Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oops. I did it again.

Some of you may have noticed that I have a Nappy Choo Popo on my Wish List, listed as an infant version of Alex (cause I need more of him). This happened because I saw one in person, died from the cute, came back to life and showed it too my roommate in hopes she would get one, and who immediately said I needed one to be baby Alex.

Me: I have a baby Alex. It's Baby Alex.

Her: You could have another one.

Me: *snort* Like I need another one. *thinks about it for all of 3 seconds* Oh crap, now I need one.

This idea has been banging around in my head since October and I fully intend to get one next year.

Yesterday I was thinking about it (this is where all bad ideas come from - thinking) and I thought if I could have a younger baby Alex (Infant Alex?? What would I call him? D: ) why couldn't I have an Alex in between Baby and Little (DMK Pado)? Which would get me something I always wanted but never came up with an excuse to own...a Narsha or Narsha sized doll. The only problem is, Narshas are pretty realistic, especially next to my group, most especially Alex who straddles that line between totally stylized and kind of realistic. If only there was a way to try a doll out before buying...

Oh wait.

So I email the RM, and ask if I could borrow her Narsha Zihu for a few days...a boy I turned into a girl for her who has been around since August and still has no name. She said yes, and when we got home from a friends last night, I snagged the poor doll and changed it's clothes and wig...

Her: You didn't tell me what you where going to with her!! D:

Me: Oh come on, it's me. What else would I do with her?! *brandishes new "Alex"*

Her: Now it looks just like Tween! (Dollmore Liebe Klum - Teen Alex)

Me: All finished, how does he look?

Her: Like Alex! Arg get it away!!!! I can't look anymore!

Now I have this doll on my hands that I've always wanted and I already love it to bits...but I'm still unsure of the looks. 
In all honesty it does look like Alex. It has his down-turned eyes and the unsure look the younger ones all have, and soft features. The color is perfect. The feel is perfect. I love the hands and the size (I've loved Narshas since day one so that's not super surprising). Somehow this mold does resemble Tween....but Baby And Little Alex? Not so much.

Oh look, pictures!

child alex1
 With a different faceup? Totally could be Alex.

child alex2
ooooh bad photo...but better than the rest

the three young-ins.
Also a terrible photo...but you get the idea. It's in the eye-size and face-size. The Zihu's face is larger than both of them and his eyes are smaller.

On one hand, I say screw it, I love the doll. LOVE the doll. I convinced her to buy it because I wanted it and didn't have anything I could do with it (human tinies - other than Alex - I do not want). By himself, he's perfect...

Next to the others......I don't know.  The thing is, I looked around at other tinies of similar size - Blue Fairys and Custom House - And I'm not crazy about them. The BFs are too stylized, moreso than Baby Alex even. Custom House Mars and a couple other sculpts would possibly work, but A. Custom House seems to have disappeared, and even if they hadn't, I'm still unsure of buying from them, B. second hand they're more expensive than Narsha's are new AND more than Little Alex was! Which is ridic. And C. both the CH and the BF look really thin to me, almost like mini people, not children of maybe 6 years old. So really I'm not even sure there's a better alternative.

And, oh yeah, did I mention my RM said she'd sell him too me?? So I don't even have to give him back? Yeah. I'll probably keep him >.< and this whole journal will have been for nothing XD
Because really the WHOLE entire reason for multiple Alexes is because I want the doll and I bond almost immediately with Alex in whatever shell he's in. It's an easy fix. I know him at every age from 0-500 and beyond...

That's a lot of potential dolls D:

I am a little afraid that somewhere down the line I'll look at him and think he's not working...And though I don't even have to pay her right away so I've got time...It will be a disappointment. He's so cute. And I really want the doll.



  1. My two cents because I love your Alexes (Alexii?):

    I think that it's really face-up dependent as to whether he'd match with the others. Right now I think he looks adorable, and definitely walks that line between realistic and stylized. What would connect him to the others shown here is the face up.

    That's the funny thing about these dolls is that two people can have the same mold and yet they will look immensely different. Or conversely, many different molds and they can be made to look related based on their face up.

    Or I might just be trying to enable you into more Alexes because I'm a bit of a fan girl. :)

    1. Ha ha enable away! >:D

      I totally agree with you on the faceup...And I can't wait to get him an "Alex" faceup. I think it will help...maybe if the weather is ok this weekend...
      He needs better eyes too. These are too dark, but at least they're blue.

      I just worry about the tininess of those eyes...

      But then I look at that little pout-face and I don't care at all >.<

  2. Have to agree with the above comment. I feel like he'd fit better with the group with the appropriate Alex face up! Narshas are really adorable though. (Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who tries to talk friends into getting molds if they like them but don't know what to do with them)

    Can't wait to see how your newest Alex works out if you do decide to keep him! I'm sure he'll be awesome!

    1. I probably will end up keeping him lol I have a hard time letting them go once they're "Alex". I think a faceup will make a lot of difference (I'm gonna try to do one this weekend) won't make the eyes bigger, but again, I don't really notice it when he's by himself, just when he's with the other Alexes.

      Haha I ALWAYS try to talk people into molds! Doesn't always work, but you never know. I have another friend who's the same way, she want's people to buy all sorts of things so she can see them too XD