Monday, November 17, 2014

Seven in the Snow

Ok, I realize I've posted a lot lately....sorry^^'
The last post was a little depressing (though things do need to be said)
And I have pictures of Seven. Outside. No shit. Not in my office at work, OUT-THEFUCK-SIDE.

In the snow. *freezes*

seven snow2 

it is different from my usual Alex (the eyebrows, he's not glaring at every single thing on the face of the earth), and really different from my usual faceup period as I NEVER go that pale on anyone. It was hard. I did it twice before I was happy. Still not sure it's 100%, but I like it. He needs eyelashes though. And even though I already glossed him, I still feel like I could do better on his lips....

  seven snow4

It was snowing when I did his faceup (so look for a ranty post about how it flakes off later lol), and it snowed again while I took these (at lunch. Don't ask), which is appropriate for him - he looks kind of like he's been out in the cold. The wind was blowing his hair all over the place.

  seven snow3-2 

Hee hee photoshop smoke XD
I do think I succeeded in making him different from the others. Unfortunately I may have ruined II in the process. Again, don't ask. *sigh* that doll. I swear. Maybe he was due for a makeover anyway...It's like I can't have them all looking nice at the same time. Someone has to self-destruct.

This one needs his hands blushed. Like burning. I think he might need some tightening too, he's a little rebellious (translation: he will not stand, the jerk).

One more!!

seven snow1-2 

 More fake smoke XDDD

EDIT: So I realized I never actually said what he was for the odd person that may not know...Seven (aka Alex) is a Kara Klum, pristine and amazingly fabulous from Dollmore. hessoprettifulsilovehimomg


  1. I love these photos of him. He does look a little cold all rugged up but enjoying the fresh (icy) air.

    I envy those of you who have snow in your part of the world. I would love to be able to take photos of my dolls with a snowy landscape but alas, I live in a very hot climate part of the world. We're lucky if we see a lot of rain during the year! Like right now, I am sitting here in my computer room with the airconditioners cranked up in all the rooms of my house because I am melting here. So hot outside right now.

    1. ugh you might not have so much envy if you knew how cold it was today. XD It was 13° when I left the house today and the radio kept telling me it felt like 3. It felt like 3. It was awful. Pretty pictures, yes, but the cats are so cold they practically glue themselves to me when I'm home, and I know it's not for love but warmth. :( lol

      Thanks! I think I have to redo parts already. I'm not happy with his mouth. I can do better.....

  2. He looks fantastic! The more pale face up combined with the reds in certain areas definitely gives the impression that he's out in the cold so the snow is quite appropriate! Also it all just looks so pretty! He looks so sort of sad/mellow. It's great :)

    1. Thank you! I think he looks kinda depressed myself. I was trying for less anger\angst, but I think I just got misery XD
      I ended up redoing his lips, and I think I like them more now....