Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Sword Stick

Today while I was outside I saw a stick. It was a good stick, pretty big, probably had just been broken off the tree it was laying next too. When I saw it was nearly overcome with the desire to pick it up and use it as a sword. It was so strong I had to do the "eyes forward, keep walking" thing. Had I paused or looked back I think I would have grabbed the stick. And had to play with it.

As I walked away it occurred to me that maybe I forgot to grow up somewhere between childhood and now. Worse, I rounded a corner and went up a hill and was behind a family with three young children, the oldest two about 8 -10ish. Both had sticks. Both were using them as weapons.

So now I have the maturity of an 8 year old. Though I didn't actually pick the stick up, so that has to count, right? Even though I really really wanted too and still kinda do?

Heh. ^^;

*goes off to play with dolls*

*comes back*

Hey, look. Pictures! :D

First, my ghost girl! She's still blank, but I did wipe her faceup, clean her off, restring (ok I just tightened her strings) her, pull the weird wires out of her legs that I DID NOT PUT IN THERE OMG WHO WAS WIRING MY DOLLS!?!?!??!?!? find her a new wig (temporary), outfit, and eyes. Sort of. It's one of two pairs. Or a pair and some marbles. I can't decide if I like all black or just pupiless. Or if I should buy new ones. A faceup might have to come first.

I want to really scary her up, but maybe keep her looking tragic. Or evil. I like both, so it's hard to decide. Kind of like the eyes! lol

Oooooh spooky lighting!! Or bad lighting...whichever.

This is definitely bad lighting.

Or maybe it is spooky! >:D

Ah photoshop. Some people should not be allowed to play with you. Ha ha! But yeah, there she is. The wig I borrowed from a friend, and it's actually backwards as the back looked nicer and had no bangs. Her outfit and creepy doll are vintage things I picked up at the Doll and Bear show last year, and an antique mall a couple years ago. I'm toying with the idea of giving her a wound on her neck like she was decapitated....or not. Maybe just bandages because god knows I can't have enough bandaged dolls....though I guess no one has seen Lucifer since I did that too him....

I'm already happier with her. I hope she'll capture my interest enough. So far so good XD

Now for Jean in her spankin' new Phoenix outfits!!


It's all kinds of fabulous! When I first got the crazytoon idea to make a male Jean Grey this was what I pictured her wearing! Colors are off because I didn't want to take the chance of ordering something and having not work out right so I had to make due with what I found in the local stores. This was seriously it. We don't have much in the way of a choice around here. Personally I think it's ok! She's kind of tan so the darker green looks good. I'd also like a similar one in red for the Dark Phoenix outfits and a black one just for funs, but I want them all different so I have to do some redesigning.

Oh and my favorite part?
jean boots

I have never seen gold BJD boots (though I'm sure they exist somewhere) and I was too impatient to look and then order them, so I bought spray paint and painted a pair no one uses! They turned out amazing and I love them!! Hurhurhur Now I must spray paint ALL THE SHOES!

My Cosmo head should arrive tomorrow, and I'll get to see how it looks with Jean and Gambit, if it's good, I may have to cave and put a faceup on it. I am not sure I can wait to find out if it's a good match for the body or not. I want to make a Wolverine NOW!

That's all I have. I hope everyone in the states has a great Holiday (though mine doesn't start until after tomorrow - boo)! And everyone else has a good weekend! and rest of the week! I'm off to find some chocolate! <33


  1. Oh my god, Jean looks stunning! I think that color scheme looks fantastic on her. :) I'm excited to see your incoming Logan as well.

    And really, growing up is really overrated. At least completely growing up. Pay your bills, feed your pets, go to a job, but never let go of the fun part of childhood. I certainly don't plan to. ;)

    1. Thank you! :D I'm excited about Logan. I need to scrape up the funds to order his body (they're even on sale now) so I can see if it'll work out...I'm dying to put a faceup on him, but I really should wait >.<

      Ha it totally is!! Being a grownup is so not fun most of the time - like now, when I'm at work...

  2. I like the design of your ghost girl so far. She is already looking very spooky.

    Jean's outfit is fantastic. I can't even remember what it looked like so I wouldn't have known any different. The Phoenix is slowing morphing into existence!

    Hope you are having a great Holiday.

    1. Thanks! :D I wish I had time to do her faceup, but right now I'll be lucky if I can get stuff done for this weekend. I'm pretty sure she's keeping the two different eyes though. It grew on me.

      My Holiday wasn't long enough, and too long at the same time! But now it's over and I'm back at the work. Bleh. I hope your weekend went well!