Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tiny Unicorn

Just some pictures.


He has tiny wings now >3< and this accidental wig I'm in love with. It was supposed to be an 8\9 from Licht but they sent the wrong size. I was going to ask for the correct size, but I made the mistake of putting it on Macchi and now it's his. It would probably look better if I'd bothered to fix it first...He has so many wigs now. So many...


 Obviously I need to spray (and then glitter!! TONS OF GLITTER!) his wings. They're way too shiny. Because glitter won't make them shiny AT ALL :B

Extreme close-up of his eyeses. Which are also new (and from Oscar. Like all the rest. I am obsessed)

macchi eyes 

 He's wearing a Wimkut/Foxy Browny outfits, I think he needs more. He is reminding me very much of cotton candy right now. I bought an oversized fluffy sweater from Dollmore in my last order. Someday it will come in, and he will be even more a pink flufferball of doom...


  1. Aaah he's so adorable! I love his whole ensemble! His face up and those eyes look fantastic with that wig and the cute wings and the adorable fuzzy scarf and wow... I want him! haha

    1. :D You're back!! I miss you when you go away *sobs*

      Thank you! Lol nuuuuuu he stays with me XD
      And my mom thanks you....she made the scarf. <33

    2. Oh fine if you must keep him I suppose it will be okay.. . I will live somehow! Your mom did an awesome job on the scarf too! It looks nicely in scale with his tiny size!

      Thank you! I didn't really mean to go away. Sometimes I just sort of.. I dunno. Run out of inspiration for a while. Hopefully it will be more cooperative!

    3. It happens. It's like anything in life I guess (I've been off DA since the arts at all). I hope so too! :D

      She did! She made it for a YO sized doll so it's perfect for Macchi, since his head is YO sized XD

  2. I adore those eyes. They are so unusual and just pretty awesome.

    He is looking gorgeous, definitely cotton candy cute! I really love what you do with your dolls. Love those bold vibrant colours and the characters you come up with for them.

    1. I don't think I'll ever not be obsessed with Oscar eyes now.

      Thank you! That means a lot to me, since I sort of force my dolls down everyone's throats by posting them everywhere^^'
      At least I know people enjoy them.

      *many hugs*