait, so who cares!

I made my MOC order - if those shirts fit Metatron I plan on doing an Alice order next! Fingers crossed!!

AND BIGGEST OF ALL Today Withdoll sent me a shipping notice! Sterek will be on his way home!! :D

And that's it! I hope everyone had a great New Year!


  1. This is such a brilliant idea for a meme - do excuse me while I drag it back, crawling to my nest of darkness and uninspiring :D

    Also congrats on your sales, looking forward to seeing more shots of Vanilla when he has a body back!!

    1. Doooo iiittttt!! :D
      Just don't go overboard with the writing part and take a whole week on that. Seriously. I need to learn to use less words.

      Thanks! :D There will be photos!!

  2. Ooooh big congrats on the shipping notice for your Withdoll. I am so excited for you, also because I almost bought Raul. I am still not sure if I am regretting that or not yet. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the body. I don't mind the sculpting of their tiny body.

    Will look forward to seeing what you will come up with using the prompts. I applaud you on attempting these things. I can barely do a doll a week right now. Maybe I will play along but tweak to a month instead. That seems do-able but given my about to get crazy life, that might be pushing it!

    1. I had a hard time deciding between Coco and Raul (and the other one too to be honest lol). I'll post photos!! I'm a little sad that he won't get a faceup forever - we're having some seriously cold temps atm, no way do I dare even trying to spray - but if the owner photos of those already arrived are any indication, he'll be adorables blank!

      I always attempt, and always fail lol I know I'll fail here too, but I have to try. I'll probably fail on week one. I still don't have my writing done.

      Doing it once a month is good too! I think that's how they're usually done Xo