Friday, December 20, 2013

Update of nothing

Blogger is fucking up as usual. I seem to only be following one blog all of a sudden....this happens every once in a while, so I'm sure it will pass, but it sucks.

I don't have a lot of doll stuff this week.
The only thing I've done is dye Jubilee's coat yellow. It turned out AMAZEBALLS!! It looks like the one I faked in the last photo!! Someday I'll get some pictures, but I've been home for a total of five minutes all week, so it will never happen. I am leaving work at noon, then going straight to my Dad's then to Dexter MO (cue banjos) for the weekend. Yay. Chibs is coming with. The whole reason I've been trying for years to have a small, "pocket" version of Alex is for this very sitch. I've spent the last two days obsessing over him so he can be ready to go. Don't expect photos...he's going for comfort reasons only, and I may never even take him out of his bag.

Also. Fairyland SUCKS. I mean it. They do. They finally made a fullset I want, and I can't even begin to afford it. Not even on layaway! I'm so sad....I don't even want to link to it because then I have to go look and be depressed. I've put my Switch Taeheo on sale for $100 less than his original price in attempt to get some funds before she's sold out, but I doubt he'll sell....The only thing I can hope for right now is that she won't sell out and I'll be able to get her after the holidays have slowed down some (which for me isn't until Feb as everyone I know has a birthday in January.). Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. You know, I've been experiencing something similar. My blogger "reader" will randomly disappear or tell me I am not following any blog. It's annoying as I use that to check for updates on blogs I read regularly. I'm actually trying to find a better reader to use that is more reliable.

    Oh I do remember you said you faked that coat in the last shot of her. I wouldn't have known actually if you hadn't said anything. You did a great photo editing job on that.

    This time of year is always so busy isn't it? I haven't come up for breath yet.

    1. That's exactly what it was doing. I had recently watched a blog and it didn't show up at all. I went back, and it was the only one that would show up :\\\
      Today it's showing nothing at all, not even the list. *sigh* WTFF Blogger?

      Heeee thanks! I thought it looked pretty ok too! But the actual dyed coat is a million times better (because irl she doesn't look like a doctor lol). I'm so excited it turned out....if only I had time to photograph her...

      And yeah. No time to do anything! But I did manage some gifts last night so I'm in way better shape than I was friday...