Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wishlist returns!!

Posting a quick wishlist, so I remember what I want.

Mini Isis
So far it's been hard to determine a mold for her. She has to look good with Alex and David, and they're so different it's impossible to get a girl to match them both.

With a stroke of good luck I may have done it. I am negotiating a trade for a Souldoll Janne. She wasn't a mold I was looking at but when I saw her yesterday I thought she was IT. She has that mix of stylized and realistic I love so much. So cross your fingers. Isis may be getting crossed off the list.

Mini Anna
She's an easy one.
Peakswoods FOB girl. Not quite decided on mold, and I think I want to hybrid her with a KDF body (the romantic version)...but I don't have to look far and wide for a mold. Maybe by the time I can afford her, PW will have redone their mini body to be mature and better posing lol
I can dream.

Logan was tough. He's a character I've been developing for FC that I decided to get a doll of first, then draw. I only want him in mini form (no SD of this guy) and I would prefer him to be tan, but I thought I'd like to try my hand at dying a doll so I thought of getting a "junk" mold.

Problem is I can't "see" the character in any doll I like and would like to own.
I was pretty set on another Dollzone since I'm into them right now...and there were like, 5 molds I would like but didn't really think would work....

And then I saw the one. Fei. Who is of course, discontinued. YAY!
But he's perfect, so I'll be amending all my trade threads and hoping for the best.

My plan to put the new Cass head on the modded ftm Zaoll body and move Tween to a new body is still happening...I just can't get a head.

These are my options.
Peakswoods FOC head NS (will consider any OE molds)
Marchen Waltz OE or Moonlight dream Aimee, or YDIKE or RILEY HEAD - will consider others
Volks DWC02 head or similar size SD10 mold (Elena, 4 sisters, other)
Delf Soo NS head

Problem is, I never have the money when I find one for sale and no one wants trades. Or they don't want what I have. Boo.

Dollstown Elf body
For Tweeny. I tried him on one and it's love with a capital L. It's more boyish than the Zaoll and a perfect fit. Again, no monies and no trades. Boo x2.

That's it! That's my wishlist! Three dolls, one head, one body.
Might be a few more here and there....I may be getting a Shiwoo project head, and could possibly want a body for him in the future, but for the most part....I don't want more dolls!
I can't handle some of the ones I have, and with the arrival of Skullface, they all look boring to me now anyway XD
I am sure that will change when the allure of Skullface has worn off, but for right now...I have other dolls? lol

Look for some sales. I'm going to sell my 70cm Resinsoul boy body...maybe with the head. Michael's not important enough to have around when I can't even buy him or my other big guys clothes.

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