Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick update of stuff and thangs

I have been so productive this weekend. Saturday I finished modding the breasts off of Boo and Skullface, did a quick mod on Tweeny to get rid of part of his girl parts, and some sanding on Alex-number-in-transition-but-used-to-be-called-2.5 - he no longer has an adams apple and I kinda took some off his chest. I didn't do a great job on Tween, but no one will ever see it so.....when it starts to bother me I'll fix it.

I also tried to get my LTF Rose in some kind of shape so that I like her....I made her a wig, and it didn't work out, so I ended up modding the one Boo wore. I love that, with some resin ears and finally got her mask to stay on so she's lucky. She gets to stay

Sunday I restrung everyone, and started Skullfaces blushing. He looks awesome. I took one progress pic and it's on instagram so if you want to see it the button is right there. --->

This morning I fixed it because I had an anatomical error...and I'm trying to figure out how to do his arm...Not excited about that. But I have all day, and I'm hoping to finish him.

Yay! Stuff I can cross off my list!!

You may notice I've skipped Friday. Friday I did the most amazing thing ever....I washed my car. Which I bought in 2006 and has only been washed once. ONCE!! It took forever. But it's mostly clean now! :D


  1. Ooh that does sound like a very productive weekend! Restringing everyone must have taken a boat load of string! O_O One day that is something I should pursue but it's a very intimidating thought.

    I am not sure i know how to work instagram but I think I maybe see which picture you're referring to. What do you need to do to the arm? (I'm sure this would be quite obvious if I wasn't an idiot about instagram and could see the full picture...)

    1. Well, it's a little picture so that might be the full one. Instagram just does squares lol so some of it got cropped off. His arm is all bone, which was really really hard...drawing the bones on a round surface angle from all angles....not the easiest project I've ever done. Then we had a disagreement on his being restrung....I wanted him to go together perfectly and he chipped half the black off one arm part. :\ Luckily I can not only fix it, but make it so that won't happen again. I would say I'm half finished with the arm. I have both joints, the hand and the part I had to take off to do. Ugh. It started raining yesterday so I had to stop. Which sucked.

      Lol I didn't restring everyone, just the ones I had apart for the mods. Which was enough for one day! Or week! Or month! Skullface broke a chopstick which was terrifying...first time that's happened....

    2. Well I feel horribly un-tech-savvy right now...I didn't realize yesterday that I could make the image larger by clicking on it. Very impressive work though! How do you plan to make sure it doesn't chip again?

      Sorry to hear that the rain threw a wrench in your plans. We got some heavy rains here too and it's supposed to rain all week but hopefully yours will calm down so you can finish up his arm!

      And oh okay my reading comprehension is a little low lately. Haven't been sleeping enough or something. XD Everyone who was apart for mods seems far more reasonable than -EVERYONE-. I was wondering how you'd even found time for that! Or patience!

    3. It's hard to explain without visual aides, but I was filling in the non-bone parts of the arm with black. After the chipping indecent I was thinking I should just try to make the whole arm the bone. That way there's less to chip off. It means taking everything off and starting over...but I think it'll look better and make more sense. Hopefully. It's a lot of work down the drain....but only one piece of the arm. The rest I had done like this already :\

      LOL NO way could I restring everyone!! I think four in one day would be my limit. I'd go insane if I had to do more. I might go insane thinking about it. *twitch*