Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quick NaNo Update

First day went great! I did over 6000 words, which is amazeballs for me, my best first day ever, probably my best day ever, and also good because I was gone all day and no way am I going to get anything done tonight. Dollmeet and a wake tomorrow mean not much time for writing, and that means I'll already be two days behind...if I wasn't 3 days ahead! So I'll still be ok if I don't get anything done this weekend. Though I know I have to go back and ad something about a dream in my first chapter for anything to make sense.

So far the Before, Prologue and Ch1 where easy, and just came out. Ch2 was a little harder but I also think it was because I didn't have a 100% idea of what I was going to fill it with, and I wrote it while watching Iron Chef XDD
Michael Symon is a distraction for me.

Earlier in the year, I started a Blog titled Vampires vs Zombies. I didn't post anything because I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to approach it, and because I didn't have time to write anything. Months later, I started the story for NaNo, so I'm finally posting in the blog! I just put up my forward, so anyone who wants to read it can, here:

Keep in mind, this is NaNo, so no editing (I'm totally editing, I just can't ignore those red squiggly lines...I'm just not editing a lot), and I'm not really a writer. I'm a graphic designer. So don't make fun. Also, this Alex's voice, not mine. Seriously. I don't talk like that. Maybe a little. But not that extreme.

I don't post a lot of my actual writing, but I made the stupid blog for this purpose, so I might as well try it out. There will (hopefully) be art too. Here's some as a preview!

VvZ cover sketch

 Yay Alex! Cause you don't see him enough!! He's so fun to draw though D:
This is what will hopefully be my "cover" if I can color it adequately.

There's this too

 which I might make into a banner.

But first I have to change Baby Alex, so he can go to the Dollmeet at the Doll and Bear show tomorrow. This is seriously one of my favorite meets of the year, I love pawing through all those vintage-looking clothes and finding fabulous pieces that fit my dolls.

Other than a handful of tines (all Alex), I usually bring an SD - usually one of the Kara Klums. I'm kind of torn this year, I'd love to bring Jean. But I will honestly feel a little guilty for not bringing an Alex. >.< so stupid. I never feel guilty over my dolls...but I kind of do for this. Plus I might miss having him (he weighs a freaking ton though. Seriously, for a tiny SD he's one of the heavier dolls I have - my arm breaks every time I drag him anywhere). I dunno. Everyone is wearing a decent outfit, maybe I'll just grab someone tomorrow and go.  = . =


  1. *Cheers* Wow, 6000 words is a lot! Go you! It is rather nice to get ahead so that if you miss a day or two, it doesn't matter so much. I'm kind of falling behind. I don't think my head is in it because I didn't get very far but then again, I honestly didn't do an outline (ran out of time) so yeah, I'm just making things up as I go.

    I'll have to bookmark your Vampires vs Zombies blog. Now I'm wondering how that would turn out. Who would win. Zombies or Vampires? Both are relentless, hmm food for thought!

    Hope you have fun at the meet! And you know I do like seeing your art.

  2. You should take both dolls. Lift some soup cans to improve your grip! :p
    Which dolls did you end up taking?

    That's a very nice word count too! Like Alasse, I've been falling behind. I'm only at 2500... And I only started writing yesterday, so I'm definitely at least two days off. Bah. The good news is that I'm still working on the story I planned, so no flying by the seat of my pants this year!
    ... yet.

    1. LOL Alex III and all the younger Alex's. I should have taken Jean, I bought her some shorts that ended up not fitting and were the most expensive thing I bought! I could have tried them on her had she been there...:P

      Well I didn't do crap all weekend (had some stuff happen) so I'm about on track now XD I had a feeling that would happen. Two or three days off isn't that bad! You can totally catch up!!

      Ha pants. I thought about pantsing this year...Glad I didn't. I needed a good start. Which I got! though I am kind of dying right now....