Monday, May 19, 2014

Kara Klum Mouth Mods

Whee two posts in a row!!

But I have pictures (sorta), so I thought I'd post them.

First, the teeth before I finished them.


They are ungodly messy here. I knew it when I did it, but holy hell it looks worse in the photo D: and they are a little crooked....I think I fixed that, but who knows?And lol the msc in his nose XD
I did clean that out...I had to poke at it with tools, but it came out...

So after it dried, I got back in there and cleaned up all the roughness, and epoxy clinging to his mouth, fixed the lines, and hopefully just made it better.

Sadly none of my photos turned out...but I need to redo some of his faceup, so hopefully I'll get more later.

This is what I have so far!

Alex2-5 new2

:D I love how he turned out!!

Alex2-5 new

First, I love that he can wear the longer wig now. I know they're all the same head, but I swear only I and II ever looked good in this wig. 2.5 always wore shorter hair (he can still rock the short hair, but now he can wear all the wigs! Well, almost all. One doesn't look good on him). I really think my Kara Klums, despite having similar faceups and being the same person, do look different. Some of them can't wear certain styles as well as the others, II takes way better photos than any of them (III being the next most photogenic), I(one) doesn't do short hair at all (it's bad) and Azrael looks like he's smiling while the rest of them look miserable. Or very focused....I think this one looks focused now. Eyelashes may ruin that. Another reason not to do them....

I'm actually afraid to put the piercings on him now. I sorta like him as is. I'll at least do the eyebrow. That won't mess him up.

Thanks to giving Chibi Alex the eyes that came with my LTF, I had an extra pair of the Alex-blue eyes in 14mm that I gave him (he had 16s in....they were huge), and in person they look so much more striking now, with all that dark around them. I spent more time on his eyes than I think I've ever done on any doll, and I think it paid off.

Though there are a few things I need to fix:
• His teeth aren't white. I guess I thinned out my paint too much lol. They need another coat.
• I want to taper his eyebrows better
• I also want to see if I can draw upper eyelashes on him...I've done it with Mini, and I liked it, but not since. I don't want to put them in if I don't have too
• Alex is an insomniac and I'm not getting that here. I feel like I could have used more of that blue-grey around his eyes...I might try that.

That's it! Easy fixes I can do tonight. Along with the Alpha Omega tatt on his hand and 2.5 on the other hand. He looks kinda naked without them, and 2.5 never had his number anyway. It said II since that was II's body first XD

Again, I only number them because people ask me. I know which is which, I could literally tell with my eyes closed. IRL (if there was such a thing) Alex isn't numbered. Unless you count the 13 on his shoulder XD'''''

More attempts to get the teeth!

This is probably my best shot, and I had to lighten the hell out of it in PS.

I don't know why his eye is so massive and starey here. It's not like it's huge...he has the half-closed eyes.

And Alex I wearing the new wig!! He hung out with me while I was working on 2.5 (I always have a finished one around when I redo one of their helps to look even though I know what I'm supposed to be doing).

new wig

Despite what it looks like, he does have eyes. His lashes are insane....I think I need to cut them.
I love the wig. I will need to moisten it every time I want to take pics (because it's huge), and I want to try and straighten it, but it's perfect. It even fits! Which is amazing since he's got the tiny head of doom. It looks great on him (not on 2.5 - it was scary on him D: ), and it shall be his wig from now on. Totally worth all my pp monies! :D


  1. Ooh that teeth mod came out great! He looks awesome with that slightly open mouth! I think it's really neat how you can have so many of the same mold but have them all look unique even when they're all the same character!
    The way you did his eyes looks really great too! and as always I just love how you do lips!

    Is the last one the wig you were talking about that you were waiting on? It looks really good on him! I hope the straightening works out well for you! Looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

    1. Yep, that's the wig! I love it so much. I haven't straightened it yet (I might go do it now!) but I think it will look good. I just love the color.

      Thanks, I always love working on mouths! I don't know if it's the face up, or the mouth-teeth, but this one looks so serious, even in comparison to the others. It's a little weird.

    2. The color is great! I like the way it picks up the light.!

      I'm really impressed you could sculpt teeth in such a small space! I'm comparing on my kara klum to imagine about how big that space probably is... what do you use to get the details in there?

      But yeah it does seem like he looks more serious there. It's always a bit hard to pin these things down when you've changed two t hings at the same time so it could be the new face up or the mouth or some combination of the two.

    3. I wouldn't call it sculpting so much as...poking XD
      I bought a tool set a million years ago from Dollmore, and a couple of them are small and sharp enough to get in there. I really just took the tiniest piece of epoxy and pushed it in with the tools, then took out most of it, and pushed an exacto blade in there for the lines. Then when it dried used the exacto to smooth them out best I could, and some sandpaper (which really didn't get in there well, I could have done better I think). I had no idea what I was doing. At all. I'm amazed something didn't go horribly wrong...

      Yeah I don't really know either. Though now that I've whitened the teeth and you can actually see he has some he looks really pissed, so it might be the teeth D:

  2. Oh wow - the mouth mod really did turn out brilliantly! I'm loving his new faceup too :D I think that second shot is my favourite <3 FFFFFF I do love teefs on dolls.

    1. Thank you!! I managed to whiten the teeth up so now they really show up....he looks like he's snarling XD
      Weirdest teeth I own XD