Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Year Gone By


He five today X3333
So here are five pictures of him.


smALEXI54 smALEXI52 smALEXI 5 5 smALEXI 5 1

 lol my friend called him "manly" in that last shot. Something that would no doubt make him happy XD Since he's not. At all.
I think I need to find eyelashes that are more in scale. these look huge!! I think they're just stuck together though. Or they grow in photos.
The jacket was his bday gift (he's the only doll I do that for). It's got a 13 on the back so I thought it wildly appropriate, and lame at the same time.

I recetnly posted a photo from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day of I and III on III's arrival day. They were both naked and bald and SO CLEAN AND PRETTIES!!! It makes me want to wipe them all and start over. *dies* sooo much work.... D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:
III really needs it though. He's hit the "new faceup is now the oldest of my Kara Klums faceups and therefore is old" stage. And his MSC has yellowed pretty badly. He has the most and best of all their tatts though...wiping him will be sad. No more sad than any of them I guess...

So I've been in the hobby for five years now. Exactly, today.
What have I learned?

These dolls are not as fragile as people make them out to be.
The more I learn and the more I do with them, the more I enjoy the hobby.
I am addicted to white blond wigs, even though only Alex wears them.

My faceups are not the best, I don't have the greatest skills, but I like them more than anyone elses.
Same goes for my dolls.

Dollmore's Kara Klum is still my favorite mold, five years and a lot of dolls later. No contest (I think I need more...)
Volks dolls are not as ugly as I thought they were when I first started.
Neither are CP dolls.

As with Nike, when it comes to BJDs the best attitude to have it "just do it" (if only I could abide by that 100% of the time....)

It isn't the number of dolls you have but the enjoyment you get out of them.
Same goes for the price tag. And popularity. (I have "cheap" and unpopular dolls - I love them all!!)

My photographs suck. I'm posting them anyway.
I can name as many dolls the same name as I want too!!

Friends are awesome, you can't have too many. Both IRL and internets friends. Seriously, they're awesome.

I know there's more, but off the top of my head, that's alls I gots XDD

In other news
I'm having a character delema that I would like opinions on, but not for this post, this is for Alex <3
I also think I'll post my Volks DWC head. I wasn't going too. No making fun.
My pukis are in a state of disarray....but I have pictures of the store.

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