Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays

In case I don't get around to it later!!


in continuation of this post...


The picture is really really crappy because it was taken at a meet, like every year. I have another idea for next year, and if it works out, I'll do it, but if not, all six Kara Klums will be wearing the previous outfits for next year. Cause I really want to do that. So I have to go a whole year without buying another Kara Klum. Which could totally happen...assuming Dollmore doesn't do something cray and release some fabulous new version of him. Since there's only been two release thus far, I'm not holding my breath (and really if they do how much you wanna bet it's freaking tan and I won't get it anyway)

Alex. Dick-in-a-box. Kinda makes total sense....though he's pissed because the "package" looks smaller than it, uh. Is. *whispers* I totally glued it on.

 and my 2013 Holiday Arts

sm2013 HolidayALEX2
all my holiday art to date because it's my screensaver right now and I like it

all xmas I
probably shoulda watermarked that, though I'm sure I don't have to say this here -- please don't steal my art <3

My snow was way better this year I think...

So yeah. Happy Holidays!! Have fun and be safe! Especially if you live in a place with "weather".


  1. Such a cheeky photo of Alex. Expertly done! I think maybe it's time to grab that bottle off him!

    Love the Christmas artwork. I always do enjoy seeing your art. Love the way you draw your men.

    Happy Holidays to you too!

    1. Ha totally. He needs to stop drinking in public!

      And thank you <33

  2. I love your Christmas photos, even if he does look just a wee bit disgruntled. We'll just say that all models have a look of disdain right? :) Happy holidays!

    1. Happy Holidays to you too!! I hope it was good! And will be good since new years is next........
      Hurr, he's always disgruntled, but by now he's used too it. XDD