Friday, November 22, 2013

Wolverine: Stage 1

Hur hur I got a head.

Even though I had totally planned on getting a Mirodoll body first, and a head later. It may end up not working, but it's a start.

I had a very short list of sculpts that might work for Logan (I can't get used to calling him James), and by chance I found one today on the MP for a great price, in the color I wanted, so I couldn't pass it up. Dollzone Cosmo was one of four heads I liked that were pointed out to me by various DOA peeps who read my "What sculpt could make a decent Wolverine?" thread, and I did like him, so I did a half-ass mock-up yesterday. It looked ok, and finding him this morning sealed the deal.

So then I did a slightly less crappy mock-up (only slightly less)

logan mock-up1

Could use some eyes....

I think he has potential!! He will of course have black hair...the blue was just so it could be seen on that black background (and a nod to back in the day when blue was the over-used black highlight color for hair). Alls I did other than the hair was use the burn tool to darken places on the sculpt, so I should be able to get this look easily with pastels.

I have an idea of how to do the hair with fur. I'll have to glue, but who cares.

The only things that will trip this up are the head not fitting on the body, or looking horrible or the head not looking good with my other two who are not changing. The tiny eyes worry me a tad....but it might be ok.

Normally I would wait until the body is in hand before I do extensive faceup work like this will be, but I'm not sure I can wait XD

In other news I broke the freaking Souldoll body while I was getting it ready to sell!!! I'm so pissed. I think I'll try and sell it (damaged disclosed of course) separately from the head now.....Ugh. I have never broken a finger before....and of course they don't sell hands so I can't replace it (which I totally would have done). It really sucks. That's like, $50 I am going to have to knock off the price.... :P


  1. Aww man, if I had known you liked the Cosmo head (I have one in NS-P), I would have gifted mine to you. I've tried to sell mine before with no takers and have been wondering what to do with him.

    I do like the mock up though. He's going to look way awesome.

    1. D'oh!! oh well.....LOL that's what the girl selling the one I bought had one wanted him. So I got him cheap XD
      I may end up not using him, if he won't work on the mirodoll body I'll have another unusable head laying around...

      Thanks! I think he'll work great! If he works at all XD

    2. Yeah, Brant and Cosmo don't seem to be too popular. They were a different style to the rest of the dollzone dolls. Hopefully he works out for you. From the mock up, it does look like he could work for Wolverine.

      I think I might turn mine into an art head. Not sure what yet but something wild and fantasy inspired. I want to buy a airbrush and start trying my hand at face ups at some stage so maybe I will try and do something for mine myself.

    3. Ooh an art head would be awesome!! I saw one I really like the other day and had the thought to try something along those lines with one that I can't seem to get rid of (if it comes to that lol).

      Cosmo had a moment where he was really popular thanks to one really well done one that everyone was obsessed with...but I think they realized it was that doll they liked, not Cosmo XD so he kinda went away. In my mock up he's exactly what I want, so I hope he works for me. If not....who knows where he'll end up. I'm sort of in a weird place where I don't want any more of my own characters as dolls, so I won't be able to use him at all. :\