Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Support BJD Artists ~ #proBJDartists

Because today is Pro BJD Artist day,
and I am 100% against the making of, buying, selling
and owning recasts. 

Please support artists by buying legit dolls.

support BJD artists

There is no excuse for buying a fAKE, recast BJD. NONE.
If you can save up for a recast, you can save up to buy a legit doll from an actual artist.
It makes me sick to think of the artists who pour their heart and souls into the sculpting and making of these dolls, only to have them stolen by the selfish assholes who buy recasts simply because they are selfish assholes, none of whom give a shit about anything other than themselves.

Recasts will destroy this hobby. It's ruined the second-hand market already, and it will ruin the rest as well. Real artists are closing up shop, others will follow. 

Please do not support recasts, SUPPORT ARTISTS INSTEAD. 


And don't forget the "s" at the end of #proBJDartists, like I did XD   ^^;;;;;
lol no undo when you write by hand *fail*


  1. I agree one hundred percent with this! I am sick of seeing recasts/bootlegs everywhere lately. Even in the figure collecting hobby, there are bootlegs floating around. It has definitely destroyed the second-hand market. No one wants to buy second-hand as much these days because they're not sure if what they get will be legit. I know that's one of the reasons I just tend to buy direct from the companies these days. It's a shame as there are so many unloved second-hand legit dolls that will never sell now.

    1. I think it would depress the hell out of me to have to deal with it in more than one hobby :(

      It's really affected the second-hand market a lot. People are definitely afraid to buy in case they end up with a fake, but I was talking to EvieCO over on her blog, and it was brought up that it's hard to sell at a decent price anymore either. Everyone wants things for nothing these days, and we wonder if it's that same recast mentality - everyone wants to get something for nothing.

      It's really sad, and even worse when artists are losing interest in creating because they're so disheartened by having their work stolen. Who can blame them? And what's scary is wondering how much worse things might get.

    2. It is rather depressing dealing with this issue in all of my hobbies. As I mainly collect dolls and figures, I see this too much particularly this past year.

      That is very true. The last few dolls I've sold, I've had to sell at really low prices to get them just to sell. I've lost more money on trying to sell dolls than anything else. Which is why I haven't bothered trying to sell any more of my dolls. I think I would struggle anyway as all my minifees were bought before FL decided to do their CoAs. That bugs me a bit that they didn't do that from the start.

      I wouldn't be surprised if smaller companies and single artists just close their doors in the future. It's the way we are heading unfortunately. I feel for the artists. You put so much of yourself, all your blood, sweat and tears into something you create only to have it stolen/copied and worse, claimed as being made by someone else ... it's just horrible.

    3. I've underpriced most of mine and I still don't have any takers. If I didn't want them gone so badly I'd just give up....But I'm thinking of selling at least one more - I'm sure I'll take a hit on him too.

      Yeah the FL thing bugs me a little as well. They've known they were being recast for a very long time, they should have started that much earlier. It wouldn't help me much though - most of my CP resin was second-hand, and I don't think I've got one doll other than Michele and Lati Laches who came with their COA second-hand. Which is a huge problem now...

      You said it. That is 100% it. It's so sad :(

  2. I remember when the whole issue first started blowing up on DoA and I really didn't know much about it and at the time I was very neutral I guess on the matter. I felt like it wasn't my place to judge or something. Then I started hanging out in the BJD community on tumblr and I saw so many people who were recast friendly who were just so awful to artists and companies and it just really turned me off to the whole idea more than anything else.

    Anyway long story short.. .I'm with you 100%! It would be so sad to see people who put so much time and effort into these works of art lose out on their livelihood because of this.

    1. Tumbler is awful...I have seen some truly disgusting things there - which is why I'm so reluctant to use it (I have an account, but I have only reblogged one or two things). People are getting really nasty there.
      This is definitely an issue that I was totally unaware of when I joined the hobby waaaaaay back in 2008 (XD) - I didn't really know or care even just several years ago. Now it's the #1 thing on my mind when I browse eBay or the MP. Even deciding to buy a doll second-hand become in exercise in how well I can search someone's name.

      But it's really the artist view that depresses me the most. As one myself (even if I don't sculpt BJDs) I would be so upset if something of mine was stolen. And it's not even my main source of income!

  3. I do feel a little sense of pride in the amount of people who have contributed to this, across social media - it gives me a little more faith that we still have some good left in the hobby, however disgusted I continue to find myself with the Recast situation.
    Ultimately though, I do feel that our generation of hobbyist time is really over (I joined in 2006/2007) especially with the departure of Armelia.

    1. It is kind of fabulous. Especially if you go to flicker and search the #. SO many show up. I love seeing so many people pull together in this hobby. I felt the same way at the beginning of the year when I was having my "trade" issue. The support was amazing, just for that, this is so much bigger an issue, with so many more people involved.

      I am not sure where I fall in that generation (2008) but I agree. A lot of the "old-timers" are just giving up. It's sad as hell.