Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clothes, Wolverine and an Identity Crisis

When I got home today, I had a fantastic surprise waiting for me. My Tata's order!! It hadn't even tracked. And I never heard from Tata's after emailing last week :\ but I have clothes!

I bought two pairs of (fake) leather pants, one SD13 for Alex, and one 70cm for Ryuji first, if they fit, Israfel or Gambit. A wife beater for Wolverine, a couple other shirts for anyone (meaning Alex) and two sweaters for Alex (because lets face it, he gets all the clothes).

By some miracle the pants fit him. I mean, it's a serious miracle...nothing ever fits him. The sweaters are awesome, and because 2.5 is my current obsession, he's wearing a whole new outfit and looks amazing.

The pants I bought intending them to be Ryuji's don't fit him...they were so small they wouldn't come close to snapping. They didn't fit Israfel either, even though he's a Hound and they're "Hound" size. Though he's a Pure Hound, with a giant ass and even bigger penis...so I'm not surprised. They did fit Gambit, pretty well, so that's nice. They're perfect for him too, with zippers on the side they kinda look X-Menish.

Wolverine's shirt is too big (boo) but it'll work until I find one that fits. I got all motivated while trying clothes on everyone....Ryuji got a decent outfit after...the entire time I've owned him >.< AND I am gluing the sideburns on Logan finally! I'm still not sure I like his face up, but if I don't, I might as well ruin it by putting the glue on! So hopefully he'll be ok. I'm really worried that the head is just too big....I have a thing about bobbles. It would be such a shame too, this head is perfect.

So on to Alex 2.5.
He's having an identity crisis. I had always intended him to be the "bridge" Alex between II and III (hence the 2.5ness). Now with his new face up I don't get that anymore....he looks more the in-between I and II. Which would make him 1.5. Arg. I had kind of wanted him to be a timeline floater...maybe he needs a new name. What did they call John Hurt in Doctor Who?? XD

In any case you'll probably see him a lot in the next week or so until I get a new flavor of the month, so there will be plenty of time for me to figure him out.

Alex2-5 new3

I almost wish I'd waited until tomorrow...cause then he'd have new clothes. :\\ The funny thing is when I was taking these I was wishing I'd had the Tatas's stuff...and it was at home the whole time.

  Alex2-5 new4

 Strike a pose! XD
  Alex2-5 new5

These are the best photos I've ever taken of this doll. He practically made my camera break the last time I tried D:


  1. Lovely shots! It seems like he's settling into his own a bit then - I have to say you've certainly got me considering the Kara Klum sculpt. Honestly it's not one I've paid much attention to before (but then you rarely see them about) Alex has made me quite the fan! Haha :D

    Congrats on finally getting your Tata order in too!! Shame about the Tee for Logan! Is it too big or too small? D:

    1. You neeeeeeeeed one! It's been my secret (not-so-secret) goal to populate the world with Kara Klums....and since no one else wants to help I have to go it alone. Which is why I have so many. Yep. That's the reason. It's not insanity at all.

      It's too big :( It actually looks ok in the waist area even large, but falls off his shoulders. I'm considering options. #1 is trying to sew, which is always scary. #2 is to wash and dry it and see if it shrinks. In any case, he's wearing it because I'm afraid that he's been stretching out the shirt he's been wearing, and it's Davids (and Alex wears it), so I didn't really want it messed up.

  2. I'm glad your order finally arrived! Sorry about the shirt being too big though. That's no fun. Maybe you could sew it a bit smaller?

    Sorry that 2.5 has decided to challenge the order of things with his new face up and expression.What exactly is the significance of the order of them? Are they chronological, like the stages of his life from earliest to most recent (or the reverse of that)? I think maybe this is something you mentioned before but I'm very tired and seem to have forgotten.

    1. I do think I can fix it. Might try tonight, or I might intend to try tonight....and not. Lol

      Yeah he sucks. I'm not sure what to make of him....though I like the "floater" idea. He needs a new name then. And I'm used to calling him 2.5.

      I can see how I am the only one who can keep track of that history XD It does only exist in my mind...
      But they are chronological, and almost in the order I bought them (until 2.5 who has kind of always screwed up everything). The older Alex is the newer the doll - I(one) would be the youngest and most...normal? looking, if I needed him to be human for a photo shoot or something, I'd use I(one), even though he's the oldest doll.

      II happens around 2 centuries - bad things happen, he's not healthy, II looks like death, it works.

      2.5 was supposed to be next, but thanks to his old faceup (which was supposed to be temporary and lasted 2 years) he never really got "used" for that. Now he looks even less the part. If I could explain it without going through a million tons of history of my characters, 2.5 could be interchangeable with II -- same time-period, less looking like death.

      III is what I think of as "current" Alex, the Alex that happens during my comic, and around 500 years old (which is about 300 years in the future). He's the main one, the others are the supplements so I can have different faceups all at once XD And because they don't like to body-share.
      Basically all blond Alexes are his past selves.

      IV and V aren't really Alex, they're Azrael, I just call them that to be confusing (and because in my head all Kara Klums are Alex, even mine when they aren't)

      That probably didn't clear anything up....but I tried XD

    2. I think you've mentioned before that the later numbers aren't technically Alex. That always confused me a wee bit. XD Is Azrael supposed to look like Alex?

      Sounds like the order isn't terribly far off from what I imagined it was. Glad that I'm not totally crazy here!

      So does 2.5 just not look enough like 2 that it seems like they could be from the same time period then? Or is it the expression that looks wrong for that period in his life? Sorry for all the questions. Just curious about things!

    3. Wellllllll kind of. It's also a product of me and my Kara Klum addiction...

      Honestly I don't know what it is. I think it's that the face up on this one doesn't look (to me) like Alex if he were older, it's more younger and stupider Alex. Maybe I, II and 2.5 all just need to be interchangeable with each other...that would solve everything.

    4. That could work! It would be a shame to change his lovely face up to suit his intended role if that's what would be required.