Monday, December 17, 2012

Sales update and new dolls

Ok, he's the same new doll from the previous post....the Narsha Zihu which is Alex around age 6. I'm leaning toward Kid, but I don't know if I like it. I need something inbetween Baby and LIttle and it's SO HARD! lol

If only I didn't refer to them as their labels D:

I gave him a new faceup and body blush over the weekend, weeded out a few choice clothing pieces that don't fit my Minis or the YOs and now he's got a good beginning of a wardrobe.

He's awfully freaking cute >3<

kid alex1
This is the only pic I have of his new faceup

I just liked these
 child alex3 child alex1

I have to figure out what I'm going to do about eyelashes. Not all the Alexes have them depending on eye size...but I'm thinking I might try them with him despite the tiny eyes.

I still think he's a little realistic for an Alex, but I also no longer care XD

Now for some doll sales....
I'd mentioned I might be getting rid of some of my dolls and I think I'm at least going to post some and see if they sell. I don't do anything with them and it would be nice to clean some out. I've already sold a body, getting rid of one SD (I now have two heads "sharing" a body - so if Maggie is ever needed for a photo-shoot she will move Theresa off the AOD body - otherwise it's Theresa's permanently) and one of the DZ Moons is now gone to a better home, so I am already feeling better about my group.

I still have these four heads for sale: 
Leekeworld Kyou in WS blank
Elfdoll Wu in NS with faceup
Angell Studio Kimi GS with faceup
SOLD 5Star Kane WS blank

New sales
Cocotribe Ruby in Strawberry with faceup $220 OBO
I would love to trade her for a Cocotribe Rici in any color, either size, immature body - or other bunny anthros
I'll be posting her on DOA, Dairyland and probably DA
Will come with random eyes, but probably not these

The Mushroom Pedlar Shelly Blank WS $215 OBO
Love to trade for bunny anthros (I still just love this little turtle, but I need to narrow my focus down to the buns)
Shell is removable (so cute!!)

 Will come with these eyes

Cherishdoll Beau NS with faceup $100 OBO 
Same as the others - Bunny anthro trades welcome
will come with these eyes
Honestly, this is the only one I am really hesitent to get rid of. I'm a sucker for that face...the more I look at it the more I regret the sale, but I don't do anything with her (I had it as a boy but it's a girl) so I'm putting her up.

Other trades I will accept:
Migidoll Cynical Ryu head in WS Unmodded (yellowing ok)
Migidoll Vampire Ryu head in WS Unmodded (yellowing ok)
Bunny anthros (CCT Rici especially - all other considered) 
DiM Flowne (elf) head
DiM Ace head
Soom Afi Tan body - Human parts only
Bluefairy / Minoruworld Jr. Blossom body
Chibi Unoa FPs, OE unmodded NS
Jointed hands for SD girl in WS (Not pure white)
Eclipse21 wigs, long, 8/9 or 7/8 - either in black or White blond
Dollheart or Rosenlied outfits (or clothing of similar styles) for MSD or YO sized boys.
Puki Puki Victory hands in WS
Puki Puki full doll or body only NS


  1. Replies
    1. :D Thank you! <3
      I'm really loving his new faceup...I was worried it wouldn't be the same after redoing it....

  2. aww kid(?) Alex's new face is so cute! He looks really great and I love that sweater he's wearing in that first picture!

    Glad you're liking him enough that you don't care if he is too realistic for an Alex! I think he looks great!