Friday, December 13, 2013

New Arrival

For some reason my photos aren't showing up.....I blame Flickr. They're being really stupid right now...

It's been a week. First my car battery died, then my Dad had heart surgery (he's doing fine btw) then I took my dog to the vet with an eye injury and if she's not better in a few days she may need surgery too!! This year will just never end!

In the midst of all this crap, I got a new doll.

I put my MNF Karsh up for sale last week and had a trade offer by the end of the day. I happily accepted, because as you can see, she's kinda perfect for what I have been looking for recently...

Say hi to Jubilee. X-Man, vampire, teenage mom.


I do intend on getting a LTF to be Shogo, her adopted son, but who knows when. I may lose interest in this whole project by then XD

She's a CP Dark Elf Soo. I was told she was one of 5 art delfs -- Anarchy in Heaven, but since I don't have any of her fullset at all, I will probably redo her faceup and deal with the crap I'll probably get for it. I may get her new eyes someday but for now I really like these. She's already got two, possibly three wigs, and this coat. Which isn't actually yellow XD
It's white. I'm going to attempt to dye it yellow this weekend. I highly doubt it will be this nice and bright, but I'm hoping it will at least be usable!

I also have to finish messing with her sunglasses. Like the rest of my accidental X-Men (Wolverine is the only one I am actually thinking about, the others have all just happened), she's getting the "found-object" treatment for now, though I'd love to get her a version of her current costume. Which is just a black-trimmed-with-pink shirt and leggins under that yellow coat XD

I might try for a group shot this weekend if I have time. I wish I had the $$ to get a body for Logan!! It's killing me now XD

Soo here is my first full CP Delf and my first Delf Girl. I've owned two CP Delf bodies, both boys, and sold them both due to their extreme kickiness. I can't stand it, it drives me nuts. Jean is made by Luts, and I don't know what they did to that body to make it work, but she's great.

When I got Jubilee home, the first thing I did was give her an all over cleaning, both strung and then unstrung (mostly unstrung). I tightened the hell out of her, sueded and wired her, put a donut in her head and attached her headcap by rubberband (she's a type 1 - from before a time where there were such things as the CP neck connector XD). She's as sturdy as she's going to get. Her knees collapse sometimes, but it's not bad. and she does stand very well. The Type 1 Delf body is really nice for a body that can't pose worth a damn. It's big and curvy. I kind of thought she'd be smaller, but she has a huge ass, huge boobs and fits in the DH Fer that everyone else I own is too skinny for XD

OMG I need to put Jean in the fer!!


Anyway, Soo as a sculpt wasn't one I was considering to be Jubilee, but way back in the day she was #1 to be Kimi and for some reason I just never got one. I still kind of see Kimi in her XD but I think the current Kimi is 100% perfect, so Soo stays Jubilee. I don't know if this sculpt just doesn't photograph well or what, but she's a million times prettier in person that she is in photos.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your dog. I hope it doesn't come to surgery. Glad to hear that your Dad's heart surgery went fine. Hope he is recovering okay from it. You've had such a hard year, what with one thing after another. I really hope 2014 turns out to be a much better year for you.

    Congratulations on such a fast trade for your Karsh and for the arrival of the new doll. I love how you styled her and can't wait to see her in her Jubilee outfit. I don't know much about the CP/Luts Delf bodies. Do you mean Jean has the newer Luts created Delf body? And your Jubilee has the CP created Delf body?

    Have you decided on the body for Logan? Oh and did you get the Cosmo head yet?

    I'm currently watching the animated series of X-Men, the one with Emma Frost and a Japanese character that has the power to create some sort of robot looking shield around herself. They seem to have redesigned the look of the characters to be more anime in style. Although they only have Scott, Logan, Beast and Aurora from the original group. No idea what happened to Rogue and Gambit. Shame as they're among my favourite X-Men. I think the storyline is set a year after Jean dies during the Phoenix confrontation. Mastermind is in it and so are the U-Men.