Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Still alive!

But barely! I just have not had time to do anything lately :( I'm hoping that will change.
So quick update

Tween's Dollstown Elf body arrived Saturday. 
Better than I could have hoped for, he looks amazing now. I'm not even sure I'm going to mod him, it doesn't really need it D:
He needs a serious restringing but other than that....I might blush him and call him finished. Sadly I have a whole list of projects to finish before that...

LTF Rose arrived yesterday.
As usual, I space my orders months apart and they all show up at once XD
She's adorable. I gave her eyes to Chibs, Baby Alex is dressed like a boxer and has the gloves on, and I hate her wig, which is depressing as hell because in the pictures it looks amazing...but that's Fairyland for you. Her outfit is amazing, but so complicated. I haven't had much time with her...so that's it for now.

My Tata's stuff is still MIA.
Supposedly the PO in China was down?! So it's just been sitting there.

Still no eclipse21 wig.
It was in Chicago May 10 and has not moved.  *epic sigh*

No DZ Carter yet.
Not surprised. I think Dollzone is more behind than Fairyland.

List of stuff I want to do as of today and have finished by....sometime.
I really want to work on Skullface. I don't think he'll take much time even though there's a lot I want to do. I'd like to have him finished before Doll A Kon...we'll see if that happens.

Tattoos on Alex: If nothing else, Alex III, and I'd like him to be finished before Dollism. I'd like them all to be finished before Dollism, except maybe 2.5 who may have something different....but I have to start small.

Faceup on secret doll head. Before Dollism.

Mod one of my practice heads. I need to try the open mouth thing again...only on a larger scale.

Wipe Alex 2.5 and get his teeth in there. He can stay blank....pretty sure I'm taking his blank self to Dollism for the faceup class. I would like his mods finished by then though.

That's certainly not it, but it's the big ones, what I want to start doing as early as this week.


I did something cray

I put a WTB up for another WS Kara Klum.
Because I apparently need them all. There's only 30, I can do that, right?!?!?!? Ok not all of them, but I want another...I really want to do a scarier version of Alex, and I can't sacrifice III and only WS will do.

My chances of getting one are about 0. Again, Dollmore only made 30 - 15 with eyes open and 15 "thinking", I already own one full one of each and one more OE head, so that's three out of the 30 right there. I'm pretty sure I know where 3-4 of the rest are, and they probably aren't moving. My only hope is that DM just isn't popular and someone might be tired of theirs collecting dust and decide to move him on.

So. Seriously. If you see one for sale or know anyone willing to part with one, please let me know!!!
I might be willing to part with more of my dolls for another Alex, I am that insane.


  1. Glad to hear you're still alive! Wow, that's quite a project list. O_O Good luck with that! And I'm sorry about your package that's still missing. China's post office seems to shut down all the time. It can be a bit of a nuisance when ordering things from that part of the world.

    I hope you manage to find your new kara klum head XD It's a shame Dollmore doesn't offer WS as an option by default.

    1. It really sucks, I've never had it happen before. :( Especially since I've been waiting for so long I'm honestly thinking of selling Wolverine (I won't - not until I finish him at least!!) because it's his clothes I'm waiting on!!

      That is my biggest want in the doll hobby - for Dollmore to do WS as a basic option. It's probably a good thing they don't because I would so own at least two more Kara Klums, possibly more D: but I still want them too. The lack of WS (and unlimited $$) is all that stands between me and a million Kara Klums D: D: :D

    2. Oh no I'm sorry that it's set things back so much that you aren't sure you want to keep him! That's no fun. It can be hard to keep motivated with projects when they're delayed though..

    3. It really is. And I go though so many projects and the dolls that go with them that I get derailed easily. Which makes me lose interest. Especially when the characters aren't mine, and I get new ideas and want to work on them. But I still want to finish him eventually. I should add him to my list...

    4. Sounds like a good idea! I've actually been thinking about setting up a proper list of all the projects I want to work on so that I can keep track of them. Sometimes I will forget if I put a project off for too long and then a millions years later I will look at something and go "oops I meant to do _x_ with that".

    5. That's exactly why I need lists lol I would forget to breath if it wasn't automatic.

      I should make a real list of everything too. I need to finish Wyn (his faceup is finally done, but his body needs a lot of work), David, Thomas, Ryuji, everyone....D:

      I almost need to list out all my dolls and just put what needs to be done on them XD

    6. Sounds like a lot of work. But collecting bjds is kind of like giving yourself an endless project list. Every time I think I'm done with someone, I'll realize I haven't redone their face up in years and I could do it much better now or a round of body swaps will render all their clothes useless. Or I'll get a great new idea for some modification that would make them that much more perfect.

      Clearly we both need a list of every doll we own and what work needs to be done on them.

      I hope your schedule and weather clear up soon! I miss seeing your various doll projects and activities!

    7. Lol we sound like the same type of collector. That's how I am too. I can't even look at David right now his faceup is so old. Now that I have Wyn re-faced I think his is my worst one...

      Me too. I need to work on something, I'm not doing anything right now but playing on the internet. :PPP

    8. Yes, it would seem that way! And I know that feeling. I have a couple who are in dire need of new face ups. Actually, as I think about it, 'a few' is rapidly turning into 'a lot'.

    9. Lol isn't that how it works? You think "so and so really needs to be redone" and then you realize the one next to them does too....and the snow ball becomes an avalanche and it's over....

      Maybe that's just me.

    10. No no that's definitely me too! Everything usually goes great until someone gets a new outfit or a new face up or a new wig. And then suddenly everyone else needs new things to catch up or something. It's a vicious cycle!