Monday, May 20, 2013


Last night I could not get my Photoshop to work on my laptop. It just wouldn't save anything without giving me "application not responding". SO FRUSTRATING. I couldn't restart because I was emptying what was apparently all the trash I'd ever had and it literally took all night.  I shut it down this morning, I hope that clears it up. I don't want to reinstall...I hate Adobe. They are one of the worst companies out there. Too bad they're an absolute monopoly. And everything else is a million times worse.

I didn't get any sleep because of the fabulous thunder and wind storms so now I'm barely functional. I think I accidentally hit my cat trying to pet him...

On the way to work some DB was parked in the middle of the street, just messing around in the back seat.

I had to park a million miles away because a truck and forklift were in the way.

And the worst WORST WORST THING EVER!!!!    EVER!!!

A spider fell on me in the car on the way in. I had to pull over and park so I could flail and not kill myself or someone else! I flicked it...somewhere...and


Now I have no idea where it is, so I feel it everywhere!! I'm freaking out.

In doll news.

I have a new one. I've kept it a secret for a week. I'm dying. He just got here Friday. It was funny, I was at a friends house Thursday and we were discussing incomming and just arrived resin, and I told them I had a head coming...when they what it was asked I said:

"You guys know me. Guess."

First fucking try. I am a book, open for all.



NUMBER 6. He looks better than my other two did new XDD
What he's got on will be his wig, I'm waffling on eyes. I need to buy a couple blue ones (generic Alex-eyes) anyway, but I'd like something different for this one. More Azrael-ish as he will be Azrael V2 (but I'm totally calling him Alex V).

I wasn't looking for another Kara Klum head, but I found this poor guy on sale since 2011 and a mere $80 for an LE15 head in pristine condition. I gave it some thought, more than usual because, lets face it, I need another Kara Klum like I need a lobotomy, but in the end I got a GREAT IDEA (this is how everything happens) and I contacted the seller...

This is the body he's getting

I KNOW, RIGHT? F'ed up. I'm not sure I'll even like it, but I have to give it a go, I've been in love with that body since the Kid version was released. My Roommate got a Queena and ajeo;hakAKDFNorgho'i it's better in person. Had I not thought to put him on this body I may not have ordered him....finding a WS DM Adam body would be nearly impossible as they only make them in very limited quatntities, and the current one has only been made the one time with the Cold Heartbroken batch of LE15X2....and I don't want him on the older, larger version, which would be more yellow anyway (this one is still really white, poor thing. He's not been loved at all -been through at least two owners before me :(( ). And my track record with "Extra" Alex-heads had been bad. They all end up on bodies. Might as well start off right with this one...

So with this, I make my 6th Kara Klum. Or I will when I order his body. Then wipe that pretty, Limited faceup for the third time heh heh heh.

My other two:
Alex III the "boss" of my group. He's the Cold Heartbroken Kara Klum (normal)
smALEXIII newish

And Azrael (who I still call Alex IV because in my head all Kara Klums are Alex...even the ones who aren't) - Cold Heartbroken Thinking Kara Klum. Not that you can tell anymore. On either of them.

smAZRAEL 2013 12

Ugh. Azrael needs work. I hate his body blushing. I really need to redo it.

Both of them started out looking (more or less - Az had a slightly different faceup, and the "thinking eyes") like the head. This is my third Floating Kara Klum head. I refered to all of them as "The Head" until they got bodies. Both the other ones floated for more than or about a year before they were full dolls....I hope this one takes a little less time...though DC is SO slow I bet it's going to be about the same :\

One more of Az since I haven't really taken any of him since...I got him...*fail*

smAZRAEL 2013 62

That wig. It's death.

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