Friday, December 21, 2012

Sales and Trades

Just a quick reminder that I have stuff for sale on my Sales page! :)

And that I have a long and updated trade list!!

Migidoll Cynical Ryu head in WS Unmodded (yellowing ok)
Migidoll Vampire Ryu head in WS Unmodded (yellowing ok)
D.i.M. Flowne (elf) head
D.i.M. Alpon head
D.i.M. Ace head
Minifee Breakaway head (OE or SP - NS or WS)
Chibi Unoa FPs, OE unmodded NS

Bunny anthros (CCT Rici especially - all other considered)

Soom Afi Tan body - Human parts only
Bluefairy / Minoruworld Jr. Blossom body
Puki Puki body in NS or WS

Jointed hands for SD girl in WS (Not pure white)
Puki Puki Victory hands in WS
Soom Ai Tail

Eclipse21 wigs, long, 8/9 or 7/8 - either in black or White blond
Dollheart or Rosenlied outfits (or clothing of similar styles - rufflefluffs) for MSD or YO sized boys

That I have to updated on a million threads every time I update it XD

These are the only things I want, and I would rather do a straight trade or have the greater value item (lol I don't want to have to add money) so the bodies I may not be able to accept right now. Heads are most important...especially the Ryus or the Alphon or Ace. Everyone else would need a body (blehblehbleh).

Thanksies and have a good weekend! I will be hopefully working on art this weekend not dolls, so unless I get off my butt and photograph Mini (who's bday is Sunday) I won't have new stuffs :P

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