Monday, November 10, 2014

Invasion of the Body Sharers. And Seven.

I got my Fairyland Nanuri 12A last week. This is the doll I decided would be Sages Twin, the Elf formerly known as Kael. I changed his name to Rowen becasue it sounds better and makes more sense with Sage. The faceup "he" came with was fantastic, and by some miracle, it matches the wig, so I'm keeping it. The only thing I did was pull out the eyelashes, because FL Chloe is the girliest girl in history and mine is a boy. So he needed a little less fluff. He's gone and stolen my El's body becuase it's the only one I have that will work unless I steal Aishe's, and Aishe has earned his right to keep his body dammit. So Adrien is already a head in a box. He won't stay that way - I just ordered him some truly fantastic eyes.

So with Rowan home, and Sage  and Wyn I have all my Elves but Shae. Still. I decided to go on and search for a head I could use on another "borrowed" body, and was directed toward Miracle Doll's Lestat. Which happens to be a head I've admired many times since it came out and was only available on their blog. Head also happened to be on sale. Hells yes.

So many years after selling the B&G Sapphira I'll have Wyn's half-brother again. I have a wig he can borrow, but I'll have to get one for him permanently. I'll also have to figure out how I want to disfigure his face. Long story. I'm excited because Lestat is a head I've wanted before, he has an open mouth with fangs so I can use him to get inspiration for my on-hold-until-I-get-parts Kara Klum mod-project, and when Rowan was Kael I owned him for a time as a B&G LE Nailo, but never at the same time as Shae. So I'll have them all together for firsties. Wyn's gots a newish faceup so he's all good to be pictureated, and other than needing her hair tamed, Sage is ready to go. GROUP SHOT!! Yays!

Shae will share a body with whoever's body he fits (but I am hoping for the Granado. Why shouldn't half my dolls be on that body? WHY?!) because I don't need any of them as a whole doll forever I think. I dunno. We'll see. I really like Rowan on that Delf body. I might like him more on an F60 one. OH GOD THE MONEY D:

Also getting a re-shell is Isis. I ordered her new head last week. I am hoping to get her before my next Dollmeet *fingers crossed*. Her new self will be DM Biwol. A doll I thought was the perfect Isis since her release, but I already owned Fine. I mean really, if you had to work with Alex you'd look worried too. Trust me on this.

I'm nervous about her becuase her eyes are so small - 10mm I think - but hopefully it won't be horrible next to David and Alex (who are 12s and 14-16). With Isis's recent character development I just don't see her as the Fine so much anymore, so I decided to go on and take this plunge. *scared*

And with all the new and incoming dolls I have recently, what do I do? Fall back into my usual obsession. A million things to do and work on and all I want is to play with this one.


 Luckily he needs playtiems, as he is still blank. *fail*
If I'm going to be honest, since he's too pretty to mod into disasterage, I am sort of at a loss as to what I want for him. He's been wearing that vest since I bought it at Dollism, so I'm thinking this is his style. I have all these clothes I buy for Alex I just don't see him wearing or I just never put on him (like all my Anotherspace stuffs)...this one is going to wear the clothes. All the clothes!!! And wear this wig I mangled several years back. And the two wigs I have had planned to make but never did because I don't see the current Alex's wearing them.
He's slowly becoming a doll. Or at least becoming more than the doll sitting on the Alex shelf cowering because apparently Alex I is a bully. Not sure why that should surprise me.


He has the expensive eyes (Enchanted Doll Eyes, also from Dollism). I had him less than 24 hours and he took all the shit I bought. Lol. Alex.


 I just love him. Seven of the same stupid doll and he never gets old for me.

I am having trouble deciding what kind of faceup I want on him however.

I - Somewhat natural, pretty.
II - Looks like death (not the entity, the concept.), still natural
III - Is the most "Alex" Alex.
IV - Is actually Azrael, who is  Death. The entity.
Skullface - Also Azrael. Also Death. Looks it literally.
2.5  who is now 6 - getting wiped and modded, but has the "glam" faceup
7 - Blank. Boo.

I feel like I've covered the bases....but in order to justify him he needs his own look.The good thing is, Alex being 500years old, I have pretty much everything under the moon to choose from...he gets bored. He's probably done it to himself. It meaning everything. XD

I could go:
Emo-Goth - which I don't have unless you count Azrael who's totally goth (dammit)
A different natural than Alex's I or II. No idea how I would do that tho...
A less cray version of Visual Kei than Adrien (or is that just Goth??? OMG I DON'T KNOW!! too many styles)
I have no idea.

