Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time for a Wishlist

Since I had previously almost made it through my last wishlist, then decided I didn't need more dolls (cuase that always works out), and now I have a lot of parts that need more parts, have a wishlist!

This is a list of stuff I want, but may not end up getting, and stuff I am definitely getting.

 wishlist stuff

This isn't everything, and I'm sure as hell never getting the bunny in the corner...her stuff goes for hundreds. But I still pine.

Definitely getting:
Doll ChateauY-body-03
FOB Mia De Butterfly Head - Mini Anna. I have an idea of how to handle my minis, and Anna is one of the Chosen. Since she's a PW Goldie, and I've always wanted more PW just seems perfect. She's getting a different body though. In mini form she'll get the larger chest she always "wanted" lol
I don't know if I'm going to wait on this and start a layaway with DC, or get this head depends on how fast all my sales stuff goes XD

Dikadoll Mian Mian Body - time to finish my kitties. Rocky needs his body and they need to be blushed. Hopefully while he's still alive.

Monthly Fairy - Cloonie Coon

Volks SDC Girl body - I'm thinking of aging Cassiel up by a year or two...and maybe someday in the future getting Sariel...
Since I'm selling Cassiel's Volks form, this is no longer needed...

Tan MSD boy - honestly I'd kill for a Tan Dollmore Ujee. But they were never made in tan and Dollmore discontinued the mold. So no Ujee for me. So I have to find another one I like...problem is I don't have the character 100% set, so no doll until I know what I really want...

Mini Isis - I'm open to all mature mini girl...I haven't found her yet.

Puki Faceplates - mostly a WS Cupid.

Various clothes for tinies.
Souldoll outfits for minis (omg I never really paid attention to this size!!)
More clothes in general
Time to work on my dolls :P



After a couple years of regretting selling off all the MNF breakaway parts, I'm getting one back. The only one I need. It's going to be WS, but thanks to a sale and trade, I'll be getting him a body pretty soon I hope. He will of course be Mini Aishe :)

Puki Nanuri 13 FP in WS! Puki Alex I will learn to smile!! Evily. But still, it's a start....

Luts Fabric Delf....I...couldn't help it. It's so cute!! He may join Cirque de l'etrange or hang out with the other bunnies. It depends on how I feel about his size...

I'm going to start a wishlist on my pinterest acct, I didn't really do bjd stuff there but I figured I may as well start. Then I can keep track of the stuff I want, or want but won't ever get :P

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