Monday, November 25, 2013

New project: Ghost

I took my Volks Midori off the sales block today. She's been up for nearly the whole year, her character was already successfully replaced, and no one has shown any interest in her. I've said a couple of times that if I could think of a character for her I'd go on and keep her (since I don't want to lower her price anymore and no one wants her anyway), but nothing has come to mind. If she was WS I would have done this earlier, but as an NS doll I don't know how well it will turn out.....

I am hopefully going to turn her into a ghost. I've tried this before and failed, but I'm better now, and I can't sell this doll anyway so why the hell not. I'm going to wipe her faceup off tonight, try on all the wigs I own until I get something near to what I want, give her some "dead" eyes and get ready for a whole new look. I will just call her Ghost, and she will be either a boy or a girl...which ever I feel like having at the time. Maybe both!! I just hope I can do something with her I like. Volks NS is on the dark side.....I will try to pale her up as best I can but you can only do so much without an airbrush and I wouldn't do that would just chip off!

for those who don't know which doll I'm talking about (because I have never posted her here), it's the former Cassiel (recently replaced with a PW Goldie/Zaoll hybrid):

midori sales

I think she'll benefit from a new look. I have a lot of clothes that will work for a little ghost girl, so there's at least that! Maybe she can hang out with Bob and Skullface since they're all dead n'stuff too.

Hopefully I can make her less happy....I think black eyes will help >:D


  1. Oh cool, you have a Ghost character too! I'm looking forward to seeing how she turns out. I love how your dolls have their own individual style and look. It's always a good feeling when you can make a doll that hasn't sold work for you.

    1. I hope it works out. I cleaned her up last night, wiped her faceup, fixed her stringing (and omg there was weird wire in her knees. Wire I did NOT put there!! I have no idea where it came from, I did the strings in her!! Someone put weird wire in my doll!!) redressed her and borrowed a wig from a friend. So far so good.....

      She's not really a character but I have tried unsuccessfully to have a ghost in the past (twice I think), so this will be third times a charm I hope! XD
      Alex sees ghosts and I do want one that follows him around at times....she might be it.