What I know
Alex has:
Naturally white-blond hair
Blue eyes (cornflower like the flower or possibly the crayon.)
Pale, pale skin - which is also natural thanks to the hair but also, vampire.
Black eyebrows. Yep. Don't ask.

So other than that I can really do tattoos, but scars and piercings would work as both would eventually heal. My only character hang-ups are his laziness - he's not a super-high-maintenance person because he wouldn't bother, and would only half-ass do anything so the current dyed hair is a lot of work for him - and he doesn't like to emphasize the fact that he is pretty. So sometimes I don't think it's right to put "makeup" on him. I do it anyway (2.5/6) because I like it, but I feel wrong doing it.

Hair I've got planned. This wig, another dread wig - all dreadlocks this time, and one of alpaca that looks like it's been half shaved off - the precursor to his green-purple style of looks-like-it's-been-cut-with-a-weed-eater. I also have to make a new Green and Purple wig X2 for reasons out of alpaca hair. Assuming I can make anything at all out of alpaca hairs. I have the stuff, I just have to do it. Someday.

But the point is, hair I have covered. And eyes. And clothes.

I just need a faceup. Urg. I should go look at faceups for inspiration. I just don't want him looking like I and II. Here's hoping. I need to work on updating my doll list. So many body-sharers atm and it's getting confusing. I think this is the Year of the Floating Head for me. :\


  1. Oh he does look quite lovely. I can't wait to see what face up you decide for him.

    I still have yet to try making a wig out of Alpaca myself. Do you recommend any good stores to buy that from?

    How are things going with Nanowrimo this week?

    1. Thank you! I actually did a faceup on him yesterday...but I don't like it so it's going to get wiped. I figured out what I want to do though, so that'll be good. At least I think I did. We'll see....

      I don't! XD I just got mine from Etsy. I was looking for a natural-white-blond color and got one that was already cleaned and brushed out because I didn't want to do it lol
      I've had all the stuff laying around for a while now and done nothing. It's not even out of the bag yet.

      Terrible! I've done nothing. I fail at life. I hope I can get caught up soon, because otherwise I'll be so far behind it'll be pointless to try. Second week is always a killer....Did you end up starting?

    2. Well, I am sure whatever face up you decide to do, it will look great and really showcase his personality.

      I keep forgetting to look on Etsy for that type of stuff which is weird cause I am constantly browsing that site for bjd stuff and OOAK MH dolls.

      Ack, yeah second week is always hard. I remember a few years back when I did actually write that nano novel (and complete it), the first week was great. I felt so inspired but come to week 2, it was harder to keep up the momentum.

      You do not fail at life! You've started and that is a beautiful thing. I am still at the first opening sentences. I seem to be stuck however, the entire story has already played itself out in my head. Strange how that happens. I've already seen the beginning, the middle and the ending and everything in between. It's just a tad harder getting it written down. Maybe I need to convert back to pen and paper. Some days I just do not feel like turning the computer on!

    3. I hope so. He's becoming a pain lol I think I like him blank too much >.<

      Me too. I've spent a lot of time on Etsy recently, it's not good for my wallet. And now I have like, 5 packages floating around out there...someday maybe they'll make it home.

      lol I might fail at life!! Actually I did some calculating and found that I was enough ahead that after yesterday I'm not behind at all, just not as ahead as I was. Which was very motivating to find out. So I'm mostly back on track again....though really, this thing will have to totally be rewritten if I ever want to post or god-forbid print it in a magazine. I seem to have left out whole chunks of stuff I'm now trying to figure out how to get back in....and I'm only on ch 3.

      You should just write the scenes you think of!! That's what I did most of the first week until I finally got my first paragraph, and the rest sort of came after (I had to force some of it, but it's better now....ish.). When I was trying to start at the beginning I couldn't write anything at all, so I skipped ahead. I really want to do the ending but I'm on a roll now so I can't stop.

    4. Good to hear that you are ahead heading into Week 3 in a few days (how has it been almost three weeks into November already? Boy, time is flying past at the moment.)

      I envy writers who can write like that (being able to skip to a different chapter, write that and skip back to the beginning and write that). I seem to be more of a linear writer where I have to start at the beginning and let the story tell itself from there. But I am a bit out of practice. It's been a few years (since I started the doll hobby in fact!) since I last sat down and wrote something decent. Ah, the good ole days!