Monday, September 9, 2013

WOO HOO Doll stuffs

DDE emailed me today! :D Azrael V2's DC body is on the way!!! Weeks earlier than I thought it would be! I'm super happy, I really didn't think it would be here by the october meet. Now I'll for sure have it! OMG I don't have room on the "Alex" shelf, which will have to be the Kara Klum shelf now....Tween's gonna get booted off.

Other than that, Devon's new eyes showed up today....after I took some photos of her XD

Now, some photos.


 This is the Nanuri 13 I busted my ass trying to buy second hand. I wanted a WS one, to change on and off with my Chichi to be evil-smiley Alex. BUT I got an NS full doll instead. So now he's drunk, mischievous and blond Alex lol. This is the first wig I've ever made for a puki or anything so small. Surprisingly, it's really nice. It fits him really well, without a wig cap. I used black water color pencil to draw on the fabric, and it shows through :P but other than that.... I chopped it unevenly, because it kind of looks like Alex tried to cut his hair himself lol
Because the fur is white even though it was supposed to be off-white when I bought it, I tried to color it with pastel. I used pastel, because I have a white-blond creme color, I know it won't stain the doll, and I once got pastel on one of Big Alex's wigs and it stained forever lol. So I thought it would work. It did, but it's kinda streaked unevenly. Good thing he's kind of a wreak anyway XD

  Devon new1

 This is Devon, my RS Li. I did one face up and hated it...I mean really, it was so bad. I was in a horrible mood and trying to slap something on her when I did it, so it's really no wonder...but still. I need to get her some bluer wigs, and a few things for her wardrobe, but so far I'm really happy with her. Last night after I finished this face up, I restrung her with really thick string so she's a decent poser now! Her new eyes that came today are yellow with cat pupils. She's evil. They look good....maybe it's the green wig but she looks more reptilian than feline, which is awesome. I was worried she's channel cat...not at all. I want to get her some MNF hands because as a witch, I feel like they would be good for "spell" shoots. All together I hope to have five Mini's as witches....could be some interesting shoots!

  mini aishe2 

Speaking of witches, Mini Aishe! I've been putting him off for months....I had to mod scars on his other eye, to match my big Aishe - he looks kinda lopsided now with two sets of scars, but I really wanted to go back to Big Aishe with the ones I did. He's on the new DZ boy body that came with my Ro, Boo (who's on the girl body now). He's super-tall and manly looking lol. I think of all the dolls I own, he's probably the most human proportions. I love him to death!! He does this body justice <33

In case you're wondering what he looks like with a real MNF **warning for doll peen**


mnf dz2

 HE SO TALL! No taller than he should be. He's about the same height as Uriel and Alex, which is what Aishe should be. So really, it's good he's on this body and not the MNF one. Now I'm extra excited to get Mini David finished....So scary though D: Neck mods aren't fun.

I really can't wait to get them all together, photos!! Especially of Uriel, since he's got a new wig.

I also need to take some pics of big Aishe....and his shiny new faceup! First one in four years! More than four years!!

And speaking of face ups, here's Devon's first one, just so you can see how bad it is :D

devon 2

lol soooo bad!! XDD

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