Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Alex Hates Christmas.

It's my fault...I do things to him during the holidays.

I don't have a picture of his first Christmas meet, nor do I remember it, but I have been told he just dressed as santa...which means he looked something like this...


Which is from the first series of holiday photos I took of him. *sigh* so sad. It went downhill from there. OMG old faceup is old. First faceup I ever commissioned. I've only had one person paint Alex, my friend Lady Samhainne, who is awesome enough to put up with him. She painted him twice and then I finally took over. She also did my IH Kamau, because I didn't want to deal with him and she does an amazing job on IH EIDs.

ALEX speedo1

Yeah. He went from fully dressed and showing a little skin to....that. You can see how "young" he is...no tattoos! XD
I did a shoot with this outfit, but as it was a million years ago they all suck, and I never did a Holiday shoot again, so from here on out it's all meet photos XD

I especially love this one cause of the Ho.
Alex bow
 and no, he's not wearing anything under the bow.
Omg he's so clean!! That was his last faceup done by someone other than me... Those are the same eyes as in all the other pics, yet they look really blue here O.o All his tatts are present, as is his "label" (this is I(one), btw).

The credit for this goes to another local collector who suggested it when I was complaining that I couldn't top the bow. Obviously I was wrong.
  xmas alex11

It's held on by some clear elastic string and that's it. Aw, he's his old, grungy self here...just like he is now. FYI the first two times I blushed Alex were right before the Holiday meets of 08 and 09 because I have issues with him running around mostly naked and unblushed XD
His is the first body blushing I ever attempted.

You can tell he's resigned to his fate now as he's no longer flipping the camera off.

Just this past Sunday....
It could be the worst yet.
 alex xmas 12

This was the first year for real whiskey. I actually had a doll sized mini-Jack this year and was so excited to use it...and left the damn thing at home!!! ARG! Luckily the meet hostess stepped up to make sure my eyes weren't stabbed by tiny, doll-sized knives in the night by lending me some! :D
Alex can't dress like this sober.

This is the best pic I have, and you still can't really tell that that's a mini santa hat down there. It was worse in person because the little puff-ball on the end was....strategically placed.  My roommate's doll is "Santa's Slutty Helper"
No tinies were allowed near him during this meet. A much nicer Santa (who was fully clothed) was sitting on another table.

So there you go, Xmas Alex through the years. I think he dreads the Holiday meet all year long.

Bleh. He needs a new faceup now, so freaking bad. And a redo of everything else. His blushing is gross, he's had it fixed and redone at least once after a birthday shirt left him so stained I had to strip his whole torso and start from scratch...and he's so dirty. The magic eraser can only do so much...I am really hoping that the next time you see him he's all fresh and redone! :D
Or at least has a new faceup. *crosses fingers*


  1. Can definitely see why Alex dreads the holidays! Back when I had a more manageable collection, I used to dress everyone for the holidays. It was silly but a lot of fun. XD But now that you have me thinking about it, I'm tempted to do that to at least one of them!

    Also I could totally tell that Alex's uh... 'clothing' this year consisted of a mini santa hat. Despite the puff ball not being visible XD Not sure how you're going to top that next year unless he's allow to go naked and just paint his junk like a candy cane. XD

    Good luck getting him a new face up and blushing! I look forward to seeing the results! :D

    1. You should! It's fun >:D
      Especially if you're into humiliation. The last time I dressed up all my dolls for the holidays was my Christmas with dolls. I only had like, 7 and The Head (who became Alex II). And one was a BBB Tiny that didn't wear clothes so it really didn't count.

      LOL that might be a little too nekkid! Last year I did consider having him just hold a candy cane in front of his junk. That might have to be next year XD
      Or I can wrap it like a present.

      I am too >.< I'm actually not looking forward to doing him again. It took me years to work up to his face the first time. And all that body work....ugh. I have to do Little and Tween Alex too because I like them all to match ish.

      so much work...so much work....

    2. Will have to see what I can do then.! And decide on a victim. XD

      Hm.. yes that's probably true. XD Real candy cane sounds like a good next step though! Or presents! (A dick in a box is great for all holidays! Or so the song tells me.) But after that I don't know. Alex will just have to learn to start hiding from you when the holidays roll around.

      Ah I'm sorry though. That does seem like a lot of work! Can definitely see why you've been putting it off then! I guess that would be the problem with having multiples of the same character who need to match!

      I hope that works out okay when you get around to it!

    3. *nodnod* I think dick in a box will have to be it. What's crazy is that I never thought about it before this! XD

      LOL Alex has no where to hide! Even amongst himself on the Alex Shelf!!

      Thanks! <3
      I'm sure it'll be fine...just a pain :P
      ^ That one line pretty much describes him perfectly O.o