Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lightening-Fast Update

I'm feeling productive today. I woke up to rain, which means I can do faceups on my dolls XD

This weekend I'm redoing the faceup I slapped on my Resinsoul Li who arrived last Saturday (I really hated it), finally doing my MNF Breakaway's face, and I did what I've been putting off forever -- my Delf Breakaway, Aishe. He had a custom faceup over custom scar-work. The scars are a part of who he is and I really like them so I had to carefully get his faceup off around them (they're removable). I redid his face (almost finished!!) a little more like me....His eyebrows are about the same shape and color, his lips are still natural, but in my style, which means more blushing lol. He had no color anywhere else on him, so IMO, he looks better now. Updated. Plus he is among the ranks of my dolls done by me. Which is almost all of them.

Also went to a miniature shop I've never been too and got some discount furniture for Chibi Aishe's shop (all needs to be painted), and a few odds n ends. I'll paint them all later...

I got all of  Big Aishe's accessories together in a travel box, so when he goes to a meet all I have to do is grab that box instead of searching all over for all his crap (he has a lot of stuff). I found a few things that Mini Aishe can have, including Taro cards!! Who knew I just had them laying around! So all the Aishes have some now! He also has a skull, and three crystal balls. And some other crap.

Then I made my first Puki-sized fur wig! :D I've been putting this off forever because I didn't think I could, but my Nanuri 13 who is the blond, NS version of Alex, really needed a new wig. I had bought him two off Jpop and hated both of them to the point where I thought it was the face plate I didn't like - which is depressing because I LOVE that evil little face!! It was definitely the wigs, in the fur he's rivaling chichi as my new fave.

SO apparently my remedy for doll depression is to switch scales for a little while XD
Whatever works.

I guess Big Aishe isn't a scale switch....but he's always been one of my most favorites, so he still counts. AND I'll have the Aishes to bring to the Halloween meet if the Doll Chateau body isn't here for Azrael V2. So that's yay. ((Gambit will probably also go to the meet as himself....he needs to get out more)).

Hoping to have pictures soon....but it's dark here so they may suck.....

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