Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ha ha oops

I've been saying ever since I got my Luts Delf Claus that I really didn't want any more bjds, at least for this year. I've also been saying I don't want to sell anyone else atm.

Heh why is it I never listen to myself?

So just yesterday I was lamenting over what body I wanted to get my Heath (Gambit) in place of the Souldoll body he was on...At the same time I'm in a horrible place with my Switch Taeheo/Granado hybrid who was supposed to be Marcus. The doll looks the part, sorta, but I have had the worst time finding clothes for him as Marcus has a certain style that I just can't seem to get in his odd fing size. For the last 3 months he's been sitting untouched and naked. NAKED on my shelf.

The head also has issues. It's way smaller than I thought it would be, does not match the body (Switch used to be a match for Volks - apparently that changed)...and I blushed him too dark when I did the faceup. He's supposed to be a vampire and he's practically tan....just about everything about him bothers me.

So last night I put the Switch head on the Souldoll body, gave the Granado back to Heath (it was bought for him anyway back when he was Marcus) so Gambit got a taller body and I'm selling the Taeheao on the Souldoll body. Marcus is just going to be put on hold for now, I have gone through two versions and wasn't happy with either, I need to rethink what I really want for him. And when I do buy him again, he's going to be a full doll so I don't have to deal with him anymore. Possibly from Granado or even Soom (Spinel was my original first choice....I might go back to that again). Who knows.

Gambit is keeping the Granado body, which is fine for him. I'll have to do something about his wardrobe (which is a shirt and a jacket lol), but I shopped around today and already found plenty of stuff for it's not going to be nearly the pain it was when it was Marcus' body. Woo!

Plus it made him taller...which opens the door for my new project: Wolverine.

The real Logan/James Howlett/Woverine is supposed to be short. Like just over 5 feet short (not the 6 foot plus monster that is Hugh Jackman - though really, it's Hugh Jackman, so who cares lol), and super-buff, so making him into a doll while Gambit (who is over 6 feet) was just over 60cm was impossible....but now it's not! The Mirodoll 60cm body is maybe still too tall for real acuracy, but my Jean Grey is a man, so I'm obviously not going for exact here. It's shorter and really muscly, not something I want for my own characters, but for Logan it's perfect!!

I uh, just have to find the perfect head >.<

Or a head I like that will work with a little work. lol
I am so excited to try out that's already killing me and I only just decided to make a Wolvie doll this morning XD

Now I just have to sell some stuff so I can buy the body so I can get a clearer idea of what heads will work for it.

Now the Granado body....oh it needs work. And since I'm officially keeping it I think I'll actually do the work to get it right.

First, it poses great, but doesn't hold those poses. No matter how tight the strings are, it's a floppy mess, and I think it's the same problem a lot of larger dolls seem to have: the channels aren't big enough for the elastic. So when it should have really thick elastic, it can't. Alex has 5mm elastic, Gambit has smaller elastic than most of my Minis.  And some of my tinies.

I sueded the crap out of him, and wired him within an inch of his life, but that's just temporary. I really need to drill out his neck-hole, and possibly the arm pieces, to restring him with at least 4mm string, if not 5. Then if he still needs work, sued and wire. I would also like to maybe smooth out some of that insane muscle. I've never done that before, but If I got slow it might work out ok. This is a big maybe....I might ignore it, but if the drilling goes well....why not, y'know? Also going to wire those awful jointed hands. Maybe sand the veins off them too. I am kind of excited he'll be able to hold things now! Because I have things! Heath matches this body perfectly, so I don't have to redo his faceup (yayyayayay!!) but I might go on and blush the body.

Clothes. I already have a few things I want to get him, I might order them tomorrow. The coat still fits, it's just shorter in the sleeves than I'd like. And I wouldn't mind having one that isn't shiny....or black. But I might be able to poke my friend into making one for me! :D
Shirts and maybe one pair of pants are more important now.

I'm so excited....I have kind of neglected my dolls other than changing their clothes here and there for a while (Marcus. Naked. Three months.)....all the depressing stuff not only is depressing but time-consuming. Now I'm totally getting back into it.


  1. I can feel your excitement through your post here and I am really happy to read that your dolls are inspiring you again. Hybriding can be a pain even with the same company! But it sounds like you've found a match that works out.

    I am curious to see your Wolverine character. How many of the x-men will you be shelling?

    I think it's always the way when you decide not to buy more dolls that you actually find dolls you like.

    1. Ha I wasn't planning any Xmen!! I'd like to say Wolverine would be it, but I kind of want a (real) maybe Storm, Jubilee or Laura (X23). Any one of them would work great with Wolverine and Gambit. And if for some weird reason I end up with another taller guy I don't know what to do with, Magneto -- But I'm not buying a doll for him, it would have to be one I just came up with or got in a trade...

      And omg I got out the Switch head, put it on the Souldoll body, was getting ready to photograph it for sales pics and the finger broke off!!! I have never broken a finger before!! I'm so mad. Now I have to take all the blushing off, glue the finger on and mark it down because SD doesn't even sell hands. This would happen....*pout*

    2. I am going to sound a little dumb here but who was Laura in X-Men?

      Man, I would love to see what you would do with Magneto. Ever since I watched that First Class, I haven't felt as hostile towards that character. I actually quite like him now.

      Oh no, and you know, all this time it could have happened, the SD body decides to do it on you while you're trying to take sales photos. Good luck with his sale!

    3. Oh, she's also called X-23 and she's a female clone of Wolverine. I think he either adopted her or was going too. She's friends with him and Gambit so she'd be a good character to have but not a very interesting doll. I'd probably have more fun with Storm or Jubilee.

      I have always loved Magneto, but I like villains XD
      I also love him when he's a "good" guy, and for some reason I feel like he'd fit in with my characters. I don't know why since he doesn't get along with any of them...but hey. I would love to have him, but he'll probably never happen. No reason for me to own another SD boy....

      Seriously. I'm so pissed at it atm. I hope he sells regardless....I have the finger. Someone might be able to fix it nicely...

      thanks <33

  2. You had me at Wolverine.

    I cannot wait to see your interpretation of him, he is my absolute favorite character in the series. I had a serious crush on him when I was little, and it just sort of blossomed into an appreciative obsession once I could buy my own comics. I can only imagine you will make him look amazing! :)

    1. YAY!! He was never my favorite, but you really can't help but love the guy. I am really excited to try and make him into a doll.

      I'm already trying to get a hold of a possible head I found this morning on the MP at a great price, so if that works out I'll have a start. I have a very short list of what might work so far, and am looking for others just in case. He's going to be hard...BJDs are so pretty lol