Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Puki Puki WTF?

Many people may not know this, but I have a whole mini-crew of Pukis (and one Brownie, but I kind of include him in the Pukis). I bought my first one in January of 2010 (though he actually arrived a day before my birthday four months later :\) because I was trying to run my FL order up to the event head. I didn't want a Puki, I originally was planning to turn around and sell him, but like a lot of dolls stuff, I was discussing it with my RM...

Me: so I thought I'd get a Puki to turn around and sell.

Her: ?? Why? Just buy other stuff.

Me: There's nothing else I want! And a Puki is 130 (remember those days?), the exact amount I need to get the event head!

Her: Why sell it? What if you like it?

Me: I don't want anything that small...I'll lose it! Tinies suck (I didn't really say that...but I only had one tiny then (so long ago) and didn't want more). I won't care about him....he'd just be a random doll in my group.

(here it comes)

The only way I'd keep it is to make it into a Chibi version of Alex. (d'oh)

Crap. See how these things happen??

So I bought a Chichi - the only mold that truly represents Alex XD and since unwrapping him his angry little face has brought me nothing but smiles. Eventually I decided I need more of my characters in chibi form, and by the end of the year had David, Uriel, Isis, Aishe and Wyn (the brownie - it's the floppy ears X33 ) all Chibed up. I keep meaning to get them sets together...I'd love the coffee shop where they all hang out, and possibly Aishe's Occult shop, even a bachelor pad...but so far I gots nuthin and the Chibis just hang out in their carrier bag and occasionally go to meets. The last meet they went to was Halloween....

And I only just pulled them out last night for the first time since.


Do you ever wonder what your dolls do when you're not around? I didn't, they're dolls, right? They're not doing anything. Cause they don't move.

When I reached into my Puki bag Uriel was the first one out. He was bald. His hair was not in his slot, which is where hair usually goes when it falls off.

Alex was next. He was naked. NAKED. Except for his boots. WTF?!?!? He had been wearing a Skelly suit...it can't go on or off without removing hands and boots! It Velcros on! He can't exactly wriggle out of it on his own. And THEN put his hands and feet back on!! HOW THE HELL WAS HE NAKED?! I found his clothes after I removed everyone else... in someone else's slot. I'm not even sure what to think.

Then came Isis, who had on one black shoe, a red shoe in her HAIR (WHAT?? No one was even wearing red shoes!!!) which was a wreck, and (this is the worst) a tiny, Puki-sized candy cane was also stuck in her hair. I don't own xmas stuff for them. They went in the bag before HALLOWEEN. Where did that even come from?!?!

Other than looking horribly disheveled, the others were more or less together...but I am thoroughly freaked. I really wish I'd taken pictures. I should have taken pictures. It was just too weird and my brain shorted out and I didn't even think about it. Obviously they need more attention before they rebel and the whole house becomes a wreck. Being in a bag for two months is bad. Bad.

So the verdict is, big dolls? they don't do crap when left alone (except maybe roll around in dirt. I'm not sure how else to explain how dirty Alex gets when he's just sitting there), but Pukis?

They party hard. Don't leave them alone.


  1. Wow that sounds like they had a wild party! That's crazy. XD I'd be somewhat thoroughly freaked out too if I found my dolls in a state that I absolutely did not leave them in. The little candy cane is really weird! I don't know how you could get a puki sized candy cane without specifically looking for one, so to have it randomly appear in your doll's hair is just really strange.!

    1. I know! That's what makes it so freaky! This morning I'm still sitting here going "Wait...What?! O.O"