Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Chibi: Day....some number.

I missed a few days. I have not been able to get decent photos to save my life, and they kinda keep expanding, so I wanted to wait until I had all of them together to post photos.

Quick update
My best friend and roommate is buying my Lati Rei off me (which is great because I didn't really want to get rid of him, but I have a new Mini-David now, so he's just not needed). I was whining because I can't find a Puki Nanuri FP in WS to buy and mentioned I would probably end up buying a whole new puki just to get a NS body for that FP. Cause I really really really wanted it. So, as most of the payment for the Rei, she gave me her Darjeeling.

If you know me at all, I don't have to tell what I named it.

I bought the Nanuri FP off the MP (just in time. There were like, 10 for sale. Now there's one), a wig off ebay and both showed up yesterday, finally giving me a more or less "finished" crew (unless I decide to add Ryuji or Marcus to the group. It's tempting).

So here's whats I gots

smpuki group clothes

They's not nekkid no mores!
Harvey the rabbit is missing because he's not changed at all so there's no need for an updated photo of him 
Wyn got his tail back. I had to resort to super-glue :P
Kimi got a wig. I need to make it prettier, but it's actually better than I figured lol
I dyed Gabriel's wig using 2 packets of orange koolaid and one cherry. I should have skipped the cherry, it's almost too red, but looks amazing in person and smells pretty :D
And of course, the Nanuri, Puki Alex II, down there in all his tiny ebils.

I mean seriously, Chichi might be the angriest doll on the planet, but Nanuri is the evilest. He just looks like he did something heinous and enjoyed every minute of it. and now he's coming for you. 

Now I need a Pong again to balance that out. I swear, Fairyland wins hands down at packing so much emotion into the tiniest of faces.

I have one really bad (I mean bad. I didn't even bother to watermark this thing) photo of Aishes shop progress. So far it has walls and a floor, a counter, some tables and chairs, odds and ends, and a fabulous cabinet that came fully stocked (from Etsy. Yay etsy!!) that I didn't get a picture of.

despite being Blurry McBlurrerson, Aishe looks pretty pleased. He'd better be!! D:
Maybe someday I'll make him a shirt!!
I've already decided it's too small, and I need to add at least 2 more rooms...which will make it very pieced together. I'm not sure how to progress from here.... I plan on just collecting more crap for him, and when I finally run out of room, I'll just get more! Hopefully it'll all work out.

And, because she debuted here as a chibi before the SD sized her appeared, here is a picture of Big Gabriel, Dollstown Rian on a Resinsoul 70cm body, both WS


Holy crap I think she's gorgeous. I actually feel bad saying it, but she's my prettiest girl, hands down. And exactly how I pictured this character to look. Maybe a little shorter, but I'll deal with that if I have too later down the road.

I need to blush her body, try Alex's DM Model high-heeled feet on her (and if they fit, order some of her own) and figure out where the hell to buy clothes for a giantess, but she's so perfect as is, I'm happy just looking at her for now.

I'm done with big girls now. I didn't want any more SDs at all, and now I'm probably getting one more (I swear, having heads that don't sell is so dangerous for me), but no girls for sure. 5 is the max. They all have different styles so I should be good with that. And really, after getting PW Goldie, Supia Rosy and a DT girl, I don't even want any others! Those were the three girls I wanted most, I'm happy now <3

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