Friday, September 27, 2013

Selling selling selling

My DZ Bunny I put up the other day is officially going to a new home. With that encouragement, I am putting up the other sales as well! :D

If you are interested please let me know here, DOA, Dairyland or DA, where I have them all listed. Except Spark, who is off topic on DOA XD

I can provide more photos of everything.

Some of my prices are a little lower here and on DA....if you contact me on DOA I'll still give you the lower price. I will entertain reasonable offers. This does not mean offering me half what the doll is worth (yes that has happened) - but my prices are never set in stone.

I am all about trading for any of my listed dolls, either a straight trade or + $$ on either side depending on value. Combining items for a straight is excellent!

My sales page has been updated with this info as well. :)

Doll Sales

SOLD Leekeworld Kyou on a Resinsoul 70 cm boy body WS $250
Kyou is a discontinued mold from Leekeworld. I bought the head in 2012, the resinsoul body a few months ago. Both brand new from the company, I'm the only owner. Body was restrung and stands nicely.  
Split prices: 
Head $110 
Body $160 

SOLD Unoa Sleeping Sist / buff headback $75
 I got the FP from a friend who received it as payment for work. It had a faceup done by an amateur, that when removed, left stains. She was able to get most of them out by sanding, but a little remains in the eye crease and mouth. I have no idea what color this is. To me, it could be WS. Headback is a Unoa Chibi from Buff that works just perfectly with regular Unoa. I had it on a DMK body for a while. This face plate would be an excellent candidate for an eye-opening!  
Split prices: 
FP $45 
HB $40  

Dollzone Star/moon dragon body only WS (discontinued) $200
 I am having serious doubts about selling this guy (he's so fing cute!) so this sale is for the BODY ONLY. Head is not for sale. I've had this since 2012 and done NOTHING with it. It's so cute and different and fun that I avoided parting with it but it's time to admit I'll never have the time to devote to even painting it. Moon, Star and this body were discontinued by DZ and not so easy to come by... It stands very well, and has good pose-ability for such an odd little thing.  
 The only thing I am willing to split here is the hands. Which is weird I know, but if you're willing to buy it without hands it will be cheaper.

SOLD Doll Chateau Ada WS (SOLD OUT) $200
 I was very excited to get this adorable doll but I've done NOTHING with it since it's's sat on the shelf in my room. I don't feel as though I have the time to devote to her and I really need to downsize... I got her a few months ago, new from DC. I sueded the legs so she can stand better.....that's it. Will NOT come with the eyes pictured.  

Fairyland Minifee Karsh Sleeping head NS $100
No damage, he's been stored in a box, so little to no yellowing  

SOLD DIM Doll In Mind Laia OE Head NS $100
Got her in a trade and can't use her for the character I had in mind. Looks brand new, no yellowing or damage. MSD sized head. Will come blank, no eyes.

Dollzone LE MO B SD head YNS $125
Won this in a charity lottery, but I'm not doing anything with him and can't afford a new body >.< He looks brand new, I have the COA and will send it with. This is the Limited Mo SD sized head. Will come blank, no eyes.  

Volks Midori on a Volks MSD body $475
Make me an offer. I paid about this much for her, but I've realized she's too cute and too young-looking for her character, and the dolls I want to replace her with aren't this pricey. She's second-hand, body and head from two different sellers. Headcap is chipped a little, came to me this way and can't be seen under a wig. I have more pictures of her, including inside the head and her head plate which is still attached. No box or papers, as I said she's second-hand and from before a time when people cared so much.  
Split prices: 
Head $350 
Body $175

 Latidoll Blue Christopher Rei head $85
 lati rei
I actually have no idea what color this head is. I got it thinking it was NS but it's several shades lighter than the LD body. I blushed it to match. Faceup is by me. Head only, no eyes. This is a mature mini sized head.  

SOLD The Mushroom Peddler Spark $150
The only way to get him was to go to the STL BJD convention last year...Or know someone who was going :D He's very small, like in between a Puki and Pukifee or something. But super cute. I've never done a thing with him though, so I'm letting him go.

Peakswoods FOC head NS (will consider any OE molds)
Marchen Waltz OE or Moonlight dream Aimee, or YDIKE or RILEY HEAD - will consider others
Volks DWC02 head or similar SD10 mold
Delf Soo NS head

Dollstown Elf Body in oriental skin

Dollzone Fei 1 or 2 boy head or full doll any color

Dollmore kid Ujee head or full doll ANY
WS Yellowed SD boy body suitable for Delf head (Fdoll, Delf, B&G, other)
Peakswoods FOB Girl or head - any

 Doll Chateau Y-03 body in NSP
Doll Chateau K-05 or K-07 body in WS

 Minifee Juri 13 head, any
Minifee hook hands WS (girl)

Anything other than this and I will probably say no.  


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