Monday, May 19, 2014

Updates and a Wishlist.

SO I may be doing another post later with photos, but here's a quick update on what I did over the weekend, and the current status of my doll Wishlist.

Wishlist first.
There are two things on it.

I decided against another WS Kara Klum. Instead I'm going to utilize the 10% discount and no shipping they're offering for people going to Dollism and I'm ordering another new one from Dollmore. The more I thought about it, the less sense getting a WS one made, since I fully intend to mod the living hell out of the head....if I fuck it up, I can't get another one, and I would be forever depressed, having destroyed my favorite sculpt ever. Plus, the mods I plan on doing will leave epoxy I'm going to have to airbrush the thing anyway...I'm tempted to just airbrush the whole doll white.

Either way, WS is out, NS is #1 on my list is NS Kara Klum.
I'm using my Dollism fund to buy him, so he's going to be my Dollism doll and I won't be tempted to buy one I don't really want because it'll be in front of me. Then I get to pick him up in person from Dollmore, which is like a dream come true for me. FUN TIMES!!!

#2 on my list is the elusive MNF Shiwoo head. 
I've also recently seen a pic of a Mirwen and Shiwoo I'm considering Mirwen instead if I can't get Shiwoo. Either one would work, and I used to own a Mirwen too, and do love the sculpt. Since Soshi was a Shiwoo I'm kind of set on that, but I bet he could easily be either...and truthfully Mirwen would look better with the other three.

So that's my wishlist. Yay! Short list is short!

My eclipse21 wig came Saturday. It's exactly what I wanted. PERFECT! The exact color of Alex's hair. I plan on straightening it, but I snapped a couple bad pics and brought it with me (along with Alex 2.5) so I might be able to get a better one.

No tata's. I've still heard nothing from them. I'm pissed. This is ridiculous.

No DZ Carter either. Not shocked.

Giant To-Do list of DOOM
First on my list was wiping Alex 2.5 and adding teeth to his mod.
DONE!!!! And I went on and gave him a faceup since the 7th Kara Klum will be ordered this year, so 2.5 gets to stay "glam" as he was (which just means he has eye-makeup - the rest are supposed to be "natural". Well, not Azrael...but all the Alexes). Though I think he looks a million times better now. I also blushed his hands and feet so I could paint his nails black, AND modded his belly button!! I've wanted to do this forever, because I hate the Adam's belly looks like an after-thought. I don't think it's finished yet, but for something I did on a whim with no real plan, I think it looks great.

If I'd had time I'd have taken off the adams-apple, and sanded his chest down too.These are the things I want to do to this one (and the new one) eventually.

Possibly I and III if I think I can do it without screwing them up....Azrael gets no mods. He's the untouched one.

So I finally have a Kara Klum with teeth. It's been my dream for years, and I had to do it myself, but I love it. I wish he wasn't naked so he could sit on my desk, but as soon as the gloss was dry on his face I put him together, slapped a wig on him and went to bed. Then I tossed him and a bunch of clothes in my bag this morning in hopes of getting some decent pics at work.

He still needs his eyelashes (but I always debate putting them on this one...his super-dark eye-makeup and nearly-closed eyes mean with lashes you can't see his eyes at all...), and the piercings I had to remove and will put back on (unless the mouth one means you can't see the teefies), and I hope to do these things tonight. I also might give his ears a piercing or two, if I have earrings. Then he moves into the long line of Alexes who need their bodies finished. *ded*

But this one had had his faceup since....2012 I think...and it was supposed to be temporary! So he's been in serious need of an update.

But look, I made progress already!! Very little progress, since I barely got one doll worked on, but still. I was putting this one off for years due to the mods I was afraid to do, so I feel accomplished! :D

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