Sunday, November 10, 2013

Internets Fail

So, long story short, I'm without internet....I've been net less for days and will be possibly for a long time.


I'm sitting at Starbucks atm, using their free wifi cause, it's all I got. I have my phone...but I'm used to massive screens (being a graphic designer has spoiled me) and the very least, my iPad, so the phone is....tiny and unimpressive. And I can't do anything on it without it eating stuff, or just not working right (some of which might be me hitting the wrong thing...tiny phone sucks.). I've been able to do basic things, like check email (which I haven't done anyway lol) or websites, but I've been largely internet-absent.

This is at home btw, at work I have no issues...that I know of XD
However I have had to live through friday night, yesterday, today and tomorrow with no internet....I may be at starbucks a lot this weekend LOL

In other news....nothing good. My best friend's brother is in the's not good and he isn't going to make it. Before that her sisters new mother-in-law died. Their family has not had a good few weeks.

My cat got really sick last week (like throwing up and bloody stool sick) and I thought I was going to lose him, but it turned out to be stress. Yep. My cat is stressed. Not that I blame kitten Gozer is a disaster. She cray cray. I had a huge vet bill which I couldn't afford, and had to feed him with a syringe (ew)....but he got blood taken (he old. The vet recommend bloodwork for my ancient kitty, though I had wanted it anyway - I was sure it was cancer - it wasn't) and we found out that his kidneys are fine. He's been on prescription food for years for kidney disease and he's fine. NO MORE EXPENSIVE FOOD!!! Even better, no more expensive food that he hates. Now he can eat the "junk food" (science diet) that he loves so much.

I'm probably behind on NaNo as of someday. I was ahead, but only did about half my daily count friday and nothing yesterday...and so far nothing today. I might try and do some later, but we'll see. I am going crazy looking for some stupid comics I lost (I don't lose stuff. Especially comics or books) and someday I want to organize my wardrobe so it's not all over the floor, but those are just excuses....I really should write. It's been going well believe it or not. I think it has a lot of editing to do, but I'm ok with what I have - especially for a "first draft". Alex I has been hanging out with me in zombie-killing attire to inspire me. So far all he's really done is look tired. Which is appropriate for him!

Now I leave you with skullface. I took this for a contest on DA, I don't have the actual files at work, so I had to download off DA on my laptop at starbucks to get it in really, i have no idea what it looks like XD

I don't know how anyone does anything on a laptop!! The screens are so temperamental!! And mine's big, I have the largest MacBook Pro available. Like I said, I'm spoiled my tv-sized desktops (seriously, my iMac is as big as my tv).


 D'aw, he so cutes!! This is Bob's first picture in a couple years. He goes to a lot of doll meets, but I don't ever photograph him. :\\\

So it goes with most of my dolls.

 Jean got her new eyes friday as well, but I left my stupid camera card at work!!! So I can't actually photograph them. Which sucks because the weather has been perfect, and I've been in the mood to play with her and Gambit! Boo. I need more cards. I a always misplacing the one I have, or leaving it at home or at work when I'm somewhere that's not one of those.

Speaking of Gambit, I am thinking of looking for a new body for him. I like the one he's got, and I do think it's pretty proportionate, but it really doesn't match him at all, and if he was a cm or two taller I wouldn't mind. Thing is, I have no idea what is out there that would work, other than a Volks SD17...and I am in no way wanting to spend that kind of cash. If anyone knows a similar, taller (65ish cmd) body that matches Volks, I'd love to know.

That's about all I got. Hope everyone else is going ok.


  1. Glad to hear that your cat is okay! It's always heartbreaking when pets get sick. I hear you on the vet bills though. When one of my cats got sick, it cost a lot more than I was expecting because he had to get blood tests and x-rays done.

    Unfortunately can't help you out there with Volks resin. I don't own any. Although ... actually come to think of it, my friend recently acquired a normal skin volks body that we were comparing to my Luts normal skin Maska and it was not too bad. I think the Luts was a tad paler but then again, not sure how old the Volks body she had was. It was one of the MSD size ones. I am clueless when it comes to Volks so wouldn't have a clue which one it was.

    Good luck with the search though! Hopefully you can come across a matching body at a reasonable price.

    1. I didn't have to xrays thank god - they're really the worst. That would have been the next step if the his blood results had been bad. And then I would have been a total wreck. This cat is my baby, if anything happened to him....I can't even. I pretty much tell him every day he's got to give me at least 10 more years. He usually listens to me, so I'm hoping XD

      Luts would be good! I think new they're not a great match but if I can find an older, yellowed one it might work....too bad I know nothing about the sizes of their bodies other than KDF XDD

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and your kitty, but I'm glad the latter is okay. Hopefully this week goes much smoother for you!

    As for Volks...I actually just did the same thing recently for my Volks boy. He was on the SD10 body of Satan, and I just couldn't do it anymore. I did end up purchasing him a Volks SD13 in the end, but I looked at a few others as well. Supposedly the Dollzone normal yellow skin is a match for Volks, and I know they have larger bodies (not super familiar with the larger sized sorry!). Oddly enough, Fantasy doll is also apparently a match, and they have a 70cm body that might work if that's not too big.

    I also put my Volks head (F-10) on my old Delf body and the resin match isn't great, but it's also not as bad as I expected. I think with some face up magic you wouldn't even notice it.

    1. Thank you! So far it's....about as good as expected. My friend's brother passed Tuesday, but it's a blessing....we knew he wouldn't wake up.

      I was thinking of Dollzone! I know they have a 65cm body...not sure how it is, but as far as match goes it's got to be better than Souldoll! Congrats on the new body! I used to despise the SD13 body, but some how when my MD Ryu head isn't on it, it's great. I am starting to think my hatred of it was just David being a dick...

      I don't want to do Delf (Jean's on a Delf body, that would be weird lol) BUT FL65 might work. I know it doesn't match great, but again, anything would be better than Souldoll. It's so bad...I'm pretty sure there's no matching it without either blushing the hell out of the whole body or airbrushing the head...neither of which I want to do. I might be able to blush the head with pastels if I use a lot of white, but....I really like his faceup atm and don't really want to remove it >.<