Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet the new Boss.

Hee hee heeeeee my new favorite

AZV21 AZV22-2 AZV24-2


There is nothing I don't love about this body. Nothing. It's perfect in so many ways, down to it's creeptastic jointy toes. Pretty sure this head wouldn't look right on anything else.

I've already sanded off the bewbs, though in photos it shows up a little more than I'd like. In person, it looks more guy-like. I had to use sandpaper only, and do more shaping than I usually do (which is just take everything off. Everything.) because the torso resin is really thin and I was afeared of ruinating him.  I probably won't sand anymore, but I'd like to add nipples and a peen. And if that goes wellish, I might try to fill in some of the lines that still make him look like he's got boobs. Or one day I might get a wild hair and sand anyway. For now he's fine. More than fine, perfect!! I might have to wire those knees though. He's getting kicky in his old age of not quite a week.

I would like to say this will be my last Kara Klum...but only time will tell.  Or Dollmore will tell, if they ever release a new version in some color other than tan (I'll totally take grey. Just not tan), or fangies, I'm all over it.

Anyway, I calls him Azrael Version 2 (or V2) and he's kinda representing the eventual corruption and insanity the character suffers. Poor thing, as though his life's not hard enough....

I plan on continuing the bone theme down his neck, shoulder and arm of his left side...and some partial rib, cause ribs is cool. I'd like to get him some creepier eyes (cause pupil-less grey isn't creepy enough!!)....and some nice items like a cat-o-nine tails and a hat like the WWE Undertaker wore. Until then he has this hat. Good enough for now.

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