Thursday, December 5, 2013

A WishList

Because I haven't done it in a while and my list has kinda grown.

Bodies for heads:
Mirodoll 60cm boy body in NS -- Wolverine!!
Dollstown Elf Body in oriental -- For Tween. I miss him :<
Doll Chateau K-05 or K-07 body in WS -- For my DZ Moon head

Doll Chateau Y-03 body in NSP -- not really important, but if I get one in a trade, I'll replace Alex II's body with it in a heartbeat.

Full Dolls:
Supia Girls - any
SD sized girl 60-65cm in tan
I'm really looking to get a Storm and/or Jubilee doll for the X-Men group. I'm hoping to fall into one in a trade, because I don't really want to buy them XDD but they're there.

Fairyland Littlefee NS or Tan (sculpt negotiable) -- only if I get a Jubilee...this will be Shogo.
Peakswoods FOB girl -- Mini Anna

La Legende de Temps Roderich head or full doll (depending on the body he's on)
Supia Joshua
Granado Charles head or other Granado boys or body (64cm)
Soom Super Gem boys or heads
Volks Yukinojo Sawaragi or Ryōma Sakamoto head or full doll (hahahaha)
As you can tell, I'm still very undecided about Marcus....

**This Head:**
Naruya Echo head
Echo3 EchoBlank   
Seriously, I want this so freaking bad. I swore I would NEVER EVER sell Wyn, my B&G Sapphira, but if I had this head this would be the new Wyn. And the old Wyn would go in the head box because I could still never sell him. Unfortunately I can't find this head anywhere, I don't think it's sold other than a few here and there -- if anyone finds it, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!

Just becasue:
Doll Factory Conie -- It's safer not to ask.

Angelbattle Skeleton -- OMG WANT! ANY mold!! This is so made of win!

Resinsoul Ya NS or Tan -- thinking of adding a new character to FC. May not happen, but for now she's on the list.

So there it is. My massive wishlist of doom.  A couple of them may not ever happen (like a LTF or RS mei) and I only need one doll to be Marcus, so it's really shorter than it looks, but it still seems huge!!

I am hoping a few things I am selling will sell in the next couple weeks *fingers crossed* and if that's the case, and I have enough, I'll order the DT body for tween first. If there's any left over, the Mirodoll body is next. After that who knows......I got an offer for a trade for my MNF but then never heard back from the person. Could be a blessing, but that doll would have made a good Jubilee. OH WELL! Maybe the Karsh will sell and I can play with monies instead XD

Or it will be for sale forever O.O

One of the two!!

EDIT: Or the trad will go through and I'll have a Jubilee. FINGERS CROSSED!! :D


  1. Ugh, I wish I could have purchased the Karsh sleeping head--I kept looking at him, but hadn't the monies, and now it looks like he's gone. Bah. *kicks self* I have to keep telling myself that I can't actually afford anything anyway. :P

    The Echo head is SO. CUTE. It really brings out the "must-cuddle-squee" urge in me. I think more dolls ought to have adorable sideways-to-downwards pointing elf ears.

    1. Yeah, he's gone :( I shipped him off Saturday with the SP head and all his extra hands. The new doll is out for delivery as I sit here at work! I totally know how you feel too, I can't afford anything other than trades atm! I think everyone is the same because all I get are trade offers now...

      OMG I KNOW RIGHT! I am so in love with that head, it kills me that I have no idea how to even go about getting one. I even know what body I want for it and someone is selling one right now on DOA (not that I can afford it :\ ). I also wish there were more floppy or down-turned elf ears. I have a huge weakness for them, and want one in mini form so bad....but I've never found the right one.

    2. Aw, to sprinkle salt in the wound, I just stumbled across the box opening of Karsh. I'mma go cry myself into a puddle of regret now, lol. D:

      Just out of curiosity, what body are you planning?
      And I agree, It's really hard to find the perfect sculpt with droopy ears. They seem popular enough, so it's funny that you don't see them as often. I mean, it seems like half the Soom monthly kids have down-pointing ears. o_O

    3. aw that sucks!

      I really want the Volks SD10 genderless body that came with Yujiri - I think it's the same as the SD10 girl, but with no boobs. It's hard to get ahold of (other than the one FS now that I can't afford atm) so I'd settle for an SD10 boy body. None of Wyns clothes would fit anymore, but he's had that problem already and lived through it XD

      Soom does have a few downturned ears. I have an Ai, which I bought for the ears, and I love the ears on a lot of the Soom MSD size (I forget what they're called XD), but yeah, I can't believe more companies don't have them.