Monday, November 24, 2014

Wait, wait, wait, wait

Which is what we do in this hobby.

If all goes well, today should be the last day of my Lati Yellow Laches being on his huge SP body. I bought off the MP a Lati Yellow Bloody Moon Lea (I think that's what it was). It's not the fullset, but comes with a few extra "glove" hands and a skull cane, and a little coffin X3 so if the resin is even a close match, we'll be good to go. My Laches will be a fullset if I have to hunt down every little piece of him separately lol
Some day.

Also due to arrive this week is my Dollmore order (I was really hoping for today - but no). In it is Big Isis's new head - Dollmore Biwol. Over the weekend I pulled Isis out - I hadn't touched her since she had been dressed for the Western meet in September as a brothel whore. Yeah. That's how we roll here. I redressed her in some clothes and put her actual wig on her so she could wait to be beheaded.

Before I did all that, I tried two other wigs on her. Theresa's black wig (which oddly, is the same style as Isis's hair, just black), and then Gabriel's red wig. I had kind of thought of making her Gabriel a few days ago - I just can't find a sculpt I like these days. Girls are so hard >.<
I already know I like Fine, and even better I own her lol
I have to say she looks great as a red-head. I mean really great. The downside is that Gabriel is like 6 foot 5, so I'll need a taller body....she can't share with Isis like Theresa.

Also coming in my DM order are flat feet and normal hands for Mini Isis - who I have yet to photograph because of her whole shoe thing. Once she can wear shoes (her white heels don't count) you may actually be able to see her. She's also getting a pair of those pleather leggings I keep on Mini Alex all the time. Since I always give him everything, I figured I could use two pairs.

Macchi will be getting a new shirt, Vanilla is getting flippy-flop feet, high-heeled feet and the ballet hands (though I'll miss his claws), he's also getting new cat ears. I've given his to Des since they're NS and I want Vanilla to have WS to match his hair. Des looks so much better with real ears instead of the fur ones. I need to get a pic of him, I love his outfit! He's completely what I wanted Soshi to be, so my take-2 on a MNF Shiwoo is perfect.

I ordered some clothes off Etsy, mostly to see how they are....they were really inexpensive but looked so cute. So hopefully they're nicely made. Or at least worth the price. I really need better clothes for certain dolls. Right now Big Isis is #1 on this list (somehow Mini Isis has plenty of clothes. I didn't have to buy her anything! O.o) as I hate most of her clothes. Sometime next year I will be giving her a wardrobe re-vamp. Nine9Style has a lot of clothes right now that I think she needs.
Java is #2 since I have nothing for him at all. I really wish he was on the single-jointed body. It's so much easier to deal with. But I guess that makes him different from it's fine. Until someone sells a Dark Chocolate single-jointed RS boy and I buy him just for his body. lol

I'm really nervous about Isis's new head. I hope she works out. I'm already set on Fine moving on to a new character.

And, I don't think many people noticed, but Dollmore discontinued a lot of their sculpts recently (again). Among them was Thinking Kara Klum D: D: D:
I'm a little freaked since I moved 2.5 to my "Mod Pile" to be modded even more. True, I'll still have two others lol but if I mess up 2.5 I won't be able to replace him!!  D:
Oh well. I can't mod the others, so he's it. I'm still a little freaked.

So now that they've done this twice with no warning, I have learned. If I even kind of want a head I'm going to get it. You never know when it'll be gone.

So anyway, because I'm waiting on so much I'm lame today and don't have pictures of anything. It rained all weekend so all I did was dress dolls - so I don't have much excuse for that....but whatever XD

Hopefully when Laches new body arrives I can get a shot or two of him with the rest of the group. He really needs a name.

In completely non-doll related news, I'm going to see Marilyn Manson when he's here in Feb. I'm so excited!!! NEW SHIRT!! My old one is about to fall right off me it's so decrepit. I have to dust off my frankensteins so I can see over the crowd....


  1. I share your feels about the waiting. I finally managed to get my first Unoa boy (B-el) and I won't get him for weeks. I don't know how I'll survive until then!
    But at least you have tons of goodies on their way to you! And Macchi says he needs more things ;)

  2. Oh yay!! How exciting! But yeah, waits suck. Where did you end up getting him from?

    Macchi always needs new stuff. He just got a sweater (and omg it's adorable) and I'm sure he needs more stuff now....There's a few people in the area who want to order wigs from Licht now...which means He'll get yet another wig, I'm sure.

    1. I managed to snatch him off the DOA MP for super cheap. I think I PMed the owner like 20 minutes after he had listed it xD
      I love dolls in sweaters! <3 I'm trying to get some for my MSD crew, and I would love to see Macchi in his ;) What size wig does he wear? I'm going to make a wig for mine, but it's good to know how big the head is before hand so I can buy the right amount of suri alpaca.

    2. That's awesome! Congrats! :D I can't wait to see what you do with you have a plan? Or just kind of hoping to figure him out as you go along?

      He's a pretty solid 6/7 - except for Licht where he can wear 6/7 and 7/8 pretty well (for some reason all his wigs are 7/8 from Licht - none of which I actually bought for him XD). Monique/Jpop 7/8s are way too huge.

      My original goal was to make him an alpaca wig - a shortish one in white with colored streaks. You can see how that didn't happen. XD
      Maybe someday....

  3. I haven't made an order with Dollmore for years! I made one recently and they have changed the way you pay. Before, you used to just pay manually but now, it looks like you have to wait for them to email you an invoice to pay on.

    I noticed they had some heads for sale on their website too. I have to admit, that is one company that has some very interesting sculpts (and sizes!).

    1. I think they kind of sporadically used to send invoices....but now I guess it's all the time. Unless you're me. I still have m work email attached and I think it blocks them every time....I just send via paypal.

      I love their sculpt because they're interesting. They're just not like everyone elses. It's refreshing.

      Hee heee the day I realized they discontinued all those molds, I was whining about how I would have bought a spare Thinking Kara Klum head (as I'm planning on ruining the one formerly 2.5)......Then they put him in the sale section! I just went and looked again, and he was still there. Must have been fate. So #8 is on the way now. *twitch*

      He's just a spare.

      A spare